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Results Table
Batting Pitching
Rk Date Series Gm# Score Event Inn RoB Out Pit(cnt) WPA LI cWPA cLI Tm Batter cWPA cLI Tm Pitcher cWPA cLI Play Description
11912-10-16WSGm 8down 2-1RoEb10---00.2443.5224.39%586.67BOSClyde Engle24.39%586.67NYGChristy Mathewson-24.39%586.67Reached on E8 (Fly Ball); Engle to 2B
21986-10-25WSGm 6tied 5-5RoEb10-2-210 (3-2)0.3973.7721.46%339.61NYMMookie Wilson21.46%339.61BOSBob Stanley-21.46%339.61*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Knight Scores/unER
31997-10-26WSGm 7tied 2-2RoEb111--16 (1-2)0.1902.9118.99%485.00FLACraig Counsell18.99%485.00CLECharles Nagy-18.99%485.00Reached on E4 (Ground Ball to 2B-1B); Bonilla to 3B
42001-11-04WSGm 7down 2-1RoEb91--02 (0-1)0.1825.4018.24%900.00ARIDamian Miller18.24%900.00NYYMariano Rivera-18.24%900.00Reached on E1 (throw to 2B) (Bunt); Dellucci to 2B
51909-10-14WSGm 6down 5-3RoEt912-00.2944.6214.71%416.19PITChief Wilson14.71%416.19DETGeorge Mullin-14.71%416.19Reached on E3/Sacrifice Bunt; Miller Scores/unER/No RBI; Abstein to 3B; Wilson to 1B
61924-10-10WSGm 7ahead 2-1RoEt612-10.1302.0912.98%348.33NYGHank Gowdy12.98%348.33WSHFirpo Marberry-12.98%348.33Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Wilson Scores/No RBI/unER; Jackson to 3B
72015-10-31WSGm 4down 3-2RoEt812-12 (0-1)0.3184.7711.65%291.36KCREric Hosmer11.65%291.36NYMJeurys Familia-11.65%291.36Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Zobrist Scores/No RBI; Cain to 3B
81926-10-10WSGm 7down 1-0RoEt412310.1113.2611.11%543.33STLBob O'Farrell11.11%543.33NYYWaite Hoyt-11.11%543.33Reached on E7/Sacrifice Fly; Bottomley Scores/unER; Bell to 3B; Hafey to 2B
91918-09-11WSGm 6tied 0-0RoEb3-2320.2112.4210.53%201.67BOSGeorge Whiteman10.53%201.67CHCLefty Tyler-10.53%201.67Reached on E9 (Line Drive); Mays Scores/unER/No RBI; Shean Scores/unER/No RBI; Whiteman to 1B
101958-10-09WSGm 7down 1-0RoEt21--00.1051.6710.49%278.33NYYElston Howard10.49%278.33MLNLew Burdette-10.49%278.33Reached on E3 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt (Bunt to Weak 2B-1B); Berra to 3B; Howard to 1B
111984-10-07NLCSGm 5down 3-2RoEb7-2-11 (0-0)0.1992.789.94%231.67SDPTim Flannery9.94%231.67CHCRick Sutcliffe-9.94%231.67Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Martinez Scores/No RBI
121925-10-15WSGm 7down 6-4RoEb7---03 (1-1)0.0981.639.81%271.67PITEddie Moore9.81%271.67WSHWalter Johnson-9.81%271.67Reached on E6 (Pop Fly to Deep SS-2B); Moore to 2B
131992-10-24WSGm 6down 4-2RoEb111--01 (0-0)0.1793.379.66%302.85ATLDamon Berryhill9.66%302.85TORJimmy Key-9.66%302.85Reached on E6 (Ground Ball to SS-2B); Blauser to 3B
142004-10-23WSGm 1down 9-8RoEt812-15 (2-2)0.3074.459.64%232.68STLLarry Walker9.64%232.68BOSKeith Foulke-9.64%232.68Reached on E7 (Fly Ball); Cedeno Scores/No RBI/unER; Renteria to 3B; Walker to 2B
151924-10-10WSGm 7tied 1-1RoEt61-310.0962.659.57%441.67NYGTravis Jackson9.57%441.67WSHFirpo Marberry-9.57%441.67Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Kelly Scores/No RBI/unER; Wilson to 2B
161975-10-22WSGm 7down 3-0RoEt51--04 (2-1)0.0951.589.49%263.33CINKen Griffey9.49%263.33BOSBill Lee-9.49%263.33Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Concepcion to 3B; Griffey to 1B
172017-11-01WSGm 7tied 0-0RoEt1-2-01 (0-0)0.0931.229.33%203.33HOUAlex Bregman9.33%203.33LADYu Darvish-9.33%203.33Reached on E3 (throw) (Ground Ball); Springer Scores/No RBI; Bregman to 2B
181909-10-13WSGm 5down 3-2RoEt6-2-10.1802.159.02%177.99DETJim Delahanty9.02%177.99PITBabe Adams-9.02%177.99Reached on E6 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Crawford Scores/unER/No RBI; Delahanty to 2B
191912-10-09WSGm 2down 5-4RoEb8-2-20.2843.488.87%178.90BOSLarry Gardner8.87%178.90NYGChristy Mathewson-8.87%178.90Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Lewis Scores/unER/No RBI; Gardner to 1B
201943-10-10WSGm 4down 1-0RoEb712320.2186.288.41%413.36STLFrank Demaree8.41%413.36NYYMarius Russo-8.41%413.36Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Sanders Scores/unER/No RBI; Litwhiler to 3B; Marion to 2B; Demaree to 1B
211992-10-14NLCSGm 7down 2-0RoEb9-2-02 (0-1)0.1653.078.24%255.83ATLDavid Justice8.24%255.83PITDoug Drabek-8.24%255.83Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Pendleton to 3B
221975-10-14WSGm 3tied 5-5RoEb101--02 (1-0)0.2193.218.23%201.41CINEd Armbrister8.23%201.41BOSJim Willoughby-8.23%201.41Reached on E2 (throw to 2B) (Bunt); Geronimo to 3B; Armbrister to 2B
231983-10-14WSGm 3tied 2-2RoEt712-24 (1-2)0.2122.967.99%185.93BALDan Ford7.99%185.93PHIAl Holland-7.99%185.93Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Ayala Scores/unER/No RBI; Shelby to 2B; Ford to 1B
242015-10-27WSGm 1tied 3-3RoEt8-2-25 (2-2)0.2492.757.79%143.68NYMWilmer Flores7.79%143.68KCRKelvin Herrera-7.79%143.68Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Lagares Scores/No RBI/unER
