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Rk Scorer Date Tm Opp Result Count Avg. Yds
1Jeremy Chinn2020-11-29CAR@MINL 27-28222.5Full 2020 Jeremy Chinn TD log
2Fred Evans1948-11-28CHIWASW 48-13213.0Full 1948 Fred Evans TD log
3Victor Abiamiri2009-09-13PHI@CARW 38-1012.0Full 2009 Victor Abiamiri TD log
4Donnie Abraham2004-09-12NYJCINW 31-24141.0Full 2004 Donnie Abraham TD log
5John Abraham2001-10-07NYJ@BUFW 42-3617.0Full 2001 John Abraham TD log
6Chet Adams1946-09-22CLE@BUFW 28-0125.0Full 1946 Chet Adams TD log
7Jamal Adams2019-11-10NYJNYGW 34-27125.0Full 2019 Jamal Adams TD log
8Michael Adams2010-11-07ARI@MINL 24-27130.0Full 2010 Michael Adams TD log
9Victor Adeyanju2006-11-12STL@SEAL 22-24189.0Full 2006 Victor Adeyanju TD log
10Nelson Agholor2017-11-26PHICHIW 31-311.0Full 2017 Nelson Agholor TD log
11Frankie Albert1946-11-10SFOCLEL 7-1411.0Full 1946 Frankie Albert TD log
12Bill Albright1953-10-18NYGCRDW 21-7116.0Full 1953 Bill Albright TD log
13Allen Aldridge1999-10-31DETTAMW 20-3121.0Full 1999 Allen Aldridge TD log
14Lionel Aldridge1964-11-29GNB@DALW 45-21129.0Full 1964 Lionel Aldridge TD log
15Doc Alexander1926-11-25NYG@BRLW 17-0152.0Full 1926 Doc Alexander TD log
16Doc Alexander1927-10-09NYG@POTW 19-0135.0Full 1927 Doc Alexander TD log
17Kermit Alexander1966-12-11SFOCHIW 41-14114.0Full 1966 Kermit Alexander TD log
18Bruce Alford1947-11-09NYYSFOW 24-16118.0Full 1947 Bruce Alford TD log
19Chuck Allen1963-12-22SDGDENW 58-20142.0Full 1963 Chuck Allen TD log
20Eric Allen2001-09-30OAKSEAW 38-14126.0Full 2001 Eric Allen TD log
Rk Scorer Date Tm Opp Result Count Avg. Yds
21Jared Allen2009-10-11MIN@STLW 38-10152.0Full 2009 Jared Allen TD log
22Jimmy Allen1978-12-17DETSFOW 33-14164.0Full 1978 Jimmy Allen TD log
23Keenan Allen2017-12-31LACOAKW 30-10127.0Full 2017 Keenan Allen TD log
24Will Allen2005-10-16TAMMIAW 27-13133.0Full 2005 Will Allen TD log
25Charlie Anderson2004-12-19HOU@CHIW 24-5160.0Full 2004 Charlie Anderson TD log
26Dick Anderson1972-10-15MIASDGW 24-10135.0Full 1972 Dick Anderson TD log
27Jamaal Anderson2011-09-25INDPITL 20-23147.0Full 2011 Jamaal Anderson TD log
28Larry Anderson1983-09-11BALDENL 10-17141.0Full 1983 Larry Anderson TD log
29Rashard Anderson2001-10-28CARNYJL 12-13194.0Full 2001 Rashard Anderson TD log
30Zaire Anderson2017-12-31DENKANL 24-27138.0Full 2017 Zaire Anderson TD log
31Stephone Anthony2015-12-06NORCARL 38-41131.0Full 2015 Stephone Anthony TD log
32Scott Appleton1967-10-01SDG@BUFW 37-1712.0Full 1967 Scott Appleton TD log
