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Regular Season event data is complete back to 1973, mostly complete back to 1950, and somewhat complete back to 1916. Postseason event data is complete back to 1903. Please see the data coverage page for details.

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In years 1903 to 2020, Involving Greg Erardi, In the , Game , H Pitcher, Sorted by Championship Win Probability Added.
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Results Table
Batting Pitching
Rk Date Series Gm# Score Event Role Inn RoB Out Pit(cnt) WPA LI cWPA cLI Tm Batter cWPA cLI Tm Pitcher cWPA cLI Play Description
111977-09-10ahead 5-0SOPitt7--- Bevacqua0.00%.01SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Strikeout
121977-09-10ahead 5-01BPitt7--- Harrah0.00%.01SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Single to CF
131977-09-10ahead 5-0SBPitt71-- Horton0.00%.01SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Harrah Steals 2B
141977-09-10ahead 5-0RoEPitt7-2- Horton0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Harrah stays at 2B
151977-09-10ahead 7-0SOPitt712- Grieve0.00%.01SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Strikeout
161977-09-10ahead 7-1OutPitt8--- Alomar0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Flyball: SS
171977-09-10ahead 7-1OutPitt8-2- Bevacqua0.00%.01SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Lineout: RF
181977-09-06ahead 10-0OutPitt9--- Martinez0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Groundout: 3B-1B
191977-09-06ahead 10-0OutPitt9--- Mayberry0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Groundout: 1B unassisted
201977-09-06ahead 10-0BBPitt9--- L Washington0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Walk
211977-09-06ahead 10-0OutPitt91-- Heise0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Flyball: RF
221977-09-10ahead 7-1OutPitt8--- Putnam0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Groundout: 2B-1B
231977-09-10ahead 7-11BPitt8--- Beniquez0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Single to CF
241977-09-10ahead 7-1WPPitt81-- Bevacqua0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Wild Pitch; Beniquez to 2B
251977-09-14down 5-3HRPitt51-310.2882.390.00%.00MILSixto Lezcano0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Home Run (Deep LF); Joshua Scores; Cooper Scores
261977-09-14ahead 6-5OutPitt5---10.017.690.00%.00MILDon Money0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Groundout: SS-1B
271977-09-14ahead 6-52BPitt5---20.025.470.00%.00MILSal Bando0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Double to LF
281977-09-24ahead 2-0OutPitt1-2-10.026.930.00%.00CHWEric Soderholm0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Lineout: SS
291977-09-24ahead 2-0IBBPitt1-2-20.007.900.00%.00CHWJim Spencer0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Intentional Walk
301977-09-24ahead 2-0HRPitt112-20.1851.260.00%.00CHWJack Brohamer0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Home Run; Gamble Scores; Spencer Scores
311977-09-24ahead 5-0BBPitt1--- Kessinger0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Walk
321977-09-24ahead 5-0OutPitt11-- Nahorodny0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Groundout: SS-1B
331977-09-24ahead 5-0OutPit,Fldt2--- Garr0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Groundout: P-1B
341977-09-24ahead 5-0OutPitt2--- Lemon0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Groundout: 3B-1B
351977-09-24ahead 5-0BBPitt2--- Stillman0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Walk
361977-09-24ahead 5-0OutPitt21-- Gamble0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Flyball: CF
371977-09-24ahead 5-1OutPitt3---00.010.380.00%.00CHWEric Soderholm0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Groundout: SS-1B
381977-09-24ahead 5-1OutPitt3--- Spencer0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Flyball: RF
391977-09-24ahead 5-12BPitt3--- Brohamer0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Double to CF
401977-09-24ahead 5-1OutPitt3-2-20.015.530.00%.00CHWDon Kessinger0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Foul Popfly: 3B
411977-09-24ahead 5-1OutPitt4---00.009.350.00%.00CHWBill Nahorodny0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Flyball: CF
421977-09-24ahead 5-12BPitt4--- Garr0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Double to CF
431977-09-24ahead 5-1BBPitt4-2-10.006.480.00%.00CHWChet Lemon0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Walk
441977-09-24ahead 5-1SOPitt412-10.017.730.00%.00CHWRoyle Stillman0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Strikeout Looking
451977-09-24ahead 5-1OutPitt412-20.017.660.00%.00CHWOscar Gamble0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Foul Popfly: C
461977-09-24ahead 5-1OutPitt5---00.008.310.00%.00CHWEric Soderholm0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Flyball: LF
471977-09-24ahead 5-11BPitt5--- Spencer0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Single to RF
481977-09-24ahead 5-12BPitt51--10.030.400.00%.00CHWJack Brohamer0.00%.00SEAGreg Erardi0.00%.00Double to RF; Spencer to 3B
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