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Most Wins Through August 10

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Most Wins Through August 10 Table
Year Tm Lg Standings W L W-L% GB Final W-L Rank Postseason
1998NYYALOn This Day8529.746-114-481WS Champ
2001SEAALOn This Day8333.716-116-461Division Champ
2018BOSALOn This Day8235.701-108-541WS Champ
2017LADNLOn This Day8133.711-104-581NL Pennant
1998ATLNLOn This Day7939.669-106-561Division Champ
1969BALALOn This Day7934.699-109-531AL Pennant
1962LADNLOn This Day7938.675-102-632
2019LADNLOn This Day7841.655-106-561Division Champ
1929PHAALOn This Day7830.722-104-461WS Champ
2019HOUALOn This Day7740.658-107-551AL Pennant
2011PHINLOn This Day7740.658-102-601Division Champ
1970CINNLOn This Day7739.664-102-601NL Pennant
1931PHAALOn This Day7730.720-107-451AL Pennant
1930PHAALOn This Day7737.675-102-521WS Champ
1927NYYALOn This Day7732.706-110-441WS Champ
2019NYYALOn This Day7641.650-103-591Division Champ
2006DETALOn This Day7638.667-95-672AL Pennant
2003ATLNLOn This Day7641.650-101-611Division Champ
2002ATLNLOn This Day7640.655-101-591Division Champ
1998SDPNLOn This Day7642.644-98-641NL Pennant
1993SFGNLOn This Day7638.667-103-592
1979BALALOn This Day7638.667-102-571AL Pennant
1975CINNLOn This Day7639.661-108-541WS Champ
1968STLNLOn This Day7640.655-97-651NL Pennant
1955BRONLOn This Day7636.679-98-551WS Champ
1954CLEALOn This Day7633.697-111-431AL Pennant
1946BOSALOn This Day7632.704-104-501AL Pennant
1984DETALOn This Day7541.647-104-581WS Champ
1961NYYALOn This Day7537.670-109-531WS Champ
1942BRONLOn This Day7533.694-104-502
1932NYYALOn This Day7535.682-107-471WS Champ
1928NYYALOn This Day7535.682-101-531WS Champ
2008LAAALOn This Day7443.632-100-621Division Champ
2005CHWALOn This Day7439.655-99-631WS Champ
1997ATLNLOn This Day7445.622-101-611Division Champ
1994MONNLOn This Day7439.655-74-401
1986NYMNLOn This Day7435.679-108-541WS Champ
1974LADNLOn This Day7440.649-102-601NL Pennant
1962SFGNLOn This Day7442.6384.5103-621NL Pennant
1954NYYALOn This Day7437.6673.0103-512
1944STLNLOn This Day7427.733-105-491WS Champ
1941NYYALOn This Day7436.673-101-531WS Champ
2018HOUALOn This Day7344.624-103-591Division Champ
2005STLNLOn This Day7341.640-100-621Division Champ
2004STLNLOn This Day7338.658-105-571NL Pennant
2003SFGNLOn This Day7344.624-100-611Division Champ
1976PHINLOn This Day7337.664-101-611Division Champ
1976CINNLOn This Day7340.646-102-601WS Champ
1971OAKALOn This Day7342.635-101-601Division Champ
1965MINALOn This Day7339.652-102-601AL Pennant
1963NYYALOn This Day7340.646-104-571AL Pennant
1953NYYALOn This Day7335.676-99-521WS Champ
1912NYGNLOn This Day7328.723-103-481NL Pennant
1912BOSALOn This Day7333.689-105-471WS Champ
1907CHCNLOn This Day7328.723-107-451WS Champ
2018NYYALOn This Day7243.6269.0100-622Wildcard
2014OAKALOn This Day7245.615-88-742Wildcard
2011BOSALOn This Day7244.621-90-723
2002SEAALOn This Day7245.615-93-693
2002ARINLOn This Day7245.615-98-641Division Champ
1998HOUNLOn This Day7246.610-102-601Division Champ
1997BALALOn This Day7241.637-98-641Division Champ
1988OAKALOn This Day7243.626-104-581AL Pennant
1973LADNLOn This Day7244.621-95-662
1969CHCNLOn This Day7243.626-92-702
1968DETALOn This Day7242.632-103-591WS Champ
1966BALALOn This Day7240.643-97-631WS Champ
1961DETALOn This Day7240.6433.0101-612
1958NYYALOn This Day7238.655-92-621WS Champ
1942NYYALOn This Day7236.667-103-511AL Pennant
1906CHCNLOn This Day7230.706-116-361NL Pennant
2019MINALOn This Day7146.607-101-611Division Champ
2017HOUALOn This Day7143.623-101-611WS Champ
2016CHCNLOn This Day7141.634-103-581WS Champ
2015STLNLOn This Day7140.640-100-621Division Champ
2013BOSALOn This Day7148.597-97-651WS Champ
2013ATLNLOn This Day7146.607-96-661Division Champ
2008TBRALOn This Day7146.607-97-651AL Pennant
2008CHCNLOn This Day7147.602-97-641Division Champ
2004NYYALOn This Day7141.634-101-611Division Champ
2003SEAALOn This Day7146.607-93-692
2002NYYALOn This Day7144.617-103-581Division Champ
1996CLEALOn This Day7146.607-99-621Division Champ
1993PHINLOn This Day7142.628-97-651NL Pennant
1990OAKALOn This Day7142.628-103-591AL Pennant
1978BOSALOn This Day7141.634-99-642
1970BALALOn This Day7142.628-108-541WS Champ
1957NYYALOn This Day7138.651-98-561AL Pennant
1956NYYALOn This Day7137.657-97-571WS Champ
1954CHWALOn This Day7142.6287.094-603
1953BRONLOn This Day7137.657-105-491NL Pennant
1936NYYALOn This Day7135.670-102-511WS Champ
1926NYYALOn This Day7139.645-91-631AL Pennant
1913PHAALOn This Day7133.683-96-571WS Champ
1913NYGNLOn This Day7132.689-101-511NL Pennant
1905NYGNLOn This Day7130.703-105-481WS Champ
2019CLEALOn This Day7047.5981.093-692
2013PITNLOn This Day7046.603-94-682Wildcard
2012WSNNLOn This Day7043.619-98-641Division Champ
2011NYYALOn This Day7045.6091.597-651Division Champ

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