33JJ Arcega-Whiteside2020-10-18PHIBALL 28-3010.0Full 2020 JJ Arcega-Whiteside TD log
34Troy Archer1978-11-12NYG@WASL 13-16120.0Full 1978 Troy Archer TD log
35Adam Archuleta2003-11-09STLBALW 33-22145.0Full 2003 Adam Archuleta TD log
36Adam Archuleta2004-10-18STLTAMW 28-21193.0Full 2004 Adam Archuleta TD log
37Mark Arneson1979-09-09STL@NYGW 27-14129.0Full 1979 Mark Arneson TD log
38Jay Arnold1938-09-16PHI@PITW 27-7120.0Full 1938 Jay Arnold TD log
39Kyle Arrington2014-10-05NWECINW 43-1719.0Full 2014 Kyle Arrington TD log
40Darryl Ashmore1998-11-01OAK@SEAW 31-1811.0Full 1998 Darryl Ashmore TD log
Rk Scorer Date Tm Opp Result Count Avg. Yds
41Geno Atkins2011-10-09CIN@JAXW 30-20110.0Full 2011 Geno Atkins TD log
42George Atkinson1971-10-17OAKPHIW 34-10126.0Full 1971 George Atkinson TD log
43George Atkinson1973-11-25OAKSDGW 31-3159.0Full 1973 George Atkinson TD log
44O.J. Atogwe2008-10-12STL@WASW 19-17175.0Full 2008 O.J. Atogwe TD log
45Joe Auer1964-11-15BUFBOSL 28-36118.0Full 1964 Joe Auer TD log
46Cliff Avril2011-10-30DET@DENW 45-10124.0Full 2011 Cliff Avril TD log
47Akeem Ayers2015-12-27STL@SEAW 23-17145.0Full 2015 Akeem Ayers TD log
48Robert Ayers2009-11-09DENPITL 10-28154.0Full 2009 Robert Ayers TD log
49Akin Ayodele2003-11-02JAX@BALL 17-24115.0Full 2003 Akin Ayodele TD log
50Al Babartsky1939-11-19CRD@WASL 7-28161.0Full 1939 Al Babartsky TD log
51Bob Babich1971-12-19SDG@HOUL 33-49127.0Full 1971 Bob Babich TD log
52Jonathan Babineaux2012-11-18ATLARIW 23-19115.0Full 2012 Jonathan Babineaux TD log
53Jordan Babineaux2008-12-14SEA@STLW 23-20124.0Full 2008 Jordan Babineaux TD log
54Coy Bacon1970-11-22RAM@ATLW 17-7114.0Full 1970 Coy Bacon TD log
55Frank Bacon1924-10-26DAYCOLL 6-17180.0Full 1924 Frank Bacon TD log
56Red Badgro*1933-09-24NYG@PRTL 7-17120.0Full 1933 Red Badgro TD log
57Allen Bailey2018-11-19KAN@LARL 51-5412.0Full 2018 Allen Bailey TD log
58Boss Bailey2003-12-21DET@CARL 14-20162.0Full 2003 Boss Bailey TD log
59Budda Baker2018-10-14ARI@MINL 17-27136.0Full 2018 Budda Baker TD log
60Conway Baker1943-11-21CRD@NYGL 13-2412.0Full 1943 Conway Baker TD log
Rk Scorer Date Tm Opp Result Count Avg. Yds
61Jesse Baker1979-10-14HOU@BALW 28-16120.0Full 1979 Jesse Baker TD log
62Myron Baker1993-09-26CHITAMW 47-1718.0Full 1993 Myron Baker TD log
63Tom Baldwin1985-09-22NYJ@GNBW 24-319.0Full 1985 Tom Baldwin TD log
64Jerry Ball1992-09-13DETMINW 31-17121.0Full 1992 Jerry Ball TD log
65Vince Banonis1947-11-30CRD@NYGL 31-35183.0Full 1947 Vince Banonis TD log
66Jack Banta1944-10-08PHIWAST 31-3118.0Full 1944 Jack Banta TD log
