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In 2022, any team vs. any team, in the regular season, requiring Play Count = 3, ended with Punt or Blocked Punt, sorted by Number of Plays descending
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Drive Totals

Drive Totals Table
Avg StartOwn 25.5
Avg ScoreDown by 0.2

Drive Outcomes

Drive Outcomes Table
Outcome Total Pct
Blocked Punt3.2%
All Turnovers0.0%
All Scores0.0%

Play Types

Play Types Table
Play Total Pct Per Drive

Offense Totals

Offense Totals Table
Average Drive Score Turnover Punt BlkP
Tm G #Dr Plays Yds Time Start PtDiff Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct
Titans17573.01.81:44Own 25Up by .70.0%0.0%57100.0%
Panthers17543.03.71:33Own 26Up by .70.0%0.0%54100.0%
Broncos16533.02.31:29Own 23Down by 2.30.0%0.0%53100.0%
Texans17503.01.31:28Own 27Down by 4.30.0%0.0%50100.0%
Jets16503.02.01:31Own 24Down by 20.0%0.0%50100.0%
Buccaneers17493.03.21:24Own 25Down by 0.30.0%0.0%49100.0%
Patriots14493.02.41:33Own 29Up by .10.0%0.0%49100.0%
Saints17473.02.91:37Own 26Down by 1.30.0%0.0%47100.0%
Vikings16463.02.51:25Own 27Up by .10.0%0.0%4597.8%12.2%
Cardinals16453.01.71:24Own 25Down by 20.0%0.0%4497.8%12.2%
Cowboys17453.03.01:21Own 26Up by 1.00.0%0.0%45100.0%
Rams15443.0.81:37Own 22Down by 1.80.0%0.0%44100.0%
Steelers16433.02.81:27Own 22Down by 1.30.0%0.0%43100.0%
Bears17423.01.11:40Own 24Down by 6.60.0%0.0%42100.0%
Chargers17413.03.71:25Own 26Up by 1.30.0%0.0%41100.0%
Colts16403.02.51:37Own 25Down by 2.60.0%0.0%3997.5%12.5%
Washington17403.01.81:45Own 25Down by 0.90.0%0.0%40100.0%
Bengals15373.02.21:29Own 27Up by 1.50.0%0.0%37100.0%
Seahawks15363.0.11:33Own 28Down by 2.70.0%0.0%36100.0%
Jaguars16353.02.71:26Own 25Up by 1.60.0%0.0%35100.0%
Browns16343.0.71:39Own 31Up by 2.20.0%0.0%34100.0%
Giants15343.02.41:32Own 23Down by 0.60.0%0.0%34100.0%
Raiders17343.0.91:32Own 25Up by .20.0%0.0%34100.0%
Eagles15303.01.81:35Own 25Up by 4.80.0%0.0%30100.0%
Lions14303.02.61:20Own 25Up by 1.70.0%0.0%30100.0%
Chiefs14303.01.81:24Own 25Up by 2.10.0%0.0%30100.0%
Bills12283.01.71:25Own 27Up by 6.60.0%0.0%28100.0%
Dolphins13283.03.01:18Own 25Up by 3.30.0%0.0%28100.0%
Ravens13273.01.71:33Own 28Up by 1.30.0%0.0%27100.0%
Falcons14263.02.41:35Own 23Down by 3.50.0%0.0%26100.0%
49ers14263.02.21:38Own 29Up by 6.30.0%0.0%26100.0%
Packers13243.01.11:28Own 27Down by 1.40.0%0.0%24100.0%

Defense Totals

Defense Totals Table
Average Drive Score Turnover Punt BlkP
Tm G #Dr Plays Yds Time Start PtDiff Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct
Washington17563.01.11:23Opp 25Down by .70.0%0.0%56100.0%
Buccaneers15553.01.81:31Opp 27Down by 1.90.0%0.0%55100.0%
Broncos16553.02.21:29Opp 26Down by .30.0%0.0%55100.0%
49ers17503.01.81:24Opp 26Up by 4.50.0%0.0%50100.0%
Titans17493.01.11:25Opp 27Down by .70.0%0.0%49100.0%
Colts16453.02.11:29Opp 24Down by 2.60.0%0.0%4497.8%12.2%
Cardinals16433.0.61:29Opp 30Down by 4.30.0%0.0%43100.0%
Packers16433.02.11:33Opp 24Up by 10.0%0.0%43100.0%
Browns15413.02.01:34Opp 28Up by 0.10.0%0.0%41100.0%
Texans17403.02.61:44Opp 25Down by 6.10.0%0.0%40100.0%
Saints17403.02.01:33Opp 26Down by .40.0%0.0%40100.0%
Panthers16403.02.51:32Opp 24Up by 2.70.0%0.0%40100.0%
Patriots16403.01.41:28Opp 25Up by 0.60.0%0.0%3997.5%12.5%
Ravens14403.03.11:37Opp 26Down by .20.0%0.0%40100.0%
Steelers16383.03.61:38Opp 28Down by 2.40.0%0.0%38100.0%
Rams14383.03.01:28Opp 26Down by 1.30.0%0.0%38100.0%
Eagles17373.02.21:27Opp 25Up by 5.20.0%0.0%37100.0%
Chiefs16373.01.71:36Opp 23Up by 4.60.0%0.0%37100.0%
Chargers15373.02.41:30Opp 23Up by 1.50.0%0.0%37100.0%
Jets15373.01.11:32Opp 29Down by 3.50.0%0.0%37100.0%
Cowboys15373.01.51:30Opp 28Up by 30.0%0.0%37100.0%
Bengals15373.03.61:34Opp 23Up by 4.40.0%0.0%37100.0%
Dolphins13363.02.91:30Opp 27Down by .30.0%0.0%36100.0%
Jaguars14353.01.91:39Opp 25Up by 3.20.0%0.0%35100.0%
Bills16353.02.11:31Opp 22Up by 5.90.0%0.0%35100.0%
Seahawks15353.01.61:28Opp 26Up by 0.90.0%0.0%35100.0%
Giants16333.03.71:28Opp 24Down by 2.60.0%0.0%33100.0%
Falcons14313.03.41:20Opp 25Down by 2.20.0%0.0%3096.8%13.2%
Raiders16313.02.01:32Opp 24Down by .50.0%0.0%31100.0%
Lions12293.02.11:39Opp 24Up by 5.60.0%0.0%29100.0%
Bears15293.03.31:34Opp 25Down by 2.10.0%0.0%29100.0%
Vikings15253.01.01:35Opp 23Down by 1.80.0%0.0%25100.0%

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