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Regular Season event data is complete back to 1973, mostly complete back to 1950, and somewhat complete back to 1916. Postseason event data is complete back to 1903. Please see the data coverage page for details.

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In years 1903 to 2021, Involving Zach Lee, Sorted by Championship Win Probability Added.
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Results Table
Batting Pitching
Rk Date Series Gm# Score Event Role Inn RoB Out Pit(cnt) WPA LI cWPA cLI Tm Batter cWPA cLI Tm Pitcher cWPA cLI Play Description
112015-07-25ahead 4-0OutPitb112-13 (0-2)0.031.700.02%.93NYMKevin Plawecki-0.02%.93LADZach Lee0.02%.92Ground Ball Double Play: 2B-1B
122017-04-12down 4-0OutPitb41--01 (0-0)0.0341.380.02%1.61COLGerardo Parra-0.02%1.61SDPZach Lee0.02%1.44Flyball: CF (Deep CF)
132015-07-25ahead 5-1HRPitb5---12 (0-1) Johnson0.02%.25LADZach Lee-0.02%.25Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF Line)
142017-04-12down 4-01BPitb1---04 (1-2)0.031.760.02%.89COLCharlie Blackmon0.02%.89SDPZach Lee-0.02%.80Single to RF (Ground Ball thru 2B-1B)
152017-04-12down 4-0OutPitb1-2-16 (3-2)0.029.980.02%1.15COLCarlos Gonzalez-0.02%1.15SDPZach Lee0.02%1.03Flyball: CF (Deep CF)
162017-04-12down 4-0OutPitb41--13 (2-0)0.0281.090.02%1.28COLTrevor Story-0.02%1.28SDPZach Lee0.02%1.14Flyball: CF (Deep CF)
172017-04-12ahead 4-0OutBatt112-23 (1-1)0.024.870.02%1.02SDPZach Lee-0.01%.91COLKyle Freeland0.02%1.02Groundout: SS-2B/Forceout at 2B
182017-04-12down 4-0SOPitb3---09 (3-2)0.022.820.02%.96COLKyle Freeland-0.02%.96SDPZach Lee0.01%.86Strikeout Swinging
192017-04-12down 4-0OutPitb2---02 (1-0)0.021.800.02%.94COLTrevor Story-0.02%.94SDPZach Lee0.01%.84Groundout: SS-1B
202017-04-12down 4-0SOPitb41--24 (1-2)0.021.680.01%.80COLAlexi Amarista-0.01%.80SDPZach Lee0.01%.71Strikeout Swinging
212017-04-12down 4-0OutPitb31--22 (1-0)0.021.680.01%.80COLCarlos Gonzalez-0.01%.80SDPZach Lee0.01%.71Flyball: CF (Deep LF-CF)
222017-04-12down 4-0OutPitb11--04 (2-1)0.0201.230.01%1.44COLDJ LeMahieu-0.01%1.44SDPZach Lee0.01%1.29Groundout: SS-1B; Blackmon to 2B
232015-07-25ahead 4-01BPitb2-2-17 (3-2)0.015.420.01%.56NYMRuben Tejada-0.01%.56LADZach Lee0.01%.55Single to CF (Line Drive); Granderson out at Hm/CF-C
242017-04-12down 6-0BBPitb6---06 (3-2)0.017.390.01%.46COLCarlos Gonzalez0.01%.46SDPZach Lee-0.01%.41Walk
252017-04-12down 6-0OutPitb61--07 (3-2)0.017.700.01%.82COLNolan Arenado-0.01%.82SDPZach Lee0.01%.73Flyball: CF (Deep CF)
262015-07-25ahead 4-02BPitb2---110 (3-2) Granderson0.01%.29LADZach Lee-0.01%.29Double to RF (Line Drive to RF Line)
272017-04-12down 4-0OutPitb3---11 (0-0)0.015.580.01%.68COLCharlie Blackmon-0.01%.68SDPZach Lee0.01%.61Groundout: 2B-1B (Front of Home)
282017-04-12down 4-0OutPitb2---14 (2-1)0.015.560.01%.66COLAlexi Amarista-0.01%.66SDPZach Lee0.01%.59Lineout: CF (Deep CF)
292017-04-12down 6-0OutPitb5-2-22 (0-1)0.013.410.01%.48COLDJ LeMahieu-0.01%.48SDPZach Lee0.01%.43Flyball: CF (Deep CF)
302017-04-12down 6-0OutPitb5---03 (2-0)0.012.450.01%.53COLDustin Garneau-0.01%.53SDPZach Lee0.01%.47Flyball: RF
312015-07-25down 4-0OutBatt3---12 (1-0)0.010.410.01%.54LADZach Lee-0.01%.54NYMMatt Harvey0.01%.54Flyball: CF (Deep CF-RF)
322017-04-12down 4-0BBPitb3---25 (3-1)0.011.350.01%.41COLDJ LeMahieu0.01%.41SDPZach Lee-0.01%.37Walk
332017-04-12down 4-0BBPitb1-2-26 (3-2)0.010.840.01%.98COLNolan Arenado0.01%.98SDPZach Lee-0.01%.88Walk
342017-04-12down 4-0SOPitb2---24 (0-2)0.009.330.01%.39COLDustin Garneau-0.01%.39SDPZach Lee0.01%.35Strikeout Swinging
352015-07-25ahead 4-0OutPitb21--22 (1-0) Murphy-0.01%.36LADZach Lee0.01%.35Popfly: 3B (SS-3B Hole)