252006-10-26WSGm 4down 3-2RoEb7-2-01 (0-0)0.1962.487.58%159.85STLSo Taguchi7.58%159.85DETFernando Rodney-7.58%159.85Reached on E1 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Eckstein Scores/No RBI/unER; Taguchi to 2B
261972-10-22WSGm 7tied 0-0RoEt1---10.075.607.46%100.00OAKAngel Mangual7.46%100.00CINJack Billingham-7.46%100.00Reached on E8 (Fly Ball); Mangual to 3B
271969-10-15WSGm 4tied 1-1RoEb1012-00.1913.347.33%213.82NYMJ.C. Martin7.33%213.82BALPete Richert-7.33%213.82*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E1 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Gaspar Scores/unER/No RBI; Weis to 2B; Martin to 1B
281911-10-26WSGm 6ahead 2-1RoEb412-00.1461.607.30%133.33PHAJack Barry7.30%133.33NYGRed Ames-7.30%133.33Reached on E1 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Murphy Scores/No RBI/unER; Davis Scores/unER/Adv on E9 (throw to 3B); Barry Scores/unER
291918-09-09WSGm 4tied 2-2RoEb8-2-00.1842.266.89%133.60BOSHarry Hooper6.89%133.60CHCPhil Douglas-6.89%133.60Reached on E1 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Schang Scores/unER/No RBI; Hooper to 2B
301950-10-06WSGm 3down 2-1RoEb812320.2627.716.55%321.24NYYBobby Brown6.55%321.24PHIJim Konstanty-6.55%321.24Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Coleman Scores/unER/No RBI; Berra to 3B; DiMaggio to 2B; Brown to 1B
311911-10-17WSGm 3tied 1-1RoEt11-2310.1694.016.34%251.18PHADanny Murphy6.34%251.18NYGChristy Mathewson-6.34%251.18Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Collins Scores/unER; Baker to 3B; Murphy to 1B
321953-10-04WSGm 5down 1-0RoEb212-00.1272.026.31%167.34BROCarl Furillo6.31%167.34NYYJim McDonald-6.31%167.34Reached on E6 (throw to 2B) (Ground Ball); Campanella Scores/unER/No RBI; Hodges to 3B; Furillo to 1B
331917-10-15WSGm 6tied 0-0RoEt41--00.1251.956.26%162.50CHWShoeless Joe Jackson6.26%162.50NYGRube Benton-6.26%162.50Reached on E9 (Fly Ball); Collins to 3B; Jackson to 1B
341980-10-15WSGm 2down 2-0RoEt612-01 (0-0)0.1953.056.21%161.92KCRWillie Aikens6.21%161.92PHISteve Carlton-6.21%161.92Reached on E4 (throw) (Ground Ball); Otis Scores/unER/No RBI; Wathan to 3B; Aikens to 1B
352006-10-19NLCSGm 7tied 1-1RoEb61--13 (1-1)0.1231.746.14%145.00NYMDavid Wright6.14%145.00STLJeff Suppan-6.14%145.00Reached on E5 (throw) (Ground Ball); Delgado to 3B; Wright to 2B
361986-10-18WSGm 1tied 0-0RoEt7-2-11 (0-0)0.1932.206.04%115.04BOSRich Gedman6.04%115.04NYMRon Darling-6.04%115.04Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Rice Scores/No RBI/unER; Gedman to 2B/Adv on throw
371966-10-06WSGm 2tied 0-0RoEt5-2310.1952.256.01%115.67BALAndy Etchebarren6.01%115.67LADSandy Koufax-6.01%115.67Reached on E8 (Fly Ball to Short CF); Powell Scores/unER/No RBI; Blair Scores/unER/Adv on E8 (throw to 3B); Etchebarren to 3B
381980-10-12NLCSGm 5down 2-1RoEb6---04 (2-1)0.1181.595.91%132.50HOUDenny Walling5.91%132.50PHIMarty Bystrom-5.91%132.50Reached on E7 (Fly Ball); Walling to 2B
391913-10-09WSGm 3ahead 1-0RoEt1-2320.1561.785.84%111.48PHAAmos Strunk5.84%111.48NYGJeff Tesreau-5.84%111.48Reached on E6 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Collins Scores/unER/No RBI; Baker Scores/unER/No RBI; Strunk to 2B
401982-10-19WSGm 6tied 0-0RoEb2-2-21 (0-0)0.1061.255.79%113.29STLWillie McGee5.79%113.29MILDon Sutton-5.79%113.29Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Iorg Scores/unER/No RBI; McGee to 1B
411926-09-20down 3-2RoEb812-20.5934.755.47%72.92BSNAndy High0.00%.00CINEppa Rixey-5.47%72.92Reached on E7 (Fly Ball); Bancroft Scores/unER/No RBI; Welsh Scores/unER/No RBI; High to 2B
421935-10-05WSGm 4tied 1-1RoEt6-2-20.1501.815.43%109.57DETGeneral Crowder5.43%109.57CHCTex Carleton-5.43%109.57Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Clifton Scores/unER/No RBI; Crowder to 1B
431979-10-05ALCSGm 3down 3-2RoEb912-15 (2-2)0.3737.155.42%173.36CALBobby Grich5.42%173.36BALDon Stanhouse-5.42%173.36Reached on E8 (Fly Ball); Carew Scores/No RBI; Downing to 2B
441962-10-03tied 0-0RoEt31--02 (0-1)0.1041.675.33%142.72SFGJuan Marichal5.33%142.72LADJohnny Podres-5.33%142.72Reached on E1 (throw to 2B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Pagan to 3B; Marichal to 1B
452006-10-27WSGm 5down 2-1RoEb412-12 (0-1)0.1802.575.30%126.02STLJeff Weaver5.30%126.02DETJustin Verlander-5.30%126.02Reached on E1 (throw to 3B)/attempted forceout/Bunt; Molina Scores/unER/No RBI; Taguchi to 3B; Weaver to 2B
461981-10-25WSGm 5ahead 1-0RoEt41--04 (1-2)0.1071.465.29%120.82NYYLou Piniella5.29%120.82LADJerry Reuss-5.29%120.82Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Watson to 3B/Adv on E4 (throw to 1B); Piniella to 2B
