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Regular Season event data is complete back to 1973, mostly complete back to 1950, and somewhat complete back to 1916. Postseason event data is complete back to 1903. Please see the data coverage page for details.

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In years 1903 to 2021, Involving Colt Hynes, Sorted by Championship Win Probability Added.
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Results Table
Batting Pitching
Rk Date Series Gm# Score Event Role Inn RoB Out Pit(cnt) WPA LI cWPA cLI Tm Batter cWPA cLI Tm Pitcher cWPA cLI Play Description
112013-09-18ahead 2-1SOPitb8---07 (2-2)0.011.450.01%.80PITPedro Alvarez-0.01%.80SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Strikeout Swinging
122015-04-14ahead 3-2SOPitt9---05 (2-2)0.017.660.01%.75TBRTim Beckham-0.01%.75TORColt Hynes0.01%.74Strikeout Swinging
132013-08-07ahead 6-32BPitt8---03 (1-1) Wieters0.01%.28SDPColt Hynes0.00%.04Double to CF (Line Drive to Deep CF)
142013-07-19ahead 4-01BPitb612319 (3-2)0.017.390.01%.40STLMatt Carpenter0.01%.40SDPColt Hynes0.00%.09Single to RF (Line Drive to Deep CF-RF); Freese Scores; Kozma Scores; Westbrook to 2B
152015-04-14ahead 3-21BPitt91--23 (0-2)0.014.640.01%.72TBRSteven Souza Jr.0.01%.72TORColt Hynes-0.01%.71Single to LF (Line Drive to Short LF-CF); Kiermaier to 2B
162015-04-14ahead 3-2SOPitt9---13 (0-2)0.012.500.01%.57TBRBobby Wilson-0.01%.57TORColt Hynes0.01%.56Strikeout Swinging
172013-08-04down 6-3OutPitt8---03 (1-1)0.018.740.01%.50NYYRobinson Cano-0.01%.50SDPColt Hynes0.00%.15Groundout: 2B-1B
182013-08-27ahead 6-3BBPitb512-14 (3-0)0.021.690.01%.33ARIMiguel Montero0.01%.33SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Walk; Hill to 3B; Parra to 2B
192015-04-14ahead 3-21BPitt9---24 (1-2)0.009.350.01%.40TBRKevin Kiermaier0.01%.40TORColt Hynes-0.01%.39Single to CF (Ground Ball thru SS-2B)
202013-08-04down 6-3OutPitt81--26 (3-2)0.014.500.01%.34NYYLyle Overbay-0.01%.34SDPColt Hynes0.00%.10Lineout: LF
212015-04-10down 11-3OutPitb81-301 (0-0)0.008.320.01%.37BALManny Machado-0.01%.36TORColt Hynes0.01%.37Ground Ball Double Play: SS-2B-1B (SS-2B); Davis Scores/No RBI
222013-08-04down 6-3SOPitt8---16 (2-2)0.010.430.00%.29NYYAlfonso Soriano0.00%.29SDPColt Hynes0.00%.09Strikeout Swinging
232015-04-11ahead 3-0IBBPitb4-2324 (3-0)0.005.910.00%1.11BALSteve Pearce0.00%.99TORColt Hynes0.00%1.11Intentional Walk
242013-08-04down 6-3BBPitt8---24 (3-0) Granderson0.00%.19SDPColt Hynes0.00%.06Walk
252015-04-10down 11-21BPitb8-2301 (0-0) Young0.00%.12TORColt Hynes0.00%.13Single to RF (Line Drive to Short RF); Jones Scores; Davis to 3B
262013-08-03ahead 2-0OutPitt8---04 (1-2)0.009.370.00%.22NYYBrett Gardner0.00%.22SDPColt Hynes0.00%.10Groundout: 2B-1B (2B-1B)
272013-08-27ahead 6-3HBPPitb6---03 (2-0) Collmenter0.00%.13SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Hit By Pitch
282013-08-27ahead 6-31BPitb61--17 (1-2)0.010.350.00%.17ARIAdam Eaton0.00%.17SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to CF (Line Drive); Collmenter to 2B
292013-08-27ahead 6-3OutPitb61--04 (2-1)0.010.420.00%.20ARITony Campana0.00%.20SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Foul Popfly: 3B (3B into Foul Terr.)
