Most batters faced, 0-out start, Angels

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Rk Player Date Tm Opp Rslt App,Dec IP H R ER BB SO HR UER Pit Str GSc IR IS BF AB 2B 3B IBB HBP SH SF GDP SB CS PO BK WP ERA WPA RE24 aLI DFS(DK) DFS(FD) Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
1Jason Grimsley1996-07-30CALDETL 9-12GS-1, L 0.0476300131131374200000000000 inf -0.412-5.8501.20973tocf5nonenight
2Hilly Hathaway1993-09-11CALTORL 5-9GS-1, L 0.0475201229141675200000000000 inf -0.379-6.008.954nonedome
3Joe Grahe1991-06-18CALMILL 6-10GS-1, L 0.0577201028141075100000000000 inf -0.401-6.4821.14083fromlf8nonesunny
4Rudy May1973-09-05CALOAKL 8-11GS-1, L 0.035530002163000000000010 inf -0.378-4.8101.501night
5Rudy May1972-09-20CALKCRL 2-9GS-1, L 0.016650101961000000000000 inf -0.407-4.9371.37082
6Ray Chadwick1986-08-03CALSEAL 3-6GS-1, L 0.044410002554000000000000 inf -0.323-4.3481.386dome
7Steve Renko1982-07-02CALKCRL 2-7GS-1, L 0.023330003152000000010000 inf -0.307-3.9941.3908915
8Frank Tanana1980-05-18CALKCRL 3-5GS-1, L 0.055500002055220000000001 inf -0.356-4.923.908627
9Andy Messersmith1969-04-20CALMINL 1-12GS-1, L 0.035420012453100000000000 inf -0.314-3.9791.22864fromrf22raincloudy
10Eli Grba1962-08-14 (2)LAABOSL 5-9GS-1, L 0.024320013053000000000000 inf -0.313-3.8311.55468night
11Chris Knapp1980-08-17 (2)CALMINL 5-6GS-1, L 0.033300003243000010000000 inf -0.241-3.0101.48577
12Don Aase1980-07-31CALDETL 6-15GS-1, L 0.034410002743000000000000 inf -0.304-3.3481.680
13George Brunet1967-09-20CALCHWL 4-6GS-1, L 0.024420002842000000000000 inf -0.313-3.3191.618
14Ken McBride1965-08-15 (1)CALDETL 2-9GS-1, L 0.024420002842000000010001 inf -0.288-3.3361.217
15Ted Bowsfield1962-05-15LAABALL 1-7GS-1, L 0.024310013143100000000000 inf -0.289-3.3741.15370
16Jered Weaver2012-05-28LAANYYW 9-8GS-1 0.023000031064033000000000000undef-0.217-2.3401.43074tocf7sunny
17Rudy May1965-07-17CALCHWL 2-5GS-1 0.001130004330000000000000 inf -0.172-1.7961.493
18John Lackey2009-05-16LAATEXL 3-5GS-1 0.00110000204610000100000000 inf -0.037-0.398.92065torf9overcast
19Bill Travers1981-05-05CALNYYW 6-2GS-1 0.001110004510000000000000 inf -0.036-0.370.870
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