67Dominique Barber2009-09-13HOUNYJL 7-24148.0Full 2009 Dominique Barber TD log
68Ronde Barber2000-09-10TAMCHIW 41-0124.0Full 2000 Ronde Barber TD log
69Ronde Barber2004-09-12TAM@WASL 10-1619.0Full 2004 Ronde Barber TD log
70Ronde Barber2004-10-10TAM@NORW 20-17118.0Full 2004 Ronde Barber TD log
71Ronde Barber2007-11-18TAM@ATLW 31-7141.0Full 2007 Ronde Barber TD log
72Leo Barker1988-10-23CINHOUW 44-21134.0Full 1988 Leo Barker TD log
73George Barna1929-11-16FRNCHIW 20-14135.0Full 1929 George Barna TD log
74Benny Barnes1979-10-07DAL@MINW 36-20133.0Full 1979 Benny Barnes TD log
75Benny Barnes1981-10-11DAL@SFOL 14-45172.0Full 1981 Benny Barnes TD log
76Derek Barnett2017-12-25PHIOAKW 19-10123.0Full 2017 Derek Barnett TD log
77Oliver Barnett1991-11-17ATLTAMW 43-7175.0Full 1991 Oliver Barnett TD log
78Roy Barni1955-11-06WASPHIW 34-21117.0Full 1955 Roy Barni TD log
79Anthony Barr2014-10-26MIN@TAMW 19-13127.0Full 2014 Anthony Barr TD log
80Dick Bassi1938-10-16CHI@CRDW 34-28163.0Full 1938 Dick Bassi TD log
Rk Scorer Date Tm Opp Result Count Avg. Yds
81Daren Bates2013-10-13STL@HOUW 38-13111.0Full 2013 Daren Bates TD log
82Ainsley Battles2001-12-03JAXGNBL 21-28160.0Full 2001 Ainsley Battles TD log
83Bob Baumhower1978-10-09MIACINW 21-0113.0Full 1978 Bob Baumhower TD log
84Bob Baumhower1984-10-07MIA@PITW 31-7121.0Full 1984 Bob Baumhower TD log
85Martin Bayless1994-11-27WASNYGL 19-21160.0Full 1994 Martin Bayless TD log
86Aaron Beasley1998-11-08JAXCINW 24-11190.0Full 1998 Aaron Beasley TD log
87Aaron Beasley2001-09-30JAXCLEL 14-23140.0Full 2001 Aaron Beasley TD log
88John Beasley1969-11-23MINPITW 52-14160.0Full 1969 John Beasley TD log
89Vic Beasley2016-12-11ATL@LARW 42-14121.0Full 2016 Vic Beasley TD log
90Vic Beasley2018-12-02ATLBALL 16-26174.0Full 2018 Vic Beasley TD log
91Al Beauchamp1970-12-13CIN@HOUW 30-20125.0Full 1970 Al Beauchamp TD log
92Bill Belanich1927-10-30DAY@CHIL 6-14140.0Full 1927 Bill Belanich TD log
93Bill Belk1974-12-15SFONORW 35-21119.0Full 1974 Bill Belk TD log
94Bob Bell1971-11-01DET@GNBT 14-14125.0Full 1971 Bob Bell TD log
95Bobby Bell*1964-10-18KANBUFL 22-35111.0Full 1964 Bobby Bell TD log
96Bobby Bell*1966-10-16KANOAKL 13-3417.0Full 1966 Bobby Bell TD log
97Vonn Bell2019-09-22NOR@SEAW 33-27133.0Full 2019 Vonn Bell TD log
98Rodney Bellinger1986-10-19BUFINDW 24-13115.0Full 1986 Rodney Bellinger TD log
99Cornelius Bennett1991-11-18BUF@MIAW 41-2716.0Full 1991 Cornelius Bennett TD log
100Michael Bennett2013-12-02SEANORW 34-7122.0Full 2013 Michael Bennett TD log
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