302013-09-01ahead 2-1OutPitb71--21 (0-0)0.017.640.00%.17LADCarl Crawford0.00%.17SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Groundout: 2B-1B
312013-08-26ahead 4-1WPPitb712-03 (1-1)0.011.330.00%.13ARIAaron Hill0.00%.13SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Wild Pitch; Parra to 3B; Gregorius to 2B
322013-08-26ahead 4-1FCPitb712302 (0-1)0.011.310.00%.13ARITony Campana0.00%.13SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Fielder's Choice 3B; Parra Scores/Safe on E2 (catch)/unER/No RBI; Gregorius to 3B; Hill to 2B; Campana to 1B
332013-07-23down 6-1HRPitb8---02 (0-1) Davis0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.06Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
342013-08-03ahead 2-0OutPitt8---12 (1-0) Cano0.00%.16SDPColt Hynes0.00%.08Flyball: LF (Short LF-CF)
352013-07-19ahead 6-0OutPitb612-13 (1-1) Jay0.00%.14SDPColt Hynes0.00%.03Ground Ball Double Play: 2B-SS-1B
362015-04-10down 11-22BPitb81--03 (0-2) Davis0.00%.04TORColt Hynes0.00%.05Double to RF (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Jones to 3B
372013-08-20ahead 5-1BBPitt71-326 (3-2)0.003.310.00%.37PITRussell Martin0.00%.37SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Walk; Alvarez to 2B
382013-07-31ahead 4-0OutFld,Pitt912323 (1-1) Phillips0.00%.13SDPColt Hynes0.00%.05Groundout: P-1B (Front of Home)
392013-07-23down 6-2OutPitb8---05 (0-2)0.013.530.00%.12MILNori Aoki0.00%.01SDPColt Hynes0.00%.12Groundout: 3B-1B (SS-3B Hole)
402015-04-15down 12-61BPitt912-22 (1-0) Wilson0.00%.07TORColt Hynes0.00%.06Single to CF (Line Drive to Deep CF); Souza Scores; Dykstra to 2B
412013-08-03ahead 2-0SOPitt8---25 (2-2) Soriano0.00%.10SDPColt Hynes0.00%.05Strikeout Swinging
422015-04-15down 12-5OutPitt9-2311 (0-0) Cabrera0.00%.10TORColt Hynes0.00%.09Groundout: SS-1B; Guyer Scores
432013-09-22ahead 1-0SOPitt9---05 (2-2)0.012.520.00%.10LADCarl Crawford0.00%.10SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Strikeout Swinging
442013-08-26ahead 5-1OutPitb712303 (0-2) Eaton0.00%.09SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Groundout: 2B-C/Forceout at Hm; Hill to 3B; Campana to 2B
452013-07-26ahead 7-0HRPitb7---04 (0-2) Ross0.00%.02SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
462013-07-23down 6-2SOPitb8---14 (1-2)0.007.300.00%.07MILSean Halton0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.07Strikeout Swinging
472013-08-20ahead 5-1BBPitt7--324 (3-0) Alvarez0.00%.30SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Walk
482015-04-15down 12-6BBPitt9-2-25 (3-1) Dykstra0.00%.03TORColt Hynes0.00%.03Walk
492013-07-31ahead 4-0BBPitt912-28 (3-2) Votto0.00%.03SDPColt Hynes0.00%.01Walk; Miller to 3B; Robinson to 2B
502013-08-26ahead 4-1IBBPitb7-2305 (3-1) Hill0.00%.10SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Intentional Walk
512015-04-10down 11-21BPitb8---04 (1-2) Jones0.00%.02TORColt Hynes0.00%.02Single to SS (Ground Ball to SS-3B Hole)
522013-08-20ahead 8-1OutPitt7--321 (0-0) Sanchez0.00%.04SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Groundout: SS-1B (Weak 3B)
532013-07-26ahead 7-0OutPitb6---03 (2-0) Chavez0.00%.03SDPColt Hynes0.00%.01Flyball: CF (Deep CF)
542013-07-26ahead 7-0OutPitb6---15 (2-2) Goldschmidt0.00%.03SDPColt Hynes0.00%.01Flyball: RF
552013-07-26ahead 8-01BPitb712312 (0-1) Pollock0.00%.02SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to LF (Ground Ball); Nieves Scores; Pennington Scores; Delgado to 2B
562013-08-09ahead 7-21BPitb8---03 (0-2) Robinson0.00%.02SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to 3B (Ground Ball)
572013-07-23down 6-2OutPitb8---23 (0-2) Segura0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.03Groundout: SS-1B
582013-07-26ahead 8-01BPitb712-11 (0-0) Delgado0.00%.02SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to CF (Line Drive); Nieves to 3B; Pennington to 2B
592015-04-10down 11-4SOPitb8---24 (1-2) Snider0.00%.02TORColt Hynes0.00%.02Strikeout Swinging
602013-08-09ahead 7-2OutPitb81--03 (0-2) Choo0.00%.02SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Flyball: CF
612013-08-09ahead 7-2OutPitb81--12 (1-0) Frazier0.00%.02SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Flyball: LF (Deep LF)
622013-08-09ahead 7-2OutPitb81--23 (1-1) Votto0.00%.02SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Flyball: CF
632013-07-26ahead 7-0OutPit,Fldb6---22 (0-1) Prado0.00%.02SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Groundout: 1B-P (2B-1B)
642013-07-26ahead 8-01BPitb7---01 (0-0) Nieves0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to CF (Ground Ball thru SS-2B)
652013-07-26ahead 8-0OutPitb71--01 (0-0) Parra0.00%.02SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Flyball: CF (Deep CF)
662013-07-26ahead 8-01BPitb71--17 (3-2) Pennington0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to CF (Ground Ball thru SS-2B); Nieves to 2B
672013-08-16ahead 5-1SOPitt512-24 (1-2)0.011.450.00%.01NYMJon Niese0.00%.01SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Strikeout Swinging
682013-08-16ahead 5-11BPitt51--22 (0-1) Quintanilla0.00%.01SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to RF (Ground Ball thru 2B-1B); Recker to 2B
