Dodgers winning pitchers with 4 HR allowed

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Rk Player Date Tm Opp Rslt App,Dec IP H R ER BB SO HR UER Pit Str GSc IR IS BF AB 2B 3B IBB HBP SH SF GDP SB CS PO BK WP ERA WPA RE24 aLI DFS(DK) DFS(FD) Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
1Clayton Kershaw2017-06-19LADNYMW 10-6GS-7, W 6.16661104011276462524000000100000 8.53-0.020-2.793.47322.0543.0075ltor6sunny
2D.J. Houlton2005-08-29LADCHCW 9-6GS-6, W 5.274412409059402524000000000000 6.350.032-1.079.36876fromcf8sunny
3Orel Hershiser1994-06-28LADSFGW 7-4CG, W 9.0544114011771613332000000000000 4.000.0750.369.64283tocf5nonenight
4Don Sutton1970-06-27LADSDPW 7-5GS-8, W 7.15543941563229000000020000 4.910.107-1.431.892night
5Roger Craig1955-07-22BROMLNW 8-4GS-7, W 7.064424409458512927000000000000 5.14-0.102-0.3041.086
6Billy Loes1954-08-15BRONYGW 9-4CG, W 9.0744474012376603733100000100000 4.000.1290.772.684
7Preacher Roe1953-09-01BROSTLW 12-5CG, W 9.0955135011778513534000000200000 5.000.1150.004.475
8Ben Wade1952-05-17BROPITW 12-7CG, W 9.09776114015088464236000000000000 7.000.106-2.712.145
9Ralph Branca1952-04-19BRONYGW 11-6CG, W 9.0966544013781444034000100101000 6.000.125-1.712.598
10Ralph Branca1949-06-25BROPITW 17-10CG, W 9.012101055501458623413611000030000010.00-0.393-5.329.421
11Clyde King1947-08-25BROPITW 11-10GS-7, W 6.2138813401016718313020000010000010.800.036-4.384.375
12Sloppy Thurston1932-08-13 (1)BRONYGW 18-9CG, W 9.012980061294141000000000000 8.000.000-4.490.351
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