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Most Wins Through June 02

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Most Wins Through June 02 Table
Year Tm Lg Standings W L W-L% GB Final W-L Rank Postseason
2001SEAALOn This Day4212.778-116-461Division Champ
2019LADNLOn This Day4119.683-106-561Division Champ
1998ATLNLOn This Day4118.695-106-561Division Champ
2019MINALOn This Day4018.690-101-611Division Champ
2019HOUALOn This Day4020.667-107-551AL Pennant
2018BOSALOn This Day4019.678-108-541WS Champ
2017HOUALOn This Day3916.709-101-611WS Champ
1998NYYALOn This Day3913.750-114-481WS Champ
2019NYYALOn This Day3820.655-103-591Division Champ
2014SFGNLOn This Day3820.655-88-742WS Champ
1984DETALOn This Day3810.792-104-581WS Champ
1962SFGNLOn This Day3815.717-103-621NL Pennant
2018NYYALOn This Day3718.6731.0100-622Wildcard
2018MILNLOn This Day3722.627-96-671Division Champ
2018HOUALOn This Day3723.617-103-591Division Champ
2016CHCNLOn This Day3715.712-103-581WS Champ
2013STLNLOn This Day3719.661-97-651NL Pennant
2008CHCNLOn This Day3721.638-97-641Division Champ
2007BOSALOn This Day3717.685-96-661WS Champ
2003SEAALOn This Day3718.673-93-692
2003ATLNLOn This Day3719.661-101-611Division Champ
2002NYYALOn This Day3720.6492.0103-581Division Champ
2002BOSALOn This Day3716.698-93-692
1997ATLNLOn This Day3718.673-101-611Division Champ
1974LADNLOn This Day3715.712-102-601NL Pennant
1971SFGNLOn This Day3716.698-90-721Division Champ
1970CINNLOn This Day3714.725-102-601NL Pennant
2018SEAALOn This Day3622.621-89-733
2010TBRALOn This Day3618.667-96-661Division Champ
2009LADNLOn This Day3618.667-95-671Division Champ
2006DETALOn This Day3619.655-95-672AL Pennant
1998SDPNLOn This Day3622.621-98-641NL Pennant
1997BALALOn This Day3615.706-98-641Division Champ
1996CLEALOn This Day3618.667-99-621Division Champ
1996ATLNLOn This Day3618.667-96-661NL Pennant
1993PHINLOn This Day3615.706-97-651NL Pennant
1988OAKALOn This Day3615.706-104-581AL Pennant
1962LADNLOn This Day3616.6921.5102-632
2019TBRALOn This Day3522.6142.596-662Wildcard
2014OAKALOn This Day3522.614-88-742Wildcard
2014MILNLOn This Day3523.603-82-803
2013TEXALOn This Day3521.625-91-722
2013PITNLOn This Day3522.6142.594-682Wildcard
2013CINNLOn This Day3522.6142.590-723Wildcard
2013BOSALOn This Day3523.603-97-651WS Champ
2008TBRALOn This Day3522.614-97-651AL Pennant
2008LAAALOn This Day3524.593-100-621Division Champ
2008BOSALOn This Day3525.5831.595-672Wildcard
2007NYMNLOn This Day3519.648-88-742
2007LAAALOn This Day3522.614-94-681Division Champ
2005CHWALOn This Day3518.660-99-631WS Champ
2003SFGNLOn This Day3521.625-100-611Division Champ
2002SEAALOn This Day3520.636-93-693
2001PHINLOn This Day3519.648-86-762
2001MINALOn This Day3518.660-85-772
2000ATLNLOn This Day3518.660-95-671Division Champ
2000ARINLOn This Day3519.648-85-773
1998SFGNLOn This Day3524.5931.589-742
1996SDPNLOn This Day3521.625-91-711Division Champ
1993SFGNLOn This Day3519.648-103-592
1988NYMNLOn This Day3516.686-100-601Division Champ
1978BOSALOn This Day3516.686-99-642
1969BALALOn This Day3515.700-109-531AL Pennant
1928NYYALOn This Day358.814-101-531WS Champ
2019MILNLOn This Day3426.567-89-732Wildcard
2018WSNNLOn This Day3424.586-82-802
2018ATLNLOn This Day3424.586-90-721Division Champ
2017WSNNLOn This Day3419.642-97-651Division Champ
2017LADNLOn This Day3422.607-104-581NL Pennant
2017COLNLOn This Day3423.5960.587-753Wildcard
2017ARINLOn This Day3423.5960.593-692Wildcard
2016SFGNLOn This Day3422.607-87-752Wildcard
2015STLNLOn This Day3418.654-100-621Division Champ
2014TORALOn This Day3424.586-83-793
2013OAKALOn This Day3424.5862.096-661Division Champ
2013ATLNLOn This Day3422.607-96-661Division Champ
2011PHINLOn This Day3422.607-102-601Division Champ
2008STLNLOn This Day3425.5763.586-764
2008PHINLOn This Day3425.576-92-701WS Champ
2007CLEALOn This Day3420.630-96-661Division Champ
2006STLNLOn This Day3420.630-83-781WS Champ
2005STLNLOn This Day3419.642-100-621Division Champ
2002ARINLOn This Day3422.607-98-641Division Champ
2001CLEALOn This Day3418.6540.591-711Division Champ
1999CLEALOn This Day3417.667-97-651Division Champ
1998TEXALOn This Day3422.607-88-741Division Champ
1998HOUNLOn This Day3422.607-102-601Division Champ
1998CLEALOn This Day3422.607-89-731Division Champ
1996TEXALOn This Day3421.618-90-721Division Champ
1996CHWALOn This Day3420.6302.085-772
1989OAKALOn This Day3419.642-99-631WS Champ
1986BOSALOn This Day3415.694-95-661AL Pennant
1984TORALOn This Day3415.6944.589-732
1983LADNLOn This Day3414.708-91-711Division Champ
1981LADNLOn This Day3416.680-63-472WS Champ
1977LADNLOn This Day3415.694-98-641NL Pennant
1973SFGNLOn This Day3420.630-88-743
1971OAKALOn This Day3418.654-101-601Division Champ
1970BALALOn This Day3415.694-108-541WS Champ
1955BRONLOn This Day3411.756-98-551WS Champ

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