Dodgers regular season DH batting 9th

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Rk Player Date Tm Opp Rslt PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB IBB SO HBP SH SF ROE GDP SB CS WPA RE24 aLI BOP Pos Summary DFS(DK) DFS(FD) Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
1Chase Utley2017-07-18LADCHWW 1-0320000000001000000-0.023-0.220.6039DH2.003.0083ltor6sunny
2Carl Crawford2016-05-19LADLAAL 4-7440000000000000000-0.075-0.705.7189DH0.000.0066rtol9overcast
3Carl Crawford2016-05-18LADLAAL 1-84402000000000000000.0240.677.3609DH6.006.0068tocf9sunny
4Alex Guerrero2015-08-22LADHOUL 1-3220000000010000000-0.070-0.5781.3159DH0.00-0.50730nonedome
5Mitch Jones2009-06-23LADCHWW 5-24412100000100000000.0111.056.5139DH79fromlf9sunny
6Mitch Jones2009-06-19LADLAAL 4-53200000000210000000.0420.391.7579DH70tocf10sunny
7Russell Martin2006-06-28LADMINL 3-6440000000020000000-0.033-0.733.3139DH69fromlf0dome
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