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For year 2020, Involving Pirates and Sorted by Championship Win Probability Added
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Results Table
Batting Pitching
Rk Date Series Gm# Score Event Inn RoB Out Pit(cnt) WPA LI cWPA cLI Tm Batter cWPA cLI Tm Pitcher cWPA cLI Play Description
102020-08-07down 12-10HRb91--24 (1-2)0.4901.580.33%1.76PITAdam Frazier0.21%1.11DETJoe Jimenez-0.33%1.76Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Dyson Scores
112020-08-18tied 3-3HRt1012-12 (1-0)0.4704.050.31%4.47CLECarlos Santana0.31%4.47PITSam Howard-0.13%1.80Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Hernandez Scores/unER; Lindor Scores
122020-09-06down 2-11Bb912-06 (2-2)0.4056.090.31%7.79PITCole Tucker0.02%.41CINRaisel Iglesias-0.31%7.79Single to RF (Ground Ball thru 2B-1B); Bell Scores; Hayes to 3B; Tucker to 2B/Adv on E9 (throw)
132020-09-18down 6-5Outb712323 (2-0)0.27310.840.31%20.16PITJohn Ryan Murphy0.00%.00STLRyan Helsley0.31%20.16*ENDED GAME*:Flyball: LF (Deep LF Line)
142020-09-19tied 4-41Bt712-14 (2-1)0.2273.240.28%6.76STLTommy Edman0.28%6.76PITSam Howard0.00%.00Single to LF (Ground Ball thru SS-3B Hole); Bader Scores; Wong to 3B; Edman to 2B
152020-09-14down 1-0HRt7---03 (1-1)0.3282.930.28%4.15PITColin Moran0.00%.03CINTrevor Bauer-0.28%4.15Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
162020-09-18down 2-1HRt21--26 (3-2)0.2421.030.27%1.92STLTyler O'Neill0.27%1.92PITTrevor Williams0.00%.00Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Molina Scores
172020-09-18down 6-21Bb412325 (2-2)0.2402.610.27%4.85PITKe'Bryan Hayes0.00%.00STLCarlos Martinez-0.27%4.85Single to RF (Line Drive to Short CF-RF); Osuna Scores/unER; Murphy Scores/unER; Frazier Scores/Adv on E9/No RBI/unER; Hayes to 2B
182020-09-19down 5-4Outb91--14 (2-1)0.2114.700.26%9.80PITAdam Frazier0.00%.00STLGenesis Cabrera0.26%9.80*ENDED GAME*:Ground Ball Double Play: 2B-SS-1B (Front of Home)
192020-08-07down 5-4HRb512-25 (1-2)0.3842.540.26%2.83PITPhillip Evans0.16%1.79DETMatthew Boyd-0.26%2.83Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF); Newman Scores; Reynolds Scores
202020-07-27down 5-32Bt9-2324 (1-2)0.3503.850.25%4.66MILRyan Braun0.25%4.65PITKyle Crick-0.25%4.66Double to LF (Ground Ball); Cain Scores; Hiura Scores
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