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Players drafted in or before 2022, sorted by draft year and draft pick
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Results Table
Misc Games
Rk Year Rnd Pick Player Pos DrAge Tm From To AP1 PB St wAV G GS College/Univ
112022111Chris OlaveWR22NOR202220220018159Ohio St.College Stats
122022112Jameson WilliamsWR21DET20222022000160AlabamaCollege Stats
132022113Jordan DavisDT22PHI202220220003135GeorgiaCollege Stats
142022114Kyle HamiltonSAF21BAL202220220002164Notre DameCollege Stats
152022115Kenyon GreenOL21HOU2022202200151514Texas A&MCollege Stats
162022116Jahan DotsonWR22WAS2022202200141210Penn St.College Stats
172022117Zion JohnsonG22LAC2022202200181717Boston Col.College Stats
182022118Treylon BurksWR22TEN202220220004116ArkansasCollege Stats
192022119Trevor PenningT23NOR20222022000161Northern Iowa
202022120Kenny PickettQB24PIT2022202200171312PittsburghCollege Stats
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