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Query Results Table
Rk Player Pos Season Count
1Stephen CurryG2015-1611
2Stephen CurryG2020-218
3Kobe Bryant*G2006-077
4Kobe Bryant*G2005-067
5James HardenG2019-207
6Devin BookerG2016-176
7Kobe Bryant*G2002-036
8James HardenG2018-196
9James HardenG2017-186
10LeBron JamesF2009-106
11Zach LaVineG2020-216
12Bradley BealG2019-205
13Stephen CurryG2016-175
14Stephen CurryG2018-195
15Damian LillardG2020-215
16Russell WestbrookG2016-175
17Trae YoungG2019-205
18Devin BookerG2019-204
19Jamal CrawfordG2006-074
20Allen Iverson*G2004-054
Rk Player Pos Season Count
21Kyle KuzmaF2018-194
22Damian LillardG2018-194
23Tracy McGrady*F2003-044
24Tracy McGrady*F2002-034
25Isaiah ThomasG2016-174
26Kemba WalkerG2018-194
27Russell WestbrookG2014-154
28Carmelo AnthonyF2010-113
29Bradley BealG2020-213
30Kobe Bryant*G2001-023
31Vince CarterG2005-063
32DeMar DeRozanG2016-173
33Luka DončićG2020-213
34Kevin DurantF2013-143
35LeBron JamesF2010-113
36Nikola JokićC2020-213
37Damian LillardG2015-163
38Damian LillardG2016-173
39Damian LillardG2019-203
40Kevin LoveF2013-143
Rk Player Pos Season Count
41CJ McCollumG2018-193
42Michael ReddG2006-073
43Jerry StackhouseG2000-013
44Klay ThompsonG2016-173
45Dwyane WadeG2010-113
46Russell WestbrookG2017-183
47Deron WilliamsG2012-133
48Ray Allen*G2006-072
49Carmelo AnthonyF2016-172
50Carmelo AnthonyF2011-122
51Carmelo AnthonyF2007-082
52Carmelo AnthonyF2012-132
53Trevor ArizaF2013-142
54Devin BookerG2020-212
55Devin BookerG2018-192
56Jaylen BrownF2020-212
57Kobe Bryant*G2009-102
58Kobe Bryant*G2007-082
59Kobe Bryant*G2012-132
60Kobe Bryant*G2004-052
Rk Player Pos Season Count
61Jamal CrawfordG2003-042
62Stephen CurryG2017-182
63Stephen CurryG2012-132
64Anthony DavisF2016-172
65Luka DončićG2019-202
66Joel EmbiidC2020-212
67Michael FinleyG2003-042
68De'Aaron FoxG2020-212
69Paul GeorgeF2015-162
70Paul GeorgeF2018-192
71Ben GordonG2011-122
72Blake GriffinF2018-192
73James HardenG2016-172
74Buddy HieldG2019-202
75Allan HoustonG2002-032
76LeBron JamesF2013-142
77LeBron JamesF2007-082
78LeBron JamesF2011-122
79LeBron JamesF2008-092
80Brandon JenningsG2012-132
Rk Player Pos Season Count
81Joe JohnsonG2013-142
82Michael Jordan*G1996-972
83Zach LaVineG2019-202
84Damian LillardG2017-182
85Stephon MarburyG2003-042
86Kevin MartinG2010-112
87CJ McCollumG2020-212
88Tracy McGrady*F2004-052
89Mike MillerF2006-072
90Donovan MitchellG2020-212
91Dirk NowitzkiF2009-102
92Paul PierceF2005-062
93Michael ReddG2004-052
94Michael ReddG2005-062
95Jalen RoseG2002-032
96Terry RozierG2020-212
97D'Angelo RussellG2018-192
98J.R. SmithG2007-082
99Latrell SprewellG2001-022
100Peja StojakovićF2003-042
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