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"Have you ever wondered how Ezekiel Elliott's yards per game compares to Jim Brown's? Or which quarterback has the most perfect passer ratings? Every day in my job, I come across at least one statistical question I can't answer. But Pro Football Reference can. I couldn't live without the Stathead tools. It ranks right up there with the wheel, the light bulb and the telephone as the greatest inventions ever."

Charean Williams

Pro Football Talk Logo Baseball

Stathead includes an incredible collection of baseball research tools. Search player seasons since 1871, games since 1901, batting and pitching splits, streaks, events, and more.

Who had more Wins Above Replacement than Mike Trout through age 27?

Use the Player Batting Season Finder to learn that nobody has had a higher WAR total through age 27 than Mike Trout (72.8). Ty Cobb (68.9) ranks second.

Which team has the most home runs in a single game?

Use the Team Batting Game Finder to learn that the Toronto Blue Jays hit ten home runs on September 14, 1987 in an 18-3 win against the Baltimore Orioles.

Who pitched the most consecutive games with ten or more strikeouts?

Use the Player Pitching Streak Finder to learn that Gerrit Cole struck out 10 or more hitters in nine straight games in 2019. In those nine games, he fanned 110 batters.

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"Baseball-Reference's Stathead is one of the most important tools I use as a big league broadcaster. For instance, In contextualizing 2019's home run explosion, Stathead quickly tells us that the TOP FOUR SINGLE-SEASON TEAM TOTALS EVER occurred this year! Pretty much every crazy statistical question I have, Stathead can answer it with just a couple clicks. I couldn't live without it."

Len Kasper

Chicago Cubs Play-by-Play Logo Basketball

Stathead includes the most comprehensive set of basketball research tools available to the public. Make customized searches through all statistics in NBA history, with player/team season and game stats going all the way back to the establishment of the BAA in 1946. More granular shot, play-by-play, lineup and quarterly statistics are available since 1996.

What is the most points per game averaged by the Defensive Player of the Year?

Use the Player Season Finder to learn that Michael Jordan's 35.0 PPG in 1987-88 are the most ever by the DPOY winner.

What is the most points a player has scored in his NBA debut?

Use the Player Game Finder to discover that Wilt Chamberlain's 43-point debut is the highest-scoring in NBA history.

Who has the most 20-Point quarters since 1996-97?

Use the Player Quarter Finder to uncover that Kobe Bryant's 36 20-Point quarters lead all players since 1996-97.

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"Basketball-Reference's Stathead tool is incredibly useful in my job on a daily basis. Its ease-of-use, coupled with its wide range of options makes for a one-stop shop when in need of statistics in real-time."

Rob King

Media Relations Manager for Philadelphia 76ers Logo Hockey

Stathead includes an incredible collection of hockey research tools. Search player seasons and team games since 1917-18, player games and goals since 1979-80, advanced stats, draft info and more.

Who scored more goals than Alex Ovechkin in their 1st 5 NHL seasons?

Use the Player Season Finder to learn that only Wayne Gretzky, Mike Bossy and Mario Lemieux scored more goals through their 1st 5 NHL seasons.

Since 1979-80 who are the 5 players to score a hat trick in their NHL debut?

Use the Player Game Finder to generate this list: Auston Matthews, Ryan Poehling, Derek Stepan, Fabian Brunnstrom and Real Cloutier.

Which player scored the most career regular-season goals against Martin Brodeur?

Use the Goal Finder to discover that Simon Gagne’s 19 career goals against Brodeur are the most all-time.

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