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Regular Season event data is complete back to 1973, mostly complete back to 1950, and somewhat complete back to 1916. Postseason event data is complete back to 1903. Please see the data coverage page for details.

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In years 1903 to 2021, Involving John Gast, In the , Game , H Pitcher, Sorted by Championship Win Probability Added.
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Results Table
Batting Pitching
Rk Date Series Gm# Score Event Role Inn RoB Out Pit(cnt) WPA LI cWPA cLI Tm Batter cWPA cLI Tm Pitcher cWPA cLI Play Description
112013-05-25tied 1-1OutPitb1-2-13 (1-1)0.0341.270.02%1.52LADMatt Kemp-0.01%.51STLJohn Gast0.02%1.52Groundout: 3B-1B (Weak 3B)
122013-05-25tied 1-1OutPitb1-2-24 (1-2)0.0321.190.02%1.42LADAndre Ethier-0.01%.48STLJohn Gast0.02%1.42Groundout: 2B-1B
132013-05-19tied 0-0OutPitt41--24 (1-2)0.0271.000.02%1.32MILJeff Bianchi-0.01%.50STLJohn Gast0.02%1.32Flyball: LF (Deep LF-CF)
142013-05-19down 4-01BPitt6---07 (3-2)0.027.570.02%.75MILNori Aoki0.01%.29STLJohn Gast-0.02%.75Single to CF (Ground Ball thru SS-2B)
152013-05-19tied 0-0OutPitt4---04 (1-2)0.0271.080.02%1.42MILRyan Braun-0.01%.54STLJohn Gast0.02%1.42Lineout: LF (Deep LF)
162013-05-19tied 0-0OutPitt31--23 (1-1)0.025.920.02%1.21MILJean Segura-0.01%.46STLJohn Gast0.02%1.21Groundout: 2B-1B
172013-05-19tied 0-0OutPitt3---05 (2-2)0.025.990.02%1.31MILMartin Maldonado-0.01%.50STLJohn Gast0.02%1.31Lineout: CF (Deep LF-CF)
182013-05-19tied 0-0OutPitt112-04 (1-2)0.0241.980.02%2.61MILRyan Braun-0.01%.99STLJohn Gast0.02%2.61Lineout: CF (Deep CF); Aoki to 3B
192013-05-19tied 0-0OutPitt2---03 (1-1)0.023.930.02%1.23MILYuniesky Betancourt-0.01%.47STLJohn Gast0.02%1.23Groundout: 3B-1B (SS-3B Hole)
202013-05-14tied 0-0OutPitt11--24 (2-1)0.022.800.02%1.02NYMJohn Buck-0.01%.46STLJohn Gast0.02%1.02Groundout: SS-2B/Forceout at 2B
212013-05-14tied 0-0SOPitt1---03 (0-2)0.021.870.02%1.11NYMJustin Turner-0.01%.50STLJohn Gast0.02%1.11*LEADOFF GM*:Strikeout Swinging
222013-05-14ahead 4-0SOBatb31-315 (1-2)0.021.590.02%.75STLJohn Gast-0.02%.75NYMDillon Gee0.01%.34Strikeout (foul bunt)
232013-05-14down 3-0OutPitt3---04 (1-2)0.020.810.02%1.03NYMJuan Lagares-0.01%.47STLJohn Gast0.02%1.03Groundout: SS-1B
242013-05-14down 3-0OutPitt2---04 (1-2)0.019.780.01%.99NYMLucas Duda-0.01%.45STLJohn Gast0.01%.99Groundout: 1B unassisted
252013-05-19tied 0-0OutPitt4---12 (1-0)0.018.760.01%1.00MILCarlos Gomez-0.01%.38STLJohn Gast0.01%1.00Groundout: SS-1B (SS-2B)
262013-05-19tied 0-0SOBatb3---15 (1-2)0.017.700.01%.92STLJohn Gast-0.01%.92MILKyle Lohse0.01%.35Strikeout Swinging
272013-05-19tied 0-0SOPitt3---13 (0-2)0.017.700.01%.92MILKyle Lohse-0.01%.35STLJohn Gast0.01%.92Strikeout Swinging
282013-05-14down 6-02BPitt5---01 (0-0) Byrd0.01%.14STLJohn Gast-0.01%.32Double to LF (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
292013-05-19tied 0-0OutPitt2---12 (0-1)0.016.640.01%.84MILJeff Bianchi0.00%.32STLJohn Gast0.01%.84Groundout: SS-1B (SS-2B)
302013-05-14down 9-2HRPitt6-2-22 (0-1) Byrd0.01%.06STLJohn Gast-0.01%.14Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Buck Scores
312013-05-19tied 0-0BBPitt4---24 (3-0)0.015.500.01%.66MILYuniesky Betancourt0.00%.25STLJohn Gast-0.01%.66Walk
