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Game data is only available for the American League, National League, and Federal League. Data runs from 1901 to present for regular season data, 1933-Present for the All-Star Game, and 1903-Present for the Postseason. Please see our data coverage page for details.

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There are hundreds of games prior to 1920 missing RBIs from one or both teams.

Most Wins, In a span of 52 games, from the start of a season, In the Regular Season, from 1901 to 2022, requiring Win-Loss % <= .450 and Run Differential >= 7. Logo

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Results Table
Rk Team Games Span Start Span End W L W-L% Final Record Rank Postseason PA AB RS RA H 2B 3B HR RBI BA OBP SLG OPS BB IBB SO HBP SH SF ROE GDP SB CS aLI Rdiff List
1PHI522022-04-082022-06-032329.44261-4831956176224022943386863227.246.311.411.7221567461193161143324.9811List of Games
2TOR522015-04-062015-05-312329.44293-691Division Champ19611744268243458111661255.263.330.438.7681701389151219745275.9225List of Games
3NYY522007-04-022007-06-012329.44294-682Wildcard20681812277249495102656264.273.352.429.7812016316281116264635131.0328List of Games
4HOU522002-04-022002-05-292329.44284-78220191771243222463991150231.261.342.415.7561922136328199234726121.0621List of Games
5KCR521999-04-051999-06-052329.44264-97420521824286258503961656267.276.344.438.782179530019121823444417.9628List of Games
6TOR521988-04-041988-06-012329.44287-75319901794246228470911248228.262.323.406.73016083109121423483010.9918List of Games
7DET521958-04-151958-06-122329.44277-77519591743226212471861344214.270.332.410.74216692274271925431611.9614List of Games
8SLB521943-04-211943-06-242329.44272-80620651798186179414731224172.230.316.324.640216823684316341411.757List of Games
9BOS521908-04-141908-06-132329.44275-7951902171819618644630315156.260.304.322.626910173197405010List of Games
10MIA522022-04-082022-06-052230.42349-60419631754225218428811054213.244.316.394.71016534602601613352781.037List of Games
11CHC522007-04-022007-06-012230.42385-771Division Champ204718572362284941121047225.266.326.413.7391581935310148264026121.048List of Games
12SDP521970-04-071970-05-302230.42363-99619951775243232440741161218.248.317.405.7221721336911297304320231.0711List of Games
13PHI521952-04-161952-06-162230.42387-67419571750208197433731833190.247.317.366.6831691117192923382214.9411List of Games
14PIT521941-04-151941-06-202228.44081-73420811858249241502752325231.270.341.376.7171991517112333391612.998List of Games
15DET521925-04-141925-06-092229.43181-734212818103263015701053418300.315.393.440.834224413310843719201.0025List of Games
16CIN521902-04-171902-06-222130.41270-7042012182824723151066347206.279.330.364.6931160149224604516List of Games
17CIN521907-04-111907-06-172031.39266-8761962170217816439633241106.233.305.282.5871620159148307114List of Games
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