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Find NFL and AFL streaks from 1920 to 2021. For game streaks, anything besides Win/Loss/Tie only dates back to 1940.

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Longest streak of consecutive losses, from 1920 to 2020, for the New England Patriots, in the regular season, streak of at least 4, sorted by most games. Logo

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Team Streaks Table
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To List
1New England Patriots1401401414052414612395111931811933161990-09-231990-12-30List of Games
2New England Patriots100100108252195325166611152157321191991-12-221992-11-08List of Games
3New England Patriots90909422212427210705112408394141992-11-291993-09-26List of Games
New England Patriots909015421114025918537152689871191981-10-251981-12-20List of Games
New England Patriots909010231712627312924242421014871972-10-081972-12-03List of Games
Boston Patriots9090672201122639863191975984111970-09-271970-11-22List of Games
Boston Patriots90901112691072371016917202744491968-12-081969-10-26List of Games
8New England Patriots7070661001222411454315210790331993-10-171993-12-05List of Games
New England Patriots707014522411222515399202058199111975-11-161976-09-12List of Games
New England Patriots70701011888018810897122318353131974-12-011975-10-12List of Games
11Boston Patriots60606815787215950416130332441964-12-201965-10-08List of Games
12New England Patriots505052146123254116436121412281995-09-101995-10-15List of Games
Boston Patriots50507217572174796716133432271968-10-271968-11-24List of Games
Boston Patriots505088174591569334151205145111967-11-121967-12-17List of Games
Boston Patriots5050651547617781367111310281960-11-251961-09-09List of Games
16New England Patriots4040491016911465119116584332020-10-052020-11-01List of Games
New England Patriots40405399921578376781316132002-09-292002-10-27List of Games
New England Patriots404064997613771327112397462000-10-152000-11-12List of Games
New England Patriots404051728815070132102347122000-09-032000-09-24List of Games
New England Patriots40405492961828706698370061995-12-161996-09-08List of Games
New England Patriots4040438186180826311115322141994-10-091994-11-06List of Games
New England Patriots404064898112587933111422451991-10-271991-11-17List of Games
New England Patriots40406411088176101746104342321989-12-101990-09-09List of Games
New England Patriots40407310464130959412114483641981-09-061981-09-27List of Games
New England Patriots4040641306612170023117415761972-12-171973-09-30List of Games
Boston Patriots4040701277614197691396365161966-12-171967-09-17List of Games
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To List
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