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This will cause only those seasons where the player qualified for the ERA title or the Winning Percentage title to be used. Currently, this number is 1 Inning Pitched per team game for the ERA title and then 1 decision for every 12 team games for win-loss percentage. Complete List of standards used.

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Rookie status has changed over time, but for this output we are using the following standard.

Since 1971, rookies are players who have not reached
130 at bats,
50 innings pitched, or
45 days of service time prior to Sept. 1.

Before 1971, rookies are players who have not reached
90 at bats,
45 innings pitched, or
45 days of service time prior to Sept. 1.

For the service time measure, we are requiring the player did not reach 78 days of service at the end of a season. We have service time data only back to 2009.

The pre-1971 standard is applied to all seasons back to 1871 even though it was not the standard of the time.

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Rk Name Yrs From To Age
1Walter Johnson111908192420-36Ind. Seasons
2Christy Mathewson91901191420-33Ind. Seasons
3Pete Alexander81911192024-33Ind. Seasons
4Tom Seaver71968197923-34Ind. Seasons
5Ed Walsh71906191225-31Ind. Seasons
6Eddie Plank71904191528-39Ind. Seasons
7Bert Blyleven61971198920-38Ind. Seasons
8Jim Palmer61969197823-32Ind. Seasons
9Rube Waddell61904190927-32Ind. Seasons
10Cy Young61892190725-40Ind. Seasons
11Pud Galvin61879188822-31Ind. Seasons
12Luis Tiant51966197825-37Ind. Seasons
13Bob Gibson51962197126-35Ind. Seasons
14Warren Spahn51947196326-42Ind. Seasons
15Nap Rucker51908191223-27Ind. Seasons
16Mordecai Brown51906191029-33Ind. Seasons
17Addie Joss51902190822-28Ind. Seasons
18Vic Willis51899190823-32Ind. Seasons
19Tommy Bond51875187919-23Ind. Seasons
20Nolan Ryan41972197925-32Ind. Seasons
21Gaylord Perry41970197531-36Ind. Seasons
22Catfish Hunter41967197521-29Ind. Seasons
23Jim Bunning41964196732-35Ind. Seasons
24Juan Marichal41963196925-31Ind. Seasons
25Jim Maloney41963196823-28Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
26Sandy Koufax41963196627-30Ind. Seasons
27Don Drysdale41960196823-31Ind. Seasons
28Ed Reulbach41905190922-26Ind. Seasons
29Doc White41904190825-29Ind. Seasons
30George Mullin41903191022-29Ind. Seasons
31Kid Nichols41890189820-28Ind. Seasons
32Will White41878188423-29Ind. Seasons
33Roger Clemens31987199224-29Ind. Seasons
34Bob Knepper31978198624-32Ind. Seasons
35Fergie Jenkins31969197426-31Ind. Seasons
36Mike Cuellar31969197532-38Ind. Seasons
37Mel Stottlemyre31968197226-30Ind. Seasons
38Steve Carlton31968198223-37Ind. Seasons
39Tommy John31966198023-37Ind. Seasons
40Dean Chance31964196823-27Ind. Seasons
41Camilo Pascual31959196225-28Ind. Seasons
42Whitey Ford31955196426-35Ind. Seasons
43Robin Roberts31950195323-26Ind. Seasons
44Virgil Trucks31949195432-37Ind. Seasons
45Ken Raffensberger31949195231-34Ind. Seasons
46Mike Garcia31949195425-30Ind. Seasons
47Bob Lemon31948195327-32Ind. Seasons
48Hal Newhouser31944194623-25Ind. Seasons
49Dizzy Trout31943194628-31Ind. Seasons
50Mort Cooper31942194429-31Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
