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Rookie status has changed over time, but for this output we are using the following standard.

Since 1971, rookies are players who have not reached
130 at bats,
50 innings pitched, or
45 days of service time prior to Sept. 1.

Before 1971, rookies are players who have not reached
90 at bats,
45 innings pitched, or
45 days of service time prior to Sept. 1.

For the service time measure, we are requiring the player did not reach 78 days of service at the end of a season. We have service time data only back to 2009.

The pre-1971 standard is applied to all seasons back to 1871 even though it was not the standard of the time.

Hall of Fame
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Rk Name Yrs From To Age
1Rickey Henderson131980199821-39Ind. Seasons
2Lou Brock121965197626-37Ind. Seasons
3Ty Cobb91907191720-30Ind. Seasons
4Billy Hamilton91889189823-32Ind. Seasons
5Arlie Latham91886189426-34Ind. Seasons
6Tim Raines81981199121-31Ind. Seasons
7Vince Coleman71985199423-32Ind. Seasons
8Bert Campaneris71965197623-34Ind. Seasons
9Kenny Lofton61992199825-31Ind. Seasons
10Cesar Cedeno61972197721-26Ind. Seasons
11Max Carey61913192323-33Ind. Seasons
12Eddie Collins61909191722-30Ind. Seasons
13Tom Brown61889189428-33Ind. Seasons
14Curt Welch61886189124-29Ind. Seasons
15Harry Stovey61886189129-34Ind. Seasons
16Juan Pierre52003201025-32Ind. Seasons
17Carl Crawford52003200921-27Ind. Seasons
18Otis Nixon51990199731-38Ind. Seasons
19Omar Moreno51977198224-29Ind. Seasons
20Joe Morgan51972197628-32Ind. Seasons
21Maury Wills51960196827-35Ind. Seasons
22Honus Wagner51904190830-34Ind. Seasons
23Dummy Hoy51888189626-34Ind. Seasons
24John Ward51887189227-32Ind. Seasons
25King Kelly51886189028-32Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
26Ned Hanlon51886189128-33Ind. Seasons
27Billy Hamilton42014201723-26Ind. Seasons
28Jose Reyes42005200822-25Ind. Seasons
29Tom Goodwin41995200026-31Ind. Seasons
30Willie Wilson41979198723-31Ind. Seasons
31Ron LeFlore41976198028-32Ind. Seasons
32Bill North41973197925-31Ind. Seasons
33Luis Aparicio41959196425-30Ind. Seasons
34Bob Bescher41909191225-28Ind. Seasons
35Jake Stenzel41894189727-30Ind. Seasons
36Bill Lange41894189723-26Ind. Seasons
37Hugh Duffy41889189222-25Ind. Seasons
38Tommy McCarthy41888189224-28Ind. Seasons
39Bid McPhee41887189027-30Ind. Seasons
40Hub Collins41887189023-26Ind. Seasons
41Dee Gordon32014201726-29Ind. Seasons
42Michael Bourn32009201126-28Ind. Seasons
43Jacoby Ellsbury32008201324-29Ind. Seasons
44Tony Womack31997199927-29Ind. Seasons
45Eric Young Sr.31996200029-33Ind. Seasons
46Marquis Grissom31991199324-26Ind. Seasons
47Lonnie Smith31982198526-29Ind. Seasons
48Davey Lopes31974197629-31Ind. Seasons
49Clyde Milan31911191324-26Ind. Seasons
50Hughie Jennings31895189726-28Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
51John McGraw31894189921-26Ind. Seasons
52George Van Haltren31891189725-31Ind. Seasons
53Herman Long31889189223-26Ind. Seasons
54Mike Tiernan31888189121-24Ind. Seasons
55Billy Shindle31888189027-29Ind. Seasons
56Darby O'Brien31888189224-28Ind. Seasons
