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Game data is only available for the American League, National League, and Federal League. Data runs from 1901 to present for regular season data, 1933-Present for the All-Star Game, and 1903-Present for the Postseason. Please see our data coverage page for details.

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ER have been official in NL since 1912 and AL since 1913. For earlier seasons, ER & UER totals are inconsistently recorded and ERAs for spans cannot be accurately calculated.

Most recent, In a span of 72 games, from the start of a season, In the Regular Season, from 1901 to 2022, requiring Wins >= 52. Logo

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Results Table
Rk Team Games Span Start Span End W L W-L% Final Record Rank Postseason ERA CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB SO WHIP SB CS List
1NYY722022-04-082022-06-255220.72293-5812.9401125648.1512220212651836551.0721810List of Games
2SEA722001-04-022001-06-225418.750116-461Division Champ3.961234649.1606318286842324591.2913412List of Games
3NYY721998-04-011998-06-255319.736114-481WS Champ3.998525645.0607302286682064771.2614418List of Games
4DET721984-04-031984-06-265319.736104-581WS Champ3.1712325656.1569258231582194021.2013131List of Games
5BAL721969-04-081969-06-255220.722109-531AL Pennant2.50251315663.2505212184502144051.0832521List of Games
6BRO721955-04-131955-07-015220.72298-551WS Champ3.2924617654.0586283239722183841.2291312List of Games
7NYY721939-04-201939-07-085319.736106-451WS Champ3.1442815640.0565240223342762681.3141914List of Games
8PHA721929-04-171929-07-075319.736104-461WS Champ3.4138411642.0652289243342122951.3462923List of Games
9NYY721928-04-111928-07-045418.750101-531WS Champ3.6544511639.0651307259322182311.3604020List of Games
10PHA721913-04-101913-07-075418.75096-571WS Champ3.2228812645.1540275231112612961.241List of Games
11NYG721912-04-111912-07-095714.803103-481NL Pennant2.6750210641.1653283190181583191.265List of Games
12PIT721909-04-141909-07-105319.736110-421WS Champ0.004396659.0580225031812161.155List of Games
13CHC721907-04-111907-07-085417.761107-451WS Champ0.0055134649.0503182042212591.116List of Games
14NYG721905-04-141905-07-065220.722105-481WS Champ0.0056117648.0519213091573631.043List of Games
15PIT721902-04-171902-07-195516.775103-361NL Pennant1.6767142656.053918012211063090.983List of Games
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