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From 2012 to 2020, show the final records of teams that started 2-0
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From 2012 to 2020, 73 teams started the year 2-0 - the average finish of those teams was 10-6. 44 (60.3%) of them made the playoffs, 4 of them were league champions.

Best Finish: 15-1, 2015 Panthers

Worst Finish: 2-14, 2013 Texans

Teams With A 2-0-0 Record

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Teams With A 2-0-0 Record Table
Tm Year W L T W plyf L plyf Playoff Result
Las Vegas Raiders2020880
Kansas City Chiefs2020142021Lost SB
Baltimore Ravens2020115011Lost Div
Los Angeles Rams2020106011Lost Div
Green Bay Packers2020133011Lost Conf
Chicago Bears202088001Lost WC
Arizona Cardinals2020880
Pittsburgh Steelers2020124001Lost WC
Seattle Seahawks2020124001Lost WC
Buffalo Bills2020133021Lost Conf
Tennessee Titans2020115001Lost WC
Kansas City Chiefs2019124030Won SB
Dallas Cowboys2019880
Baltimore Ravens2019142001Lost Div
San Francisco 49ers2019133021Lost SB
New England Patriots2019124001Lost WC
Los Angeles Rams2019970
Green Bay Packers2019133011Lost Conf
Seattle Seahawks2019115011Lost Div
Buffalo Bills2019106001Lost WC
Denver Broncos20186100
Cincinnati Bengals20186100
Los Angeles Rams2018133021Lost SB
Tampa Bay Buccaneers20185110
Jacksonville Jaguars20185110
Miami Dolphins2018790
Kansas City Chiefs2018124011Lost Conf
Oakland Raiders2017610000
Detroit Lions201797000
Carolina Panthers2017115001Lost WC
Atlanta Falcons2017106011Lost Div
Pittsburgh Steelers2017133001Lost Div
Kansas City Chiefs2017106001Lost WC
Denver Broncos2017511000
Baltimore Ravens201797000
Houston Texans201697011Lost Div
New England Patriots2016142030Won SB
Philadelphia Eagles201679000
Pittsburgh Steelers2016115021Lost Conf
New York Giants2016115001Lost WC
Minnesota Vikings201688000
Denver Broncos201697000
Baltimore Ravens201688000
Cincinnati Bengals2015124001Lost WC
New England Patriots2015124011Lost Conf
Carolina Panthers2015151021Lost SB
Atlanta Falcons201588000
Green Bay Packers2015106011Lost Div
Denver Broncos2015124030Won SB
Arizona Cardinals2015133011Lost Conf
New York Jets2015106000
Dallas Cowboys2015412000
Carolina Panthers201478111Lost Div
Houston Texans201497000
Philadelphia Eagles2014106000
Denver Broncos2014124001Lost Div
Arizona Cardinals2014115001Lost WC
Buffalo Bills201497000
Cincinnati Bengals2014105101Lost WC
New England Patriots2013124011Lost Conf
Denver Broncos2013133021Lost SB
Miami Dolphins201388000
Chicago Bears201388000
Kansas City Chiefs2013115001Lost WC
Seattle Seahawks2013133030Won SB
New Orleans Saints2013115011Lost Div
Houston Texans2013214000
San Francisco 49ers2012114121Lost SB
Philadelphia Eagles2012412000
Atlanta Falcons2012133011Lost Conf
Arizona Cardinals2012511000
San Diego Chargers201279000
Houston Texans2012124011Lost Div
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