362017-04-12down 6-02BPitb5---24 (2-1) Blackmon0.01%.14SDPZach Lee-0.01%.13Ground-rule Double (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
372015-07-25ahead 4-02BPitb3---23 (1-1) Conforto0.01%.15LADZach Lee-0.01%.14Double to RF (Line Drive to RF Line)
382015-07-25ahead 4-0SOPitb2---03 (0-2) Harvey-0.01%.38LADZach Lee0.01%.38Strikeout Swinging
392017-04-12down 6-0OutPitb5---11 (0-0)0.008.300.01%.35COLStephen Cardullo-0.01%.35SDPZach Lee0.00%.31Flyball: CF (Deep CF-RF)
402015-07-25ahead 4-0OutPitb3---06 (3-2) Johnson-0.01%.34LADZach Lee0.01%.34Groundout: 2B-1B (2B-1B)
412017-04-18ahead 7-1OutPitt612322 (0-1) Goldschmidt0.00%.32SDPZach Lee0.00%.23Groundout: 3B-1B (SS-3B Hole)
422017-04-12ahead 4-0OutBatt4---21 (0-0) Lee0.00%.24COLKyle Freeland0.00%.27Groundout: C-1B
432015-07-25down 5-1OutBatt5---23 (0-2) Lee0.00%.28NYMMatt Harvey0.00%.28Groundout: 2B-1B (2B-1B)
442015-07-25ahead 4-0OutPitb3---12 (1-0) Duda0.00%.24LADZach Lee0.00%.24Groundout: 2B-1B
452015-07-25ahead 5-1OutPitb5---04 (2-1) Murphy0.00%.24LADZach Lee0.00%.24Groundout: 3B-1B (Weak 3B)
462017-04-16ahead 6-22BPitb81--04 (2-1) Markakis0.00%.09SDPZach Lee0.00%.09Double to LF (Line Drive to Deep 3B); Freeman Scores
472015-07-25ahead 5-0SOPitb31--24 (1-2) Plawecki0.00%.22LADZach Lee0.00%.22Strikeout Looking
482017-04-18ahead 7-1HRPitt8---04 (2-1) Iannetta0.00%.04SDPZach Lee0.00%.03Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
492015-07-25ahead 5-0OutPitb4---07 (3-2) Harvey0.00%.17LADZach Lee0.00%.17Groundout: 3B-1B (SS-3B Hole)
502015-07-25ahead 6-12BPitb5---22 (1-0) Conforto0.00%.05LADZach Lee0.00%.05Double to CF (Line Drive to Deep CF)
512015-07-25ahead 5-0OutPitb4---17 (3-2) Granderson0.00%.13LADZach Lee0.00%.13Groundout: 2B-1B (2B-1B)
522017-04-18ahead 7-11BPitt612-25 (2-2) Peralta0.00%.07SDPZach Lee0.00%.05Single to CF (Line Drive to Short CF); Miller to 3B; Pollock to 2B
532017-04-18ahead 7-1OutPitt6---01 (0-0) Owings0.00%.11SDPZach Lee0.00%.08Groundout: 3B-1B (SS-3B Hole)
542015-07-25ahead 6-1OutPitb5---12 (1-0) Duda0.00%.09LADZach Lee0.00%.09Groundout: 1B unassisted
552017-04-12ahead 6-0OutBatt6---23 (1-1) Lee0.00%.08COLJordan Lyles0.00%.09Groundout: 2B-1B (SS-2B)
562015-07-25ahead 5-0SOPitb4---25 (2-2) Tejada0.00%.09LADZach Lee0.00%.09Strikeout Swinging
572017-04-18ahead 7-11BPitt61--24 (1-2) Pollock0.00%.05SDPZach Lee0.00%.04Single to 3B (Ground Ball); Miller to 2B
582017-04-18ahead 7-1SOPitt71--15 (2-2) Drury0.00%.09SDPZach Lee0.00%.06Strikeout Swinging
592017-04-18ahead 7-1OutPitt6---12 (1-0) Iannetta0.00%.07SDPZach Lee0.00%.05Popfly: 1B
602017-04-18ahead 7-1RoEFld,Pitt7---13 (0-2) Tomas0.00%.05SDPZach Lee0.00%.04Reached on E1 (Ground Ball to Front of Home)
612017-04-16ahead 6-2BBPitb8---06 (3-2) Freeman0.00%.05SDPZach Lee0.00%.05Walk
622017-04-18ahead 7-1SOPitt7---06 (2-2) Lamb0.00%.06SDPZach Lee0.00%.04Strikeout Swinging (C-1B)
632017-04-18ahead 7-1SOPitt71--23 (0-2) Owings0.00%.06SDPZach Lee0.00%.04Strikeout Swinging
642017-04-18ahead 8-11BPitt81--03 (1-1) Pollock0.00%.04SDPZach Lee0.00%.03Single to 3B (Ground Ball to Weak 3B); Miller to 3B/Adv on E5 (throw)
652017-04-16ahead 7-21BPitb8-2-06 (3-2) Phillips0.00%.04SDPZach Lee0.00%.04Single to CF (Ground Ball thru SS-2B); Markakis Scores
662017-04-18ahead 7-1BBPitt6---26 (3-2) Miller0.00%.05SDPZach Lee0.00%.04Walk
672017-04-18ahead 8-1OutPitt81-302 (1-0) Peralta0.00%.05SDPZach Lee0.00%.04Flyball: LF
682017-04-18ahead 8-1BBPitt8---08 (3-2) Miller0.00%.02SDPZach Lee0.00%.02Walk
692017-04-18ahead 8-1OutPitt812315 (2-2) Lamb0.00%.00SDPZach Lee0.00%.00Flyball: CF/Sacrifice Fly (Deep CF); Miller Scores; Hazelbaker to 3B
702017-04-18ahead 8-1BBPitt81-317 (3-2) Goldschmidt0.00%.01SDPZach Lee0.00%.01Walk; Hazelbaker to 2B
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