51Bucky Walters31941194432-35Ind. Seasons
52Bob Feller31941194722-28Ind. Seasons
53Sad Sam Jones31918192125-28Ind. Seasons
54Pol Perritt31916191824-26Ind. Seasons
55Lefty Tyler31914191824-28Ind. Seasons
56Jeff Tesreau31914191626-28Ind. Seasons
57Dick Rudolph31914191726-29Ind. Seasons
58Reb Russell31913191724-28Ind. Seasons
59Babe Adams31911192029-38Ind. Seasons
60Hippo Vaughn31910191822-30Ind. Seasons
61Lefty Leifield31906190822-24Ind. Seasons
62Sam Leever31903190731-35Ind. Seasons
63Jack Chesbro31901190427-30Ind. Seasons
64Matt Kilroy31886188920-23Ind. Seasons
65Ed Morris31885188822-25Ind. Seasons
66John Clarkson31885189223-30Ind. Seasons
67Charlie Buffinton31884188823-27Ind. Seasons
68Tim Keefe31883188826-31Ind. Seasons
69Mickey Welch31882188822-28Ind. Seasons
70Tony Mullane31882188723-28Ind. Seasons
71Mike Scott21986198831-33Ind. Seasons
72Orel Hershiser21985198826-29Ind. Seasons
73Bob Ojeda21984198826-30Ind. Seasons
74Fernando Valenzuela21981198520-24Ind. Seasons
75Geoff Zahn21980198434-38Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
76Steve Rogers21979198329-33Ind. Seasons
77Joe Niekro21979198234-37Ind. Seasons
78Dennis Leonard21977197926-28Ind. Seasons
79Ron Guidry21977197826-27Ind. Seasons
80Frank Tanana21975197721-23Ind. Seasons
81Jerry Reuss21975198026-31Ind. Seasons
82Randy Jones21975197625-26Ind. Seasons
83Jon Matlack21974197624-26Ind. Seasons
84Don Sutton21972197427-29Ind. Seasons
85Wilbur Wood21971197229-30Ind. Seasons
86Vida Blue21971197621-26Ind. Seasons
87Phil Niekro21968197429-35Ind. Seasons
88Dave McNally21968197225-29Ind. Seasons
89Denny McLain21968196924-25Ind. Seasons
90Jerry Koosman21968196925-26Ind. Seasons
91Steve Blass21968197126-29Ind. Seasons
92Claude Osteen21967196927-29Ind. Seasons
93Milt Pappas21964197125-32Ind. Seasons
94Mickey Lolich21964196723-26Ind. Seasons
95Ray Culp21963196821-26Ind. Seasons
96Johnny Podres21957196324-30Ind. Seasons
97Early Wynn21955195935-39Ind. Seasons
98Bob Turley21955195824-27Ind. Seasons
99Dick Donovan21955196227-34Ind. Seasons
100Johnny Antonelli21954195624-26Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
101Billy Pierce21953195526-28Ind. Seasons
102Curt Simmons21952196323-34Ind. Seasons
103Allie Reynolds21951195234-35Ind. Seasons
104Sal Maglie21950195233-35Ind. Seasons
105Don Newcombe21949195623-30Ind. Seasons
106Harry Brecheen21946194831-33Ind. Seasons
107Ewell Blackwell21946194723-24Ind. Seasons
108Dave Ferriss21945194623-24Ind. Seasons
109Howie Pollet21943194922-28Ind. Seasons
110Spud Chandler21943194635-38Ind. Seasons
111Al Javery21942194324-25Ind. Seasons
112Curt Davis21941194237-38Ind. Seasons
113Whit Wyatt21940194132-33Ind. Seasons
114Lou Fette21937193930-32Ind. Seasons
115Red Ruffing21934193929-34Ind. Seasons
116Lefty Gomez21934193725-28Ind. Seasons
117Carl Hubbell21933193430-31Ind. Seasons
118Urban Shocker21919192028-29Ind. Seasons
119Herb Pennock21919192825-34Ind. Seasons
120Carl Mays21918192026-28Ind. Seasons
121Burleigh Grimes21918192024-26Ind. Seasons
122Joe Oeschger21917192025-28Ind. Seasons
123Stan Coveleski21917192327-33Ind. Seasons
124Eddie Cicotte21917191933-35Ind. Seasons
125Babe Ruth21916191721-22Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
126Bullet Joe Bush21916191823-25Ind. Seasons
