Head-to-Head Records

Select a pair of teams and a range of years and find their head-to-head results.


Los Angeles Angels vs. New York Yankees in 2019

Total Wins for LAA 0
Total Wins for NYY 1
Longest Winning Streak for LAA 0
Longest Winning Streak for NYY 1 April 22, 2019 to April 22, 2019
Most Runs Scored by LAA 3 April 22, 2019
Most Runs Scored by NYY 4 April 22, 2019
Longest Game 14 April 22, 2019
Times NYY Shutout LAA 0
Times LAA Shutout NYY 0
Yearly W-L Summary

W-L Records

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W-L Records Table
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
For 0, LAA won 0, NYY won 1.

Yearly Summary

LAA won 0, NYY won 1

Some games that appear to be ties, but are listed as wins may in fact be forfeits.