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Data coverage: since 2001. Please see our data coverage page for details.
From 2001 to 2021, any team vs. any team, in the regular season, requiring Play Count >= 20, ended with Field Goal, Missed FG, Fumble, Interception, Downs, Punt, Blocked Punt, Blocked FG, Safety, End of Half or End of Game, sorted by Game Date descending Logo

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Drive Totals

Drive Totals Table
Avg StartOwn 15.4
Avg ScoreUp by 3.2

Drive Outcomes

Drive Outcomes Table
Outcome Total Pct
Field Goal861.5%
Blocked FG17.7%
All Turnovers0.0%
All Scores861.5%

Play Types

Play Types Table
Play Total Pct Per Drive

Offense Totals

Offense Totals Table
Average Drive Score Turnover FG Downs BlkFG Punt
Tm G #Dr Plays Yds Time Start PtDiff Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct
49ers3320.380.011:58Own 18Up by 2.73100.0%0.0%3100.0%
Jets1121.074.011:11Own 24Up by 7.01100.0%0.0%1100.0%
Browns1121.062.012:01Own 20Down by 71100.0%0.0%1100.0%
Colts1120.070.09:30Own 14Up by 3.01100.0%0.0%1100.0%
Panthers1120.051.010:08Own 9Up by 14.00.0%0.0%1100.0%
Chiefs1120.065.07:58Own 31Down by 71100.0%0.0%1100.0%
Cowboys1120.053.010:11Own 19Up by 3.00.0%0.0%1100.0%
Broncos1120.088.011:07Own 3Down by 70.0%0.0%1100.0%
Patriots1120.073.012:12Own 20Up by 28.00.0%0.0%1100.0%
Saints1124.093.010:22Own 5Up by 7.00.0%0.0%1100.0%
Falcons1120.094.010:36Own 1Down by 71100.0%0.0%1100.0%

Defense Totals

Defense Totals Table
Average Drive Score Turnover FG Downs BlkFG Punt
Tm G #Dr Plays Yds Time Start PtDiff Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct
Chiefs3320.367.011:05Opp 11Tied133.3%0.0%133.3%133.3%133.3%
Jaguars2220.080.012:38Opp 16Down by 14.0150.0%0.0%150.0%150.0%
Packers1120.094.010:36Opp 1Up by 71100.0%0.0%1100.0%
Vikings1120.053.010:11Opp 19Down by 3.00.0%0.0%1100.0%
Panthers1124.093.010:22Opp 5Down by 7.00.0%0.0%1100.0%
Broncos1120.065.07:58Opp 31Up by 71100.0%0.0%1100.0%
Chargers1121.072.010:44Opp 25Down by 8.01100.0%0.0%1100.0%
Ravens1120.070.09:30Opp 14Down by 3.01100.0%0.0%1100.0%
Bengals1121.074.011:11Opp 24Down by 7.01100.0%0.0%1100.0%
Rams1120.081.012:07Opp 18Tied1100.0%0.0%1100.0%

Drive Results

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