692013-08-16ahead 5-1SOPitt6---05 (1-2) Young Jr.0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Strikeout Swinging
702013-08-16ahead 5-1OutPitt61--23 (1-1) Davis0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Groundout: 2B-1B
712013-07-26ahead 10-0SOPitb712-15 (2-2) Chavez0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Strikeout Swinging
722013-07-26ahead 10-0SOPitb712-25 (2-2) Goldschmidt0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Strikeout Swinging
732013-08-12ahead 8-1BBPitb8---06 (3-2) Dickerson0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Walk
742013-08-12ahead 8-11BPitb81--01 (0-0) Herrera0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to LF (Ground Ball); Dickerson to 3B
752013-08-12ahead 8-11BPitb81-301 (0-0) Rosario0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to RF (Ground Ball thru 2B-1B); Dickerson Scores; Herrera to 2B
762013-08-12ahead 9-11BPitb812-02 (1-0) Culberson0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to 3B (Ground Ball); Herrera Scores; Rosario to 2B
772013-08-12ahead 10-11BPitb812-02 (0-1) Arenado0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to CF (Line Drive); Rosario Scores; Culberson to 2B
782013-08-12ahead 11-1OutPitb812-04 (1-2) Blackmon0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Flyball: RF (CF-RF)
792013-08-12ahead 11-11BPitb812-14 (1-2) LeMahieu0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to CF (Ground Ball thru SS-2B); Culberson Scores; Arenado to 2B
802013-08-12ahead 12-1OutPit,Fldb812-14 (1-2) Bettis0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Reached on E3 (catch) (Ground Ball to P's Left to P); Arenado to 3B; LeMahieu to 2B
812013-08-12ahead 12-12BPitb812311 (0-0) Fowler0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Double to LF (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF); Arenado Scores; LeMahieu Scores; Bettis to 3B; Fowler out at 3B/LF-2B-1B
822013-08-12ahead 14-1OutPitb8--321 (0-0) Dickerson0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Popfly: SS (Deep SS)
832013-08-30ahead 9-1OutPitb8---03 (0-2) Puig0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Foul Popfly: 1B (1B into Foul Terr.)
842013-08-30ahead 9-1OutPit,Fldb8---16 (3-2) Crawford0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Groundout: P-1B (P's Left)
852013-08-30ahead 9-1OutPitb8---24 (1-2) Punto0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Lineout: LF (Deep LF-CF)
862013-09-12ahead 9-5SOPitb6---04 (1-2) Asche0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Strikeout Swinging
872013-09-12ahead 9-51BPitb6---12 (1-0) Frandsen0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to CF (Ground Ball thru SS-2B)
882013-09-12ahead 9-5OutPitb61--13 (2-0) Galvis0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Popfly: 2B
892013-09-12ahead 9-5OutFld,Pitb61--21 (0-0) Kratz0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Groundout: P-1B (Front of Home)
902013-09-12ahead 9-5OutPitb7---03 (1-1) Hernandez0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Flyball: CF
912013-09-12ahead 9-51BPitb7---13 (0-2) Rollins0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to CF (Line Drive)
922013-09-12ahead 9-5SBPitb71--11 (0-0) Utley0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Rollins Steals 2B
932013-09-12ahead 9-5BBPitb7-2-15 (3-1) Utley0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Walk
942013-09-12ahead 9-5PBPitb712-13 (1-1) Ruiz0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Passed Ball; Rollins to 3B; Utley to 2B
952013-09-12ahead 9-5IBBPitb7-2315 (3-1) Ruiz0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Intentional Walk
962013-07-14down 10-1OutPitt9---02 (1-0) Francoeur0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Flyball: CF
972013-07-14down 10-1OutPitt9---12 (0-1) Abreu0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Flyball: RF (Short RF Line)
982013-07-14down 10-1OutPitt9---23 (2-0) Quiroz0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00*ENDED GAME*:Lineout: CF (Deep CF)
992013-08-16ahead 5-1SOPitt6---14 (1-2) Murphy0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Strikeout Swinging
1002013-08-16ahead 5-11BPitt6---23 (0-2) Byrd0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to LF (Ground Ball thru SS-3B Hole)
1012013-09-27ahead 6-22BPitb8---06 (3-2) Perez0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Double to CF (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF)
1022013-09-27ahead 6-2SOPitb8-2-07 (0-2) Sanchez0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Strikeout Swinging (C-1B)
1032013-09-27ahead 6-23BPitb8-2-15 (1-2) Blanco0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Triple to RF (Line Drive to Deep CF-RF); Perez Scores; Blanco out at Hm/RF-SS-C
1042013-09-27ahead 7-21BPitb8---22 (1-0) Abreu0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Single to SS (Ground Ball)
1052013-09-27ahead 7-2OutPitb81--29 (3-2) Belt0.00%.00SDPColt Hynes0.00%.00Groundout: 2B-1B
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