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The Basketball Head-to-Head Finder will be removed from Stathead on June 19th because it has been replaced with the Versus Finder, a brand new tool where you can compare players and teams or see head to head results between teams, players, or player vs. team. Please contact us with any questions.

Darren Daye
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since 1946-47 unless otherwise noted. Regular season: PTS, FG, FT, 3P complete all-time. FTA complete back to 1948-49. FGA, TRB, AST, PF, GS over 99% complete back to 1975-76. MP over 99% complete back to 1976-77. +/- complete back to 1996-97. All other box score stats (3PA, ORB, DRB, STL, BLK, TOV) complete back to 1983-84. Playoffs: PTS, FG, FT, FTA, 3P, 3PA complete all-time. PF complete back to 1948-49. FGA, TRB, AST complete back to 1962-63. GS complete back to 1973-74. MP complete back to 1974-75. +/- complete back to 1996-97. STL, BLK, TOV complete back to 1982-83. ORB, DRB complete back to 1983-84. BPM not available for WNBA & ABA.

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