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Players drafted between 2008 and 2021, by the Green Bay Packers, played T, G, C or OL, sorted by draft year and draft pick
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Results Table
Misc Games
Rk Year Rnd Pick Player Pos DrAge From To AP1 PB St wAV G GS College/Univ
12021262Josh MyersC2320212021000366Ohio St.College Stats
220214142Royce NewmanG242021202100181716MississippiCollege Stats
320216214Cole Van LanenOL2320212021000010WisconsinCollege Stats
420206192Jon RunyanT232020202100193316MichiganCollege Stats
520206208Jake HansonC2320212021000050OregonCollege Stats
620206209Simon StepaniakT23000IndianaCollege Stats
72019244Elgton JenkinsC2320192021012224038Mississippi St.College Stats
820185138Cole MadisonG23000Washington St.College Stats
920176212Kofi AmichiaC23000South FloridaCollege Stats
102016248Jason SpriggsT222016202100095910IndianaCollege Stats
1120166200Kyle MurphyT2220162021000273StanfordCollege Stats
1220145161Corey LinsleyC232014202111859115115Ohio St.College Stats
1320134109David BakhtiariT212013202123880119119ColoradoCollege Stats
1420134122J.C. TretterT22201420210053711190Cornell
1520127241Andrew DatkoOL22000Florida St.College Stats
162011132Derek SherrodT22201120140003201Mississippi St.College Stats
1720116179Caleb SchlauderaffG23201120130001121Southern Utah
182010123Bryan BulagaT212010202100956126122Iowa
1920105169Marshall NewhouseG21201120200044013381TCUCollege Stats
2020094109T.J. LangT212009201802761138113East. MichiganCollege Stats
2120095162Jamon MeredithT2320092015002146730South CarolinaCollege Stats
2220084135Josh SittonT222008201804981148138Central Florida
2320085150Breno GiacominiT2220082017005369486LouisvilleCollege Stats
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