322013-05-19down 4-0OutPitt5---02 (0-1)0.015.600.01%.79MILRickie Weeks0.00%.30STLJohn Gast0.01%.79Lineout: CF (Deep CF)
332013-05-14tied 0-0OutPitt1---12 (0-1)0.015.610.01%.78NYMDaniel Murphy-0.01%.35STLJohn Gast0.01%.78Groundout: 3B-1B (Weak 3B)
342013-05-25tied 1-1SOBatt2---16 (1-2)0.015.630.01%.75STLJohn Gast-0.01%.75LADTed Lilly0.00%.26Strikeout Looking
352013-05-19tied 0-01BPitt3---26 (2-2)0.014.450.01%.59MILNori Aoki0.00%.23STLJohn Gast-0.01%.59Single to CF (Ground Ball thru SS-2B)
362013-05-14down 6-01BPitt4---02 (0-1) Murphy0.00%.17STLJohn Gast-0.01%.37Single to CF (Line Drive to Deep CF-RF)
372013-05-14down 3-0SOPitt3---15 (1-2)0.013.540.01%.69NYMDillon Gee0.00%.31STLJohn Gast0.01%.69Strikeout Swinging
382013-05-14down 6-0OutPitt5-2-03 (2-0)0.013.450.01%.57NYMIke Davis0.00%.26STLJohn Gast0.01%.57Lineout: RF (Deep RF)
392013-05-14down 3-0OutPitt2---12 (1-0)0.013.520.01%.66NYMMarlon Byrd0.00%.30STLJohn Gast0.01%.66Groundout: 3B-1B (SS-3B Hole)
402013-05-14down 6-0OutPitt41--04 (1-2)0.012.560.01%.71NYMDavid Wright0.00%.32STLJohn Gast0.01%.71Foul Flyball: RF (RF into Foul Terr.)
412013-05-14tied 0-01BPitt1---23 (1-1)0.012.390.01%.50NYMDavid Wright0.00%.23STLJohn Gast-0.01%.50Single to 1B (Ground Ball to Weak 2B-1B)
422013-05-19tied 0-0SOPitt2---26 (3-2)0.010.410.01%.54MILRickie Weeks0.00%.21STLJohn Gast0.01%.54Strikeout Swinging
432013-05-14ahead 3-0OutBatb2---05 (2-2)0.010.420.01%.54STLJohn Gast-0.01%.54NYMDillon Gee0.00%.24Groundout: 2B-1B
442013-05-19down 4-0SOPitt5---14 (1-2)0.009.380.01%.50MILMartin Maldonado0.00%.19STLJohn Gast0.01%.50Strikeout Looking
452013-05-14down 6-0OutPitt5-2-13 (0-2)0.010.350.01%.45NYMJuan Lagares0.00%.20STLJohn Gast0.01%.45Popfly: 2B (Deep 2B-1B)
462013-05-14down 6-0OutPitt41--11 (0-0)0.009.380.01%.48NYMJohn Buck0.00%.22STLJohn Gast0.01%.48Flyball: CF (Deep CF)
472013-05-19ahead 4-0OutBatb412-15 (3-1)0.009.490.01%.65STLJohn Gast-0.01%.65MILKyle Lohse0.00%.25Bunt Groundout: C-2B/Forceout at 2B (Front of Home); Freese to 3B; Gast to 1B
482013-05-14down 3-0OutFld,Pitt2---22 (1-0)0.008.310.01%.40NYMIke Davis0.00%.18STLJohn Gast0.01%.40Groundout: 1B-P
492013-05-14down 3-0OutPitt3---22 (1-0)0.008.320.01%.41NYMJustin Turner0.00%.19STLJohn Gast0.01%.41Groundout: SS-1B (SS-3B Hole)
502013-05-14down 6-0OutPitt5-2-23 (1-1) Tejada0.00%.13STLJohn Gast0.01%.29Flyball: CF
512013-05-14down 6-0OutPitt41--22 (1-0) Duda0.00%.12STLJohn Gast0.00%.27Lineout: CF (Deep CF)
522013-05-14down 9-01BPitt612-12 (1-0) Buck0.00%.08STLJohn Gast0.00%.17Single to LF (Line Drive to Deep LF); Murphy Scores; Wright to 3B
532013-05-19down 4-0SOPitt5---23 (0-2) Lohse0.00%.11STLJohn Gast0.00%.28Strikeout Swinging
542013-05-14ahead 6-0BBBatb51--04 (3-0) Gast0.00%.13NYMRobert Carson0.00%.06Walk; Kozma to 2B
552013-05-14down 9-4SOPitt6---25 (2-2) Davis0.00%.06STLJohn Gast0.00%.13Strikeout Swinging
562013-05-14down 9-1OutPitt61-311 (0-0) Duda0.00%.06STLJohn Gast0.00%.13Groundout: 1B unassisted; Wright Scores; Buck to 2B
572013-05-14down 9-0BBPitt61--14 (3-0) Wright0.00%.03STLJohn Gast0.00%.08Walk; Murphy to 2B
582013-05-14down 9-0OutPitt6---02 (0-1) Turner0.00%.02STLJohn Gast0.00%.05Groundout: SS-1B
592013-05-14down 9-01BPitt6---15 (2-2) Murphy0.00%.02STLJohn Gast0.00%.04Single to CF (Ground Ball thru SS-2B)
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