57Cub Stricker31887189128-32Ind. Seasons
58Hugh Nicol31887188929-31Ind. Seasons
59Jack Glasscock31887189029-32Ind. Seasons
60Jim Fogarty31887188923-25Ind. Seasons
61Charlie Comiskey31887188927-29Ind. Seasons
62Yank Robinson31886188826-28Ind. Seasons
63Hanley Ramirez22006200722-23Ind. Seasons
64Chone Figgins22005200627-28Ind. Seasons
65Scott Podsednik22004200528-29Ind. Seasons
66Roger Cedeno21999200124-26Ind. Seasons
67Luis Castillo21999200023-24Ind. Seasons
68Luis Polonia21992199328-29Ind. Seasons
69Delino DeShields21991199722-28Ind. Seasons
70Roberto Alomar21991199323-25Ind. Seasons
71Eric Davis21986198724-25Ind. Seasons
72Gary Pettis21985198627-28Ind. Seasons
73Juan Samuel21984198523-24Ind. Seasons
74Brett Butler21984199027-33Ind. Seasons
75Alan Wiggins21983198425-26Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
76Mookie Wilson21982198326-27Ind. Seasons
77Ozzie Smith21980198825-33Ind. Seasons
78Dave Collins21980198427-31Ind. Seasons
79Miguel Dilone21978198023-25Ind. Seasons
80Julio Cruz21978198323-28Ind. Seasons
81Gene Richards21977198023-26Ind. Seasons
82Frank Taveras21976197726-27Ind. Seasons
83Freddie Patek21976197731-32Ind. Seasons
84Tommy Harper21969197328-32Ind. Seasons
85George Case21939194323-27Ind. Seasons
86Fritz Maisel21914191524-25Ind. Seasons
87Benny Kauff21914191524-25Ind. Seasons
88Art Devlin21905190625-26Ind. Seasons
89Frank Chance21903190626-29Ind. Seasons
90Jimmy Sheckard21899190320-24Ind. Seasons
91Willie Keeler21896189724-25Ind. Seasons
92Jack Doyle21896189726-27Ind. Seasons
93Joe Kelley21895189623-24Ind. Seasons
94Eddie Burke21893189626-29Ind. Seasons
95Bill Dahlen21892189622-26Ind. Seasons
96Walt Wilmot21890189426-30Ind. Seasons
97Jack Crooks21890189124-25Ind. Seasons
98George Tebeau21889189027-28Ind. Seasons
99Ed Daily21889189026-27Ind. Seasons
100Billy Sunday21888189025-27Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
101Tommy Tucker21887188923-25Ind. Seasons
102Jimmy Ryan21887188824-25Ind. Seasons
103John Reilly21887188828-29Ind. Seasons
104Paul Radford21887189125-29Ind. Seasons
105George Pinkney21887188828-29Ind. Seasons
106Fred Pfeffer21887188827-28Ind. Seasons
107Jim McTamany21887188823-24Ind. Seasons
108Ed McKean21887188823-24Ind. Seasons
109Mike Griffin21887189122-26Ind. Seasons
110Ed Andrews21886188727-28Ind. Seasons
111Jonathan Villar12016201625-25Ind. Seasons
112Jose Altuve12014201424-24Ind. Seasons
113Rajai Davis12010201029-29Ind. Seasons
114Willy Taveras12008200826-26Ind. Seasons
115Brian Roberts12007200729-29Ind. Seasons
116Eric Byrnes12007200731-31Ind. Seasons
117Alex Sanchez12003200326-26Ind. Seasons
118Ichiro Suzuki12001200127-27Ind. Seasons
119Shannon Stewart11998199824-24Ind. Seasons
120Craig Biggio11998199832-32Ind. Seasons
121Deion Sanders11997199729-29Ind. Seasons
122Chuck Knoblauch11997199728-28Ind. Seasons
123Brian Hunter11997199726-26Ind. Seasons
124Lance Johnson11996199632-32Ind. Seasons
125Quilvio Veras11995199524-24Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
126Barry Larkin11995199531-31Ind. Seasons
127Chuck Carr11993199325-25Ind. Seasons
128Pat Listach11992199224-24Ind. Seasons