471971-10-05NLCSGm 3down 1-0RoEt61--00.2122.515.27%104.11SFGTito Fuentes5.27%104.11PITBob Johnson-5.27%104.11Reached on E5 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Henderson Scores/unER/No RBI; Fuentes to 2B
481952-10-07WSGm 7down 4-2RoEb8---14 (2-1)0.0521.115.17%185.00BROGil Hodges5.17%185.00NYYBob Kuzava-5.17%185.00Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Hodges to 1B
491906-10-10WSGm 2tied 0-0RoEt212-10.1642.195.12%114.51CHCJohnny Evers5.12%114.51CHWDoc White-5.12%114.51Reached on E4 (throw to 2B) (Ground Ball); Steinfeldt Scores/unER/No RBI; Tinker to 3B; Evers to 2B
501925-10-15WSGm 7ahead 3-0RoEt112315 (2-2)0.0511.465.09%243.33WSHMuddy Ruel5.09%243.33PITJohnny Morrison-5.09%243.33Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Judge Scores; Bluege to 3B; Peckinpaugh to 2B; Ruel to 1B
511980-10-19WSGm 5down 3-2RoEt8---15 (2-2)0.1011.575.02%129.95PHIBob Boone5.02%129.95KCRDan Quisenberry-5.02%129.95Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Boone to 2B
521914-10-12WSGm 3tied 4-4RoEb1212-00.1933.384.84%135.17BSNHerbie Moran4.84%135.17PHABullet Joe Bush-4.84%135.17*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E1 (throw to 3B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Mann Scores/unER/No RBI; Gilbert to 2B; Moran to 1B
531958-10-09WSGm 7down 1-0RoEt21-300.0482.024.75%336.67NYYJerry Lumpe4.75%336.67MLNLew Burdette-4.75%336.67Reached on E3 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball to Weak 2B-1B); Berra stays at 3B; Howard to 2B; Lumpe to 1B
541999-10-23WSGm 1down 1-0RoEt812-00.1514.114.72%214.68NYYChuck Knoblauch4.72%214.68ATLGreg Maddux-4.72%214.68Reached on E3/Sacrifice Bunt; Brosius to 3B; Curtis to 2B
551953-10-04WSGm 5tied 1-1RoEt3--320.0951.474.70%121.78NYYJoe Collins4.70%121.78BROJohnny Podres-4.70%121.78Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Rizzuto Scores/unER/No RBI
561986-10-25WSGm 6tied 2-2RoEt7-2-13 (1-1)0.0862.204.65%198.18BOSJim Rice4.65%198.18NYMRoger McDowell-4.65%198.18Reached on E5 (throw) (Ground Ball); Barrett to 3B; Rice to 1B
571991-10-22WSGm 3tied 4-4RoEt121--11 (0-0)0.1863.024.64%125.83MINChuck Knoblauch4.64%125.83ATLMark Wohlers-4.64%125.83Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Gladden to 3B
581926-10-10WSGm 7down 1-0RoEt41--10.0461.504.60%250.00STLLes Bell4.60%250.00NYYWaite Hoyt-4.60%250.00Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Bottomley to 2B; Bell to 1B
592010-10-10NLDS2Gm 3tied 2-2RoEt912-24 (2-1)0.3654.424.59%92.72SFGBuster Posey4.59%92.72ATLPeter Moylan-4.59%92.72Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Sanchez Scores/unER; Huff to 3B
601936-09-30WSGm 1down 2-1RoEt8-2-00.1462.874.59%150.30NYYRed Rolfe4.59%150.30NYGCarl Hubbell-4.59%150.30Reached on E1/Sacrifice Bunt; Crosetti to 3B; Rolfe to 1B
611974-10-15WSGm 3tied 0-0RoEb31-325 (3-1)0.1222.084.58%130.52OAKReggie Jackson4.58%130.52LADAl Downing-4.58%130.52Reached on E2 (Ground Ball); North Scores/unER/No RBI; Bando to 2B; Jackson to 1B
621973-10-14WSGm 2ahead 4-3RoEt612310.1442.644.57%139.82NYMJim Beauchamp4.57%139.82OAKDarold Knowles-4.57%139.82Reached on E1 (throw to Hm) (Ground Ball); Grote Scores/unER/No RBI; Hahn Scores/unER/No RBI; Harrelson to 3B; Beauchamp to 2B
631977-10-09ALCSGm 5ahead 4-3RoEt9--321 (0-0)0.0911.194.56%99.17NYYLou Piniella4.56%99.17KCRMark Littell-4.56%99.17Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Rivers Scores/No RBI/unER; Piniella to 2B
641911-10-26WSGm 6tied 0-0RoEt1-2-20.0901.124.52%93.33NYGRed Murray4.52%93.33PHAChief Bender-4.52%93.33Reached on E9 (Fly Ball); Doyle Scores/unER/No RBI; Murray to 1B
652009-10-17ALCSGm 2tied 3-3RoEb1312-11 (0-0)0.2824.264.49%113.09NYYMelky Cabrera4.49%113.09LAAErvin Santana-4.49%113.09*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E4 (throw to 2B)/attempted forceout (Ground Ball); Hairston Scores/unER/No RBI; Cano to 2B
661921-10-13WSGm 8tied 0-0RoEt112-20.0901.564.49%130.00NYGHigh Pockets Kelly4.49%130.00NYYWaite Hoyt-4.49%130.00Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Bancroft Scores/unER/No RBI; Youngs to 2B; Kelly to 1B
671911-10-17WSGm 3tied 1-1RoEt9---10.1171.824.40%114.00PHADanny Murphy4.40%114.00NYGChristy Mathewson-4.40%114.00Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Murphy to 2B/Adv on throw to 1B
681909-10-08WSGm 1tied 1-1RoEb5---00.1401.174.38%61.02PITBill Abstein4.38%61.02DETGeorge Mullin-4.38%61.02Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Abstein to 3B/Adv on E9
691976-10-10NLCSGm 2down 2-1RoEt612310.2534.434.38%127.58CINTony Perez4.38%127.58PHIGene Garber-4.38%127.58Reached on E3 (Line Drive); Rose Scores/unER; Griffey Scores/unER; Morgan to 3B
701964-10-12WSGm 5down 2-0RoEb9---00.0881.724.38%142.40NYYMickey Mantle4.38%142.40STLBob Gibson-4.38%142.40Reached on E6 (Ground Ball)
711943-10-07WSGm 3down 2-0RoEb6--320.1171.844.37%114.21NYYBilly Johnson4.37%114.21STLAl Brazle-4.37%114.21Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Borowy Scores/unER/No RBI; Johnson to 1B
