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Rk Tm Year #Matching Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
1BOS201840Ind. Games
2BOS198238Ind. Games
3BOS201934Ind. Games
4BOS193931Ind. Games
5BOS199930Ind. Games
6BOS201330Ind. Games
7BOS194030Ind. Games
8BOS200330Ind. Games
9BOS201729Ind. Games
10BOS197729Ind. Games
11BOS200029Ind. Games
12BOS199629Ind. Games
13BOS197829Ind. Games
14BOS199728Ind. Games
15BOS199828Ind. Games
16BOS196927Ind. Games
17BOS200127Ind. Games
18BOS200927Ind. Games
19BOS200527Ind. Games
20BOS196726Ind. Games
21BOS198126Ind. Games
22BOS201126Ind. Games
23BOS198926Ind. Games
24BOS195825Ind. Games
25BOS200625Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year #Matching Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
26BOS200425Ind. Games
27BOS199325Ind. Games
28BOS201625Ind. Games
29BOS195925Ind. Games
30BOS194825Ind. Games
31BOS196425Ind. Games
32BOS195525Ind. Games
33BOS200824Ind. Games
34BOS195624Ind. Games
35BOS198424Ind. Games
36BOS195024Ind. Games
37BOS198024Ind. Games
38BOS197124Ind. Games
39BOS195123Ind. Games
40BOS196323Ind. Games
41BOS197923Ind. Games
42BOS199523Ind. Games
43BOS193823Ind. Games
44BOS199222Ind. Games
45BOS196122Ind. Games
46BOS190922Ind. Games
47BOS194122Ind. Games
48BOS198821Ind. Games
49BOS201421Ind. Games
50BOS195721Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year #Matching Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
51BOS201221Ind. Games
52BOS194420Ind. Games
53BOS196020Ind. Games
54BOS198320Ind. Games
55BOS197020Ind. Games
56BOS195220Ind. Games
57BOS194620Ind. Games
58BOS195319Ind. Games
59BOS198519Ind. Games
60BOS201519Ind. Games
61BOS199019Ind. Games
62BOS197219Ind. Games
63BOS196819Ind. Games
64BOS191119Ind. Games
65BOS199119Ind. Games
66BOS200719Ind. Games
67BOS193419Ind. Games
68BOS196619Ind. Games
69BOS198719Ind. Games
70BOS201019Ind. Games
71BOS195418Ind. Games
72BOS198618Ind. Games
73BOS197518Ind. Games
74BOS191217Ind. Games
75BOS197617Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year #Matching Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
76BOS191517Ind. Games
77BOS193716Ind. Games
78BOS191016Ind. Games
79BOS194216Ind. Games
80BOS194316Ind. Games
81BOS196216Ind. Games
82BOS197415Ind. Games
83BOS196515Ind. Games
84BOS200215Ind. Games
85BOS194515Ind. Games
86BOS191615Ind. Games
87BOS193514Ind. Games
88BOS194914Ind. Games
89BOS193114Ind. Games
90BOS194714Ind. Games
91BOS191314Ind. Games
92BOS191414Ind. Games
93BOS199414Ind. Games
94BOS192413Ind. Games
95BOS190513Ind. Games
96BOS193213Ind. Games
97BOS193312Ind. Games
98BOS192111Ind. Games
99BOS192611Ind. Games
100BOS193611Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year #Matching Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
101BOS192210Ind. Games
102BOS192710Ind. Games
103BOS19239Ind. Games
104BOS19288Ind. Games
105BOS19298Ind. Games
106BOS19208Ind. Games
107BOS19258Ind. Games
108BOS19738Ind. Games
109BOS19307Ind. Games
110BOS19196Ind. Games
111BOS19076Ind. Games
112BOS19175Ind. Games
113BOS19085Ind. Games
114BOS19043Ind. Games
115BOS19013Ind. Games
116BOS20203Ind. Games
117BOS19033Ind. Games
118BOS19181Ind. Games
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