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Partial regular season game logs (FG, FT, FTA, and PTS) available for the 1946-47 through 1982-83 seasons.
Partial playoff game logs available for 1947 through 1983

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Rk Player First Last Games
1Wilt Chamberlain1961-10-191963-01-19126List of Games
2Wilt Chamberlain1963-02-261964-03-1892List of Games
3Oscar Robertson1963-10-221964-10-2079List of Games
4Michael Jordan1987-12-291988-12-0672List of Games
5Kevin Durant2015-11-232016-11-0972List of Games
6Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1971-11-211972-11-0871List of Games
7Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1970-02-061971-01-2070List of Games
8Michael Jordan1990-11-241991-04-1969List of Games
9Elgin Baylor1961-02-161962-10-2364List of Games
10Kobe Bryant2005-12-092006-11-0363List of Games
11Wilt Chamberlain1960-02-141961-01-2262List of Games
12James Harden2018-12-082019-04-0957List of Games
13Allen Iverson2004-12-102005-04-1857List of Games
14Bob McAdoo1975-01-071975-11-2157List of Games
15Wilt Chamberlain1959-10-241960-02-0956List of Games
16Kevin Durant2013-12-222014-12-0256List of Games
17George Gervin1981-03-101982-02-1255List of Games
18Elgin Baylor1960-01-141960-11-2554List of Games
19Jerry West1965-02-061965-12-0752List of Games
20LeBron James2007-12-142008-03-2649List of Games
Rk Player First Last Games
21George Gervin1979-11-041980-02-1747List of Games
22Wilt Chamberlain1965-11-051966-02-0547List of Games
23Karl Malone1989-03-081989-12-2245List of Games
24Tracy McGrady2002-12-252003-04-0145List of Games
25Rick Barry1966-03-151967-01-1244List of Games
26Isaiah Thomas2016-11-192017-02-2643List of Games
27Bob McAdoo1974-01-131974-11-1242List of Games
28Walt Bellamy1961-12-291962-03-0342List of Games
29Michael Jordan1986-12-161987-03-1341List of Games
30Bob Pettit1961-03-071961-12-2940List of Games
31Jerry West1961-12-051962-02-1840List of Games
32Bradley Beal2020-01-202021-02-0340List of Games
33John Havlicek1971-11-171972-01-3040List of Games
34Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1974-11-261975-02-1639List of Games
35Tiny Archibald1972-11-031973-01-1139List of Games
36Elgin Baylor1962-10-271963-01-1239List of Games
37Michael Jordan1990-02-131990-11-0638List of Games
38LeBron James2012-04-152013-01-0838List of Games
39Shaquille O'Neal1998-03-021999-02-2337List of Games
40Oscar Robertson1964-10-301965-01-1937List of Games
Rk Player First Last Games
41George Gervin1978-12-161979-03-0637List of Games
42James Harden2017-04-122017-12-3136List of Games
43Spencer Haywood1973-01-161973-10-1736List of Games
44World B. Free1979-11-201980-02-1736List of Games
45Russell Westbrook2019-12-072020-08-0236List of Games
46Michael Jordan1988-12-091989-02-2435List of Games
47Oscar Robertson1967-12-021968-02-0434List of Games
48James Harden2019-10-262020-01-0834List of Games
49Mark Aguirre1983-11-221984-02-0134List of Games
50Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1980-11-271981-02-0633List of Games
51Richie Guerin1962-01-301962-10-2333List of Games
52Kevin Durant2009-12-222010-03-0233List of Games
53Allen Iverson2006-03-262007-01-0233List of Games
54Michael Jordan1989-03-131989-11-1832List of Games
55Karl Malone1990-12-221991-03-0432List of Games
56Bob McAdoo1975-12-281976-03-1032List of Games
57Elgin Baylor1960-12-141961-02-1332List of Games
58Carmelo Anthony2012-11-162013-02-0131List of Games
59Charles Barkley1990-11-191991-02-1231List of Games
60Karl Malone1988-12-031989-02-0431List of Games
Rk Player First Last Games
61Dominique Wilkins1986-02-131986-11-0231List of Games
62Oscar Robertson1961-11-031961-12-2931List of Games
63Dirk Nowitzki2006-02-232006-11-0631List of Games
64Kevin McHale1986-04-111986-12-2930List of Games
65Michael Jordan1995-11-211996-01-2330List of Games
66Lou Hudson1973-02-081973-10-2430List of Games
67Oscar Robertson1962-01-031962-02-2030List of Games
68Sidney Wicks1973-12-211974-02-2030List of Games
69Wilt Chamberlain1961-01-261961-03-1030List of Games
70Blake Griffin2014-01-202014-03-2630List of Games
71Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1972-12-191973-02-1429List of Games
72Paul Arizin1952-02-051954-11-2529List of Games
73Michael Jordan1986-03-281986-12-1229List of Games
74Karl Malone1998-01-161998-03-1629List of Games
75Moses Malone1982-01-161982-03-1829List of Games
76David Thompson1977-02-251977-11-0129List of Games
77Kiki Vandeweghe1987-03-031987-11-1829List of Games
78Dirk Nowitzki2009-02-272009-11-0329List of Games
79Oscar Robertson1960-11-231961-01-1529List of Games
80Glen Rice1997-02-111997-04-0928List of Games
Rk Player First Last Games
81Jerry West1965-12-101966-02-0428List of Games
82Billy Knight1976-12-211977-02-2128List of Games
83George Mikan1949-11-191950-01-1128List of Games
84Shaquille O'Neal1996-11-191997-01-1628List of Games
85Shaquille O'Neal1999-02-281999-04-1928List of Games
86Giannis Antetokounmpo2017-11-032018-01-0628List of Games
87Tim Duncan2001-12-122002-02-0328List of Games
88Patrick Ewing1990-01-251990-03-2728List of Games
89Alex English1984-02-081984-03-3027List of Games
90Clyde Drexler1987-12-301988-02-2727List of Games
91Otis Birdsong1980-10-141980-12-0527List of Games
92Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1971-03-041971-11-1927List of Games
93Shaquille O'Neal2000-12-302001-03-1527List of Games
94Shaquille O'Neal2001-03-182001-11-2027List of Games
95Karl Malone1992-01-141992-03-1227List of Games
96Jack Twyman1959-02-121959-11-1427List of Games
97Chris Mullin1988-12-031989-01-3027List of Games
98Allen Iverson2001-01-122001-03-0927List of Games
99Dominique Wilkins1988-01-301988-03-2926List of Games
100Shaquille O'Neal1993-12-301994-02-2726List of Games
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