721993-10-06NLCSGm 1down 3-2RoEt91--03 (1-1)0.2764.624.33%120.74ATLMark Lemke4.33%120.74PHIMitch Williams-4.33%120.74Reached on E5 (throw) (Ground Ball); Pecota to 3B
731974-10-15WSGm 3down 3-2RoEt9---04 (2-1)0.1152.754.33%172.56LADJoe Ferguson4.33%172.56OAKRollie Fingers-4.33%172.56Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Ferguson to 1B
741979-10-10WSGm 1tied 0-0RoEb112312 (1-0)0.1372.454.30%128.09BALJohn Lowenstein4.30%128.09PITBruce Kison-4.30%128.09Reached on E4 (throw to 2B) (Ground Ball); Bumbry Scores; Belanger Scores/No RBI; Murray to 3B; Lowenstein to 1B
751911-10-14WSGm 1down 1-0RoEb4-2-20.1361.534.24%79.90NYGBuck Herzog4.24%79.90PHAChief Bender-4.24%79.90Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Snodgrass Scores/unER/No RBI; Herzog to 2B/Adv on throw to Hm
762011-10-27WSGm 6tied 2-2RoEt4---06 (2-2)0.0771.084.18%97.38TEXNelson Cruz4.18%97.38STLFernando Salas-4.18%97.38Reached on E7 (Fly Ball); Cruz to 2B
771944-10-09WSGm 6down 1-0RoEb41-310.0922.514.18%190.97STLWhitey Kurowski4.18%190.97SLBNels Potter-4.18%190.97Reached on E6 (throw to 2B) (Ground Ball); Cooper Scores; Sanders to 2B; Kurowski to 1B
781946-10-06WSGm 1down 3-2RoEb10---00.1333.364.18%175.83STLRed Schoendienst4.18%175.83BOSEarl Johnson-4.18%175.83Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Schoendienst to 1B
792015-10-12ALDS1Gm 4down 6-4RoEt812302 (0-1)0.3115.084.17%113.48KCRKendrys Morales4.17%113.48HOUTony Sipp-4.17%113.47Reached on E6/attempted forceout (Ground Ball); Zobrist Scores; Cain Scores/unER; Hosmer to 3B
801934-10-08WSGm 6down 3-1RoEb61-300.0932.674.16%199.27DETCharlie Gehringer4.16%199.27STLPaul Dean-4.16%199.27Reached on E1 (Ground Ball); White Scores/No RBI; Cochrane to 2B; Gehringer to 1B
812012-10-07ALDS2Gm 2down 2-1RoEb712-22 (0-1)0.4133.634.16%60.91DETMiguel Cabrera4.16%60.91OAKSean Doolittle-4.16%60.91Reached on E8 (Fly Ball); Jackson Scores/unER/No RBI; Infante Scores/unER/No RBI
822011-10-22WSGm 3ahead 2-0RoEt412312 (0-1)0.1091.874.12%117.40STLJon Jay4.12%117.40TEXMatt Harrison-4.12%117.40Reached on E3 (throw to Hm)/attempted forceout (Ground Ball); Berkman Scores/unER/No RBI; Freese Scores; Molina to 3B; Jay to 2B
832003-10-16ALCSGm 7ahead 2-0RoEt2-2-24 (2-1)0.082.934.12%77.50BOSJohnny Damon4.12%77.50NYYRoger Clemens-4.12%77.50Reached on E5 (throw) (Ground Ball); Varitek Scores/unER/No RBI; Damon to 2B
841973-10-14WSGm 2tied 6-6RoEt10-2-10.1293.264.10%172.66NYMWayne Garrett4.10%172.66OAKRollie Fingers-4.10%172.66Reached on E3 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Harrelson to 3B; Garrett to 1B
851916-10-12WSGm 5tied 1-1RoEb312-10.1522.284.09%102.24BOSHal Janvrin4.09%102.24BROJeff Pfeffer-4.09%102.24Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Cady Scores/unER/Adv on E6 (throw to 2B); Hooper to 3B; Janvrin to 1B
861962-10-03ahead 5-4RoEt912323 (1-1)0.0801.904.09%162.37SFGJose Pagan4.09%162.37LADRon Perranoski-4.09%162.37Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Mays Scores/No RBI/unER; Bailey to 3B; Davenport to 2B
871957-10-10WSGm 7tied 0-0RoEt31--10.0411.344.09%223.33MLNJohnny Logan4.09%223.33NYYDon Larsen-4.09%223.33Reached on E5 (throw to 2B) (Ground Ball); Hazle to 2B; Logan to 1B
881995-10-24WSGm 3down 5-4RoEt8-2311 (0-0)0.1623.384.06%140.83ATLDavid Justice4.06%140.83CLEPaul Assenmacher-4.06%140.83Reached on E4 (Ground Ball to Deep 2B-1B); Polonia Scores; Jones to 3B; Justice to 1B
891934-09-23down 3-2RoEb91--00.5975.404.05%61.03CINAlex Kampouris0.00%.00STLPaul Dean-4.05%61.03Reached on E1 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Comorosky Scores/No RBI/unER; Kampouris to 3B
901962-10-02down 7-6RoEt81--13 (1-1)0.1572.904.04%124.37SFGOrlando Cepeda4.04%124.37LADJack Smith-4.04%124.37Reached on E9 (Fly Ball); Boles to 3B; Cepeda to 1B
911907-10-08WSGm 1down 3-1RoEb912-10.1294.404.02%229.56CHCJohnny Evers4.02%229.56DETBill Donovan-4.02%229.56Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Chance to 3B; Steinfeldt to 2B; Evers to 1B
921924-09-27tied 5-5RoEt61--00.2042.073.98%67.15WSHBucky Harris3.98%67.15BOSHoward Ehmke0.00%.00Reached on E1 (throw)/Sacrifice Bunt; Leibold Scores/No RBI; Harris to 3B
931992-10-24WSGm 6tied 0-0RoEt1--315 (3-1)0.0731.433.95%128.51TORJoe Carter3.95%128.51ATLSteve Avery-3.95%128.51Reached on E9/Sacrifice Fly (Line Drive to CF-RF); White Scores; Carter to 2B
941974-10-12WSGm 1ahead 2-1RoEt8-2-12 (0-1)0.1251.183.92%61.68OAKSal Bando3.92%61.68LADAndy Messersmith-3.92%61.68Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Campaneris Scores/unER/No RBI; Bando to 3B
951924-09-20down 3-2RoEb9-2-20.4215.033.89%77.45NYGRoss Youngs3.89%77.45CHCPete Alexander0.00%.00Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); O'Connell Scores/No RBI/unER
961968-10-10WSGm 7down 3-0RoEb7---10.038.523.84%86.67STLMike Shannon3.84%86.67DETMickey Lolich-3.84%86.67Reached on E8 (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Shannon to 2B
971974-09-25down 12-10RoEb11-2300.3774.893.83%82.84STLJoe Torre3.83%82.84PITJim Minshall-3.83%82.84Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Smith Scores; Simmons Scores/No RBI/unER; Torre to 2B
981971-10-17WSGm 7tied 0-0RoEb21--10.0381.243.83%206.67BALElrod Hendricks3.83%206.67PITSteve Blass-3.83%206.67Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Robinson to 2B; Hendricks to 1B
991907-10-08WSGm 1down 1-0RoEt8-2-10.1223.153.82%164.34DETGermany Schaefer3.82%164.34CHCOrval Overall-3.82%164.34Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Jones to 3B; Schaefer to 1B
1002007-10-21ALCSGm 7down 3-2RoEt7---11 (0-0)0.0761.283.82%106.67CLEKenny Lofton3.82%106.67BOSHideki Okajima-3.82%106.67Reached on E6 (Pop Fly to Short LF Line); Lofton to 2B
1011972-10-18WSGm 3tied 0-0RoEb61--00.1522.303.80%95.83OAKMatty Alou3.80%95.83CINJack Billingham-3.80%95.83Reached on E2 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Alou to 1B; Campaneris to 3B/Adv on E4 (throw to 2B)
1021995-10-22WSGm 2down 4-2RoEt7-2-24 (2-1)0.1191.503.78%79.41CLEOmar Vizquel3.78%79.41ATLGreg McMichael-3.78%79.41Reached on E7 (Line Drive); Lofton Scores/No RBI/unER; Vizquel to 2B
1031906-10-13WSGm 5ahead 2-1RoEb1-2-20.0761.023.78%85.00CHCJoe Tinker3.78%85.00CHWEd Walsh-3.78%85.00Reached on E1 (throw to 1B) (Bunt); Steinfeldt Scores/unER/No RBI; Tinker out at 2B/P-1B-SS
1042011-10-14NLCSGm 5ahead 1-0RoEb2-2321 (0-0)0.1521.773.77%73.25STLJaime Garcia3.77%73.25MILZack Greinke-3.77%73.25Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Freese Scores/unER; Molina Scores/unER
1051966-10-06WSGm 2tied 0-0RoEt51--10.1221.613.76%82.77BALPaul Blair3.76%82.77LADSandy Koufax-3.76%82.77Reached on E8 (Fly Ball); Powell to 3B; Blair to 2B
1062014-10-14NLCSGm 3tied 4-4RoEb1012-02 (0-1)0.1983.463.72%108.52SFGGregor Blanco3.72%108.52STLRandy Choate-3.72%108.52*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E1 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Crawford Scores/unER/No RBI; Perez to 2B
1071996-10-24WSGm 5down 1-0RoEb7---01 (0-0)0.0751.913.71%158.41ATLFred McGriff3.71%158.41NYYAndy Pettitte-3.71%158.41Reached on E6 (Ground Ball to SS-2B)
1081981-10-25WSGm 5tied 0-0RoEt2-2-06 (2-2)0.0751.423.71%117.51NYYBob Watson3.71%117.51LADJerry Reuss-3.71%117.51Reached on E4 (Pop Fly); Jackson to 3B; Watson to 1B
1091908-10-12WSGm 3tied 1-1RoEb4-2-20.1541.573.71%68.04CHCHarry Steinfeldt3.71%68.04DETGeorge Mullin-3.71%68.04Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Chance Scores/unER/Adv on E3 (throw to 3B); Steinfeldt to 2B
1101973-10-13WSGm 1tied 0-0RoEb3-2-20.1171.353.67%70.54OAKBert Campaneris3.67%70.54NYMJon Matlack-3.67%70.54Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Holtzman Scores/unER/No RBI; Campaneris to 1B
1111999-10-09NLDS2Gm 4down 3-2RoEb81--00.2743.873.66%86.20NYMJohn Olerud3.66%86.20ARIGreg Swindell-3.66%86.20Reached on E9 (Fly Ball); Alfonzo to 3B; Olerud to 2B
1121912-10-12WSGm 5down 2-0RoEt7--320.0971.703.64%103.73NYGMoose McCormick3.64%103.73BOSHugh Bedient-3.64%103.73Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Merkle Scores/unER/No RBI; McCormick to 1B
1131997-10-26WSGm 7down 2-0RoEb6---24 (2-1)0.036.573.63%95.00FLADarren Daulton3.63%95.00CLEJaret Wright-3.63%95.00Reached on E9 (Line Drive); Daulton to 3B
1141995-10-15ALCSGm 5tied 1-1RoEt51--22 (0-1)0.1461.113.63%46.01SEAKen Griffey Jr.3.63%46.01CLEOrel Hershiser-3.63%46.01Reached on E7 (Fly Ball to Short LF); Cora Scores/unER/No RBI; Griffey to 2B/Adv on E7 (throw)
1151930-10-05WSGm 4tied 1-1RoEb4-2-20.1001.353.61%81.47STLRay Blades3.61%81.47PHALefty Grove-3.61%81.47Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Hafey Scores/unER/No RBI; Blades to 1B
1161988-10-19WSGm 4ahead 2-1RoEt3-2-21 (0-0)0.0991.153.61%69.96LADMike Davis3.61%69.96OAKDave Stewart-3.61%69.96Reached on E6 (Line Drive); Stubbs Scores/No RBI/unER; Davis to 1B
1172010-10-08NLDS1Gm 2down 4-3RoEb712-11 (0-0)0.3704.143.58%66.67PHIJimmy Rollins3.58%66.67CINAroldis Chapman-3.58%66.67Reached on E9 (Fly Ball); Utley Scores/No RBI/unER; Werth Scores/unER/Adv on E4; Rollins to 2B
1181955-09-10down 8-7RoEb9--320.4465.893.56%78.37NYYHank Bauer3.56%78.37CHWDixie Howell-1.14%25.11Reached on E7 (Fly Ball); Bauer to 2B; Mantle Scores/No RBI/unER
1191993-10-10NLCSGm 4down 2-1RoEb91--04 (2-1)0.1855.403.56%173.47ATLOtis Nixon3.56%173.47PHIMitch Williams-3.56%173.47Reached on E1/Sacrifice Bunt; Pecota to 2B
1201971-10-16WSGm 6down 2-1RoEb6---00.0671.583.56%140.57BALDavey Johnson3.56%140.57PITBob Moose-3.56%140.57Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Johnson to 1B
1211973-10-14WSGm 2ahead 7-6RoEt1212320.1121.843.55%97.45NYMJohn Milner3.55%97.45OAKPaul Lindblad-3.55%97.45Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); McGraw Scores/unER/No RBI; Mays Scores/unER/No RBI; Jones to 3B; Milner to 2B
1221996-10-24WSGm 5tied 0-0RoEt4---02 (0-1)0.0711.083.54%89.57NYYCharlie Hayes3.54%89.57ATLJohn Smoltz-3.54%89.57Reached on E8 (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Hayes to 2B
1231924-10-04WSGm 1down 4-2RoEb12---00.1121.973.52%103.07WSHMule Shirley3.52%103.07NYGArt Nehf-3.52%103.07Reached on E6 (Pop Fly); Shirley to 2B
1242011-10-27WSGm 6down 4-3RoEb61--18 (1-2)0.0642.133.48%192.06STLMatt Holliday3.48%192.06TEXColby Lewis-3.48%192.06Reached on E3 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Berkman to 2B
1251982-10-12WSGm 1tied 0-0RoEt112-25 (2-2)0.1101.663.46%86.86MILBen Oglivie3.46%86.86STLBob Forsch-3.46%86.86Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Yount Scores/unER/No RBI; Cooper to 3B; Oglivie to 1B
1261972-10-18WSGm 3tied 0-0RoEt51--00.1392.153.46%89.58CINCesar Geronimo3.46%89.58OAKBlue Moon Odom-3.46%89.58Reached on E3 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Menke to 3B; Geronimo to 1B
1271917-10-13WSGm 5ahead 3-1RoEt41-310.0691.493.44%124.17NYGBenny Kauff3.44%124.17CHWEddie Cicotte-3.44%124.17Reached on E3 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Burns Scores/unER; Herzog to 3B; Kauff to 1B
1281958-10-02WSGm 2tied 0-0RoEt11--00.1071.493.41%79.13NYYGil McDougald3.41%79.13MLNLew Burdette-3.41%79.13Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Bauer to 3B; McDougald to 2B
1291953-10-05WSGm 6ahead 1-0RoEb112310.0742.143.39%164.67NYYBilly Martin3.39%164.67BROCarl Erskine-3.39%164.67Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Bauer Scores; Berra to 3B; Mantle to 2B
1301962-10-16WSGm 7ahead 1-0RoEt8---00.034.903.37%150.00NYYBobby Richardson3.37%150.00SFGJack Sanford-3.37%150.00Reached on E6 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Richardson to 1B
1312008-10-19ALCSGm 7down 3-1RoEt8---02 (0-1)0.0671.493.37%124.17BOSAlex Cora3.37%124.17TBRMatt Garza-3.37%124.17Reached on E6 (Ground Ball)
1321922-10-04WSGm 1ahead 1-0RoEt71--00.1081.573.36%82.02NYYWally Schang3.36%82.02NYGArt Nehf-3.36%82.02Reached on E1 (throw to 2B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Meusel to 3B/Adv on E9; Schang to 2B
1331993-10-16WSGm 1down 3-2RoEb3---06 (3-2)0.1061.073.33%55.93TORDevon White3.33%55.93PHICurt Schilling-3.33%55.93Reached on E7 (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); White to 3B
1341998-10-14NLCSGm 6ahead 2-0RoEt612323 (0-2)0.1242.083.32%92.72SDPSterling Hitchcock3.32%92.72ATLTom Glavine-3.32%92.72Reached on E7 (Line Drive to Short LF); Joyner Scores/unER/No RBI; Finley Scores/unER/No RBI; Gomez to 3B
1351996-10-23WSGm 4ahead 7-6RoEt1012321 (0-0)0.0862.133.30%136.44NYYCharlie Hayes3.30%136.44ATLBrad Clontz-3.30%136.44Reached on E3 (Pop Fly to 2B-1B); Jeter Scores/unER/No RBI; Williams to 3B; Boggs to 2B
1361967-07-07down 1-0RoEb912320.75110.743.27%77.81CHWRon Hansen3.27%77.81MINAl Worthington-2.39%57.01*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); McCraw Scores/No RBI/unER; Bradford Scores/unER; Horlen to 2B
1371987-10-24WSGm 6tied 2-2RoEb2---05 (2-2)0.060.923.25%83.21MINKent Hrbek3.25%83.21STLJohn Tudor-3.25%83.21Reached on E8 (Fly Ball); Hrbek to 2B
1381921-10-11WSGm 6down 5-3RoEt412-00.0862.263.23%141.60NYGGeorge Burns3.23%141.60NYYBob Shawkey-3.23%141.60Reached on E5/Sacrifice Bunt; Snyder to 3B; Barnes to 2B; Burns to 1B
1391982-10-10ALCSGm 5ahead 2-1RoEt4-2-02 (0-1)0.0651.233.23%102.50CALBobby Grich3.23%102.50MILPete Vuckovich-3.23%102.50Reached on E3/Sacrifice Bunt; DeCinces to 3B
1401924-10-07WSGm 4tied 0-0RoEb1-2-10.0831.213.22%78.05NYGRoss Youngs3.22%78.05WSHGeorge Mogridge-3.22%78.05Reached on E6 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Lindstrom Scores/No RBI/unER; Youngs to 1B
1411916-10-03down 2-1RoEt7-2-20.2072.413.18%61.64BSNEd Fitzpatrick0.00%.00PHIEppa Rixey-3.18%61.64Reached on E6 (Ground Ball to SS-2B); Rudolph Scores/Adv on E8/No RBI
1421964-10-15WSGm 7tied 0-0RoEt212-20.0321.743.17%290.00NYYClete Boyer3.17%290.00STLBob Gibson-3.17%290.00Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Howard to 3B; Tresh to 2B; Boyer to 1B
1431988-10-12NLCSGm 7ahead 1-0RoEb212300.0631.793.16%149.17LADOrel Hershiser3.16%149.17NYMRon Darling-3.16%149.17Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Scioscia Scores; Hamilton to 3B; Griffin to 2B; Hershiser to 1B
1441920-10-11WSGm 6down 1-0RoEt9---10.0842.223.15%134.99BROHi Myers3.15%134.98CLEDuster Mails-3.15%134.99Reached on E6 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Myers to 1B
1451928-10-05WSGm 2down 3-1RoEt21-300.0981.843.15%98.24STLPete Alexander3.15%98.24NYYGeorge Pipgras-3.15%98.24Reached on E4 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Wilson Scores; Maranville to 3B; Alexander to 1B
1461969-10-15WSGm 4tied 1-1RoEt10---00.0822.273.13%145.32BALDavey Johnson3.13%145.32NYMTom Seaver-3.13%145.32Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Johnson to 1B
1471986-10-25WSGm 6tied 3-3RoEt9---13 (1-1)0.0581.713.13%154.04BOSDwight Evans3.13%154.04NYMRick Aguilera-3.13%154.04Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Evans to 1B
1481976-10-14ALCSGm 5ahead 5-3RoEb6-2-20.062.663.12%55.00NYYCarlos May3.12%55.00KCRAndy Hassler-3.12%55.00Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Chambliss Scores/No RBI/unER
1491986-10-15ALCSGm 7tied 0-0RoEb2---01 (0-0)0.062.923.12%76.67BOSJim Rice3.12%76.67CALJohn Candelaria-3.12%76.67Reached on E6 (throw) (Ground Ball); Rice to 2B
1501956-09-12down 7-5RoEb712313 (0-2)0.2415.003.11%107.34BROSandy Amoros3.11%107.34MLNBob Buhl-3.00%103.51Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Reese Scores; Snider Scores/No RBI/unER; Robinson to 2B; Amoros to 1B
1511944-10-05WSGm 2tied 0-0RoEb31--00.1011.623.10%83.14STLMax Lanier3.10%83.14SLBNels Potter-3.10%83.14Reached on E1/Sacrifice Bunt; Verban to 3B/Adv on E1 (throw to 1B); Lanier to 1B
1521934-10-04WSGm 2down 2-1RoEb6---00.1011.563.09%79.87DETBilly Rogell3.09%79.87STLBill Hallahan-3.09%79.87Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Rogell to 2B
1531932-10-01WSGm 3down 4-3RoEb4-2-20.1231.533.08%63.74CHCWoody English3.08%63.74NYYGeorge Pipgras-3.08%63.74Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Jurges Scores/unER/No RBI
1541909-10-11WSGm 3tied 0-0RoEt1-2310.0821.723.08%107.49PITHonus Wagner3.08%107.49DETEd Summers-3.08%107.49Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Leach Scores/unER; Clarke to 3B; Wagner to 1B
1551987-10-22WSGm 5ahead 2-0RoEb6-2326 (3-2)0.0621.153.07%95.14STLJose Oquendo3.07%95.14MINBert Blyleven-3.07%95.14Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Driessen Scores/No RBI/unER; Ford to 3B; Oquendo to 1B
1561972-10-10NLCSGm 4ahead 1-0RoEb4-2-20.1151.133.07%50.36CINCesar Geronimo3.07%50.36PITDock Ellis-3.07%50.36Reached on E6 (Fly Ball to Short LF); Bench Scores/No RBI/unER; Geronimo to 3B/Adv on E6 (throw to Hm)
1571964-10-10WSGm 3tied 1-1RoEt9---00.0822.263.07%141.87STLTim McCarver3.07%141.87NYYJim Bouton-3.07%141.87Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); McCarver to 1B
1581973-10-16WSGm 3tied 2-2RoEt9---00.0822.253.07%141.13OAKVic Davalillo3.07%141.13NYMRay Sadecki-3.07%141.13Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Davalillo to 1B
1591965-10-07WSGm 2tied 0-0RoEb6---00.0961.313.06%69.52MINZoilo Versalles3.06%69.52LADSandy Koufax-3.06%69.52Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Versalles to 2B
1601935-10-04WSGm 3tied 5-5RoEt111--10.0813.083.04%193.84DETFlea Clifton3.04%193.84CHCLarry French-3.04%193.84Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Owen to 2B; Clifton to 1B
1611929-10-12WSGm 4down 2-0RoEb51--00.0782.033.04%132.19PHAJimmy Dykes3.04%132.19CHCCharlie Root-3.04%132.19Reached on E8 (Fly Ball); Miller to 2B; Dykes to 1B
1621978-10-15WSGm 5down 1-0RoEb11--04 (1-2)0.0611.593.03%131.67NYYRoy White3.03%131.67LADBurt Hooton-3.03%131.67Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Rivers to 2B; White to 1B
1631986-10-11NLCSGm 3tied 4-4RoEt71--01 (0-0)0.1602.483.02%77.84HOUBilly Hatcher3.02%77.84NYMRick Aguilera-3.02%77.84Reached on E5 (throw)/Sacrifice Bunt; Doran to 3B; Hatcher to 1B
1641945-10-08WSGm 6down 7-3RoEt8-2300.0601.653.00%149.74DETJoe Hoover3.00%149.74CHCHank Wyse-3.00%149.74Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Swift Scores; Hoover to 1B
1651949-10-06WSGm 2down 1-0RoEb81--10.0933.352.95%177.91NYYPhil Rizzuto2.95%177.91BROPreacher Roe-2.95%177.91Reached on E1/Sacrifice Bunt; Stirnweiss to 2B; Rizzuto to 1B
1661922-10-06WSGm 3tied 0-0RoEb31--00.0911.542.94%83.01NYGDave Bancroft2.94%83.01NYYWaite Hoyt-2.94%83.01Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Scott to 3B; Bancroft to 1B
1671942-10-05WSGm 5down 4-2RoEb91--00.1413.382.93%116.83NYYBill Dickey2.93%116.83STLJohnny Beazley-2.93%116.83Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Gordon to 2B; Dickey to 1B
1681952-10-07WSGm 7ahead 3-2RoEt612-24 (1-2)0.0291.812.92%301.67NYYHank Bauer2.92%301.67BROPreacher Roe-2.92%301.67Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Mize to 3B; Woodling to 2B; Bauer to 1B
1691942-09-13tied 1-1RoEb91-320.3754.812.90%61.94PHIMickey Livingston0.00%.00STLJohnny Beazley-2.90%61.94*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Burich Scores/No RBI/unER; Murtaugh to 2B
1701920-09-11down 4-3RoEb812320.5478.202.89%72.13BSNHod Ford0.00%.00CINDolf Luque-2.89%72.13Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Cruise Scores/No RBI/unER; Maranville Scores/No RBI/unER; O'Neil to 2B
1711964-10-11WSGm 4down 3-0RoEt612-10.0752.212.89%142.21STLDick Groat2.89%142.21NYYAl Downing-2.89%142.21Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Warwick to 3B; Flood to 2B; Groat to 1B
1722003-10-03NLDS1Gm 3tied 2-2RoEt111--02 (1-0)0.2293.442.88%72.11SFGBarry Bonds2.88%72.11FLABraden Looper-2.88%72.11Reached on E6/attempted forceout (Ground Ball); Aurilia to 3B
1731981-10-24WSGm 4down 6-5RoEb6---15 (2-2)0.0781.112.85%67.57LADDavey Lopes2.85%67.57NYYRon Davis-2.85%67.57Reached on E9 (Fly Ball to RF Line); Lopes to 2B
1741903-10-10WSGm 7down 2-0RoEb11--00.0571.482.84%123.33PITFred Clarke2.84%123.33BOSCy Young-2.84%123.33Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Beaumont to 2B; Clarke to 1B
1752010-10-23NLCSGm 6down 2-1RoEt3-2-21 (0-0)0.1051.312.84%59.14SFGBuster Posey2.84%59.14PHIRoy Oswalt-2.84%59.14Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Huff Scores/unER/No RBI
1761940-10-05WSGm 4ahead 1-0RoEt1--320.0731.162.83%74.94CINJimmy Ripple2.83%74.94DETDizzy Trout-2.83%74.94Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Goodman Scores/unER/No RBI; Ripple to 1B
1771926-10-09WSGm 6down 3-0RoEb31--00.0631.582.81%118.58NYYBob Shawkey2.81%118.58STLPete Alexander-2.81%118.58Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Severeid to 2B; Shawkey to 1B
1781980-10-21WSGm 6tied 0-0RoEb31--01 (0-0)0.0611.642.80%125.46PHILonnie Smith2.80%125.46KCRRich Gale-2.80%125.46Reached on E4 (throw to 2B) (Ground Ball); Boone to 2B; Smith to 1B
1791998-09-23down 7-5RoEb912325 (2-2)0.8246.932.80%39.26MILGeoff Jenkins0.00%.00CHCRod Beck-2.80%39.26*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E7 (Fly Ball); Loretta Scores/No RBI/unER; Cirillo Scores/No RBI/unER; Burnitz Scores/No RBI/unER; Jenkins to 2B
1801928-09-28tied 3-3RoEt15---10.2321.772.80%35.59STLGeorge Harper2.80%35.59BSNBob Smith0.00%.00Reached on E9 (Fly Ball); Harper to 3B
1812015-10-14ALDS2Gm 5down 3-2RoEb71--06 (1-2)0.1123.092.79%128.75TORKevin Pillar2.79%128.75TEXCole Hamels-2.79%128.75Reached on E3 (throw to 2B)/attempted forceout (Ground Ball); Martin to 2B
1821903-10-08WSGm 6ahead 2-0RoEt3-2320.0741.582.79%99.23BOSBuck Freeman2.79%99.23PITSam Leever-2.79%99.23Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Collins Scores/unER/No RBI; Stahl to 3B; Freeman to 1B
1832013-10-19ALCSGm 6down 2-1RoEb712-12 (0-1)0.1214.132.78%158.63BOSJacoby Ellsbury2.78%158.63DETDrew Smyly-2.78%158.63Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Gomes to 3B; Bogaerts to 2B
1841938-10-01ahead 4-3RoEt712-00.1511.782.77%54.63CHCCarl Reynolds2.77%54.63STLBill McGee0.00%.00Reached on E3 (throw)/Sacrifice Bunt; Demaree Scores/No RBI/unER; Cavarretta Scores/No RBI/unER; Reynolds to 3B
1852007-10-21ALCSGm 7ahead 3-2RoEb7---05 (1-2)0.055.832.76%69.17BOSJacoby Ellsbury2.76%69.17CLERafael Betancourt-2.76%69.17Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Ellsbury to 2B
1861926-08-22down 6-5RoEb12-2320.7598.272.75%49.98CINHughie Critz2.75%49.98BSNGeorge Mogridge0.00%.00*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Ford Scores/unER/No RBI; Allen Scores/unER/No RBI
1871988-10-06ALCSGm 2tied 0-0RoEb612-21 (0-0)0.1772.502.72%64.16BOSJim Rice2.72%64.16OAKStorm Davis-2.72%64.16Reached on E8 (Line Drive); Evans Scores/No RBI/unER; Greenwell to 3B; Rice to 1B
1882011-10-27WSGm 6down 3-2RoEb4---01 (0-0)0.0501.202.72%108.20STLLance Berkman2.72%108.20TEXColby Lewis-2.72%108.20Reached on E3 (Ground Ball)
1891973-10-09NLCSGm 4tied 1-1RoEt91--00.1173.472.71%134.03CINJoe Morgan2.71%134.03NYMTug McGraw-2.71%134.03Reached on E1/Sacrifice Bunt; Rose to 2B
1901923-10-13WSGm 4tied 0-0RoEt212-00.0721.902.71%119.07NYYWally Schang2.71%119.07NYGJack Scott-2.71%119.07Reached on E1/Sacrifice Bunt; Pipp to 3B; Ward to 2B
1911962-10-15WSGm 6down 3-1RoEt5---10.050.792.71%71.34NYYElston Howard2.71%71.34SFGBilly Pierce-2.71%71.34Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Howard to 2B
1921910-10-18WSGm 2down 2-1RoEt51--00.0882.312.70%124.24CHCJimmy Sheckard2.70%124.24PHAJack Coombs-2.70%124.24Reached on E1/Sacrifice Bunt; Brown to 2B; Sheckard to 1B
1932013-10-27WSGm 4down 4-2RoEb8---16 (3-2)0.0701.062.70%68.14STLYadier Molina2.70%68.14BOSJohn Lackey-2.70%68.14Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Molina to 2B
1941962-10-10WSGm 5tied 0-0RoEb11--00.0541.442.70%119.16NYYBobby Richardson2.70%119.16SFGJack Sanford-2.70%119.16Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Kubek to 2B; Richardson to 1B
1951977-10-06ALCSGm 2ahead 3-2RoEb612324 (1-2)0.1562.572.69%73.71NYYWillie Randolph2.69%73.71KCRMark Littell-2.69%73.71Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Piniella Scores/No RBI/unER; Johnson Scores/No RBI/unER; Chambliss to 3B; Randolph to 2B
1961907-10-10WSGm 3ahead 2-0RoEb41--20.086.502