129Brady Anderson11992199228-28Ind. Seasons
130Eric Yelding11990199025-25Ind. Seasons
131Barry Bonds11990199025-25Ind. Seasons
132Gerald Young11988198823-23Ind. Seasons
133Harold Reynolds11987198726-26Ind. Seasons
134Gary Redus11987198730-30Ind. Seasons
135Billy Hatcher11987198726-26Ind. Seasons
136Tony Gwynn11987198727-27Ind. Seasons
137John Cangelosi11986198623-23Ind. Seasons
138Ryne Sandberg11985198525-25Ind. Seasons
139Willie McGee11985198526-26Ind. Seasons
140Steve Sax11983198323-23Ind. Seasons
141Rudy Law11983198326-26Ind. Seasons
142Damaso Garcia11982198225-25Ind. Seasons
143Rodney Scott11980198026-26Ind. Seasons
144Jerry Mumphrey11980198027-27Ind. Seasons
145Bump Wills11978197825-25Ind. Seasons
146Don Baylor11976197627-27Ind. Seasons
147Mickey Rivers11975197526-26Ind. Seasons
148Larry Lintz11974197424-24Ind. Seasons
149Dave Nelson11972197228-28Ind. Seasons
150Amos Otis11971197124-24Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
151Bobby Tolan11970197024-24Ind. Seasons
152Don Buford11966196629-29Ind. Seasons
153Snuffy Stirnweiss11944194425-25Ind. Seasons
154Wally Moses11943194332-32Ind. Seasons
155Ben Chapman11931193122-22Ind. Seasons
156George Sisler11922192229-29Ind. Seasons
157Sam Rice11920192030-30Ind. Seasons
158Braggo Roth11917191724-24Ind. Seasons
159Ray Chapman11917191726-26Ind. Seasons
160George Burns11914191424-24Ind. Seasons
161Hap Myers11913191326-26Ind. Seasons
162Danny Moeller11913191328-28Ind. Seasons
163Tris Speaker11912191224-24Ind. Seasons
164Fred Snodgrass11911191123-23Ind. Seasons
165Josh Devore11911191123-23Ind. Seasons
166Dode Paskert11910191028-28Ind. Seasons
167Red Murray11910191026-26Ind. Seasons
168Donie Bush11909190921-21Ind. Seasons
169Sherry Magee11906190621-21Ind. Seasons
170Sam Mertes11905190532-32Ind. Seasons
171Billy Maloney11905190527-27Ind. Seasons
172Frank Isbell11901190125-25Ind. Seasons
173Ducky Holmes11899189930-30Ind. Seasons
174Emmet Heidrick11899189922-22Ind. Seasons
175Ed Delahanty11898189830-30Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
176George Davis11897189726-26Ind. Seasons
177Fred Clarke11897189724-24Ind. Seasons
178Dusty Miller11896189627-27Ind. Seasons
179Ed Cartwright11895189535-35Ind. Seasons
180Tom Daly11894189428-28Ind. Seasons
181Tommy Dowd11893189324-24Ind. Seasons
182Patsy Donovan11892189227-27Ind. Seasons
183Bobby Wheelock11891189126-26Ind. Seasons
184Jimmy McAleer11891189126-26Ind. Seasons
185Perry Werden11890189028-28Ind. Seasons
186Bill Van Dyke11890189026-26Ind. Seasons
187Ed Swartwood11890189031-31Ind. Seasons
188Tim Shinnick11890189022-22Ind. Seasons
189Frank Scheibeck11890189025-25Ind. Seasons
190Ted Scheffler11890189026-26Ind. Seasons
191Jimmy Knowles11890189033-33Ind. Seasons
192Bug Holliday11890189023-23Ind. Seasons
193Shorty Fuller11890189022-22Ind. Seasons
194Cupid Childs11890189022-22Ind. Seasons
195Dan Stearns11889188927-27Ind. Seasons
196Jim Manning11889188927-27Ind. Seasons
197Jim Burns11889188999-99Ind. Seasons
198Emmett Seery11888188827-27Ind. Seasons
199Jay Faatz11888188828-28Ind. Seasons
200Buck Ewing11888188828-28Ind. Seasons
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