127Fred Toney21915191726-28Ind. Seasons
128Jeff Pfeffer21915191627-28Ind. Seasons
129Bob Shawkey21914192023-29Ind. Seasons
130Dutch Leonard21914191622-24Ind. Seasons
131Claude Hendrix21914191525-26Ind. Seasons
132Rube Foster21914191526-27Ind. Seasons
133Bill Doak21914192023-29Ind. Seasons
134Larry Cheney21914191628-30Ind. Seasons
135Tom Seaton21913191425-26Ind. Seasons
136Cy Falkenberg21913191433-34Ind. Seasons
137George Suggs21912191429-31Ind. Seasons
138Smoky Joe Wood21911191221-22Ind. Seasons
139Earl Moore21910191132-33Ind. Seasons
140Russ Ford21910191427-31Ind. Seasons
141Jack Coombs21909191026-27Ind. Seasons
142Chief Bender21909191425-30Ind. Seasons
143Barney Pelty21907190926-28Ind. Seasons
144Orval Overall21907190926-28Ind. Seasons
145Jimmy Dygert21907190822-23Ind. Seasons
146Bob Rhoads21906190726-27Ind. Seasons
147Johnny Lush21906190720-21Ind. Seasons
148Carl Lundgren21906190726-27Ind. Seasons
149Bill Donovan21905190828-31Ind. Seasons
150Jake Weimer21904190630-32Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
151Joe McGinnity21904190833-37Ind. Seasons
152Tom Hughes21903190524-26Ind. Seasons
153Bill Dinneen21903190427-28Ind. Seasons
154Togie Pittinger21902190430-32Ind. Seasons
155Deacon Phillippe21902190530-33Ind. Seasons
156Noodles Hahn21902190323-24Ind. Seasons
157Al Orth21901190528-32Ind. Seasons
158Bill Duggleby21901190627-32Ind. Seasons
159Jesse Tannehill21898190523-30Ind. Seasons
160Jack Powell21898190823-33Ind. Seasons
161Bill Hutchison21890189230-32Ind. Seasons
162Bob Caruthers21885188921-25Ind. Seasons
163Dupee Shaw21884188525-26Ind. Seasons
164Jumbo McGinnis21883188429-30Ind. Seasons
165Old Hoss Radbourn21882188427-29Ind. Seasons
166Jim Whitney21881188423-26Ind. Seasons
167Jim McCormick21880188423-27Ind. Seasons
168John Ward21878188018-20Ind. Seasons
169Al Spalding21875187624-25Ind. Seasons
170Candy Cummings21875187626-27Ind. Seasons
171George Bradley21875187622-23Ind. Seasons
172Felix Hernandez12012201226-26Ind. Seasons
173Cliff Lee12011201132-32Ind. Seasons
174CC Sabathia12008200827-27Ind. Seasons
175Dontrelle Willis12005200523-23Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
176A.J. Burnett12002200225-25Ind. Seasons
177David Wells11998199835-35Ind. Seasons
178Greg Maddux11998199832-32Ind. Seasons
179Randy Johnson11998199834-34Ind. Seasons
180Carlos Perez11997199726-26Ind. Seasons
181Tom Glavine11992199226-26Ind. Seasons
182David Cone11992199229-29Ind. Seasons
183Dennis Martinez11991199137-37Ind. Seasons
184Mark Langston11989198928-28Ind. Seasons
185Doug Drabek11989198926-26Ind. Seasons
186Tim Belcher11989198927-27Ind. Seasons
187Tim Leary11988198829-29Ind. Seasons
188Danny Jackson11988198826-26Ind. Seasons
189Jack Morris11986198631-31Ind. Seasons
190John Tudor11985198531-31Ind. Seasons
191Dwight Gooden11985198520-20Ind. Seasons
192Mike Boddicker11983198325-25Ind. Seasons
193Dave Stieb11982198224-24Ind. Seasons
194Joaquin Andujar11982198229-29Ind. Seasons
195Mike Flanagan11979197927-27Ind. Seasons
196Mike Caldwell11978197829-29Ind. Seasons
197John Montefusco11976197626-26Ind. Seasons
198Andy Messersmith11975197529-29Ind. Seasons
199Buzz Capra11974197426-26Ind. Seasons
200Jim Bibby11974197429-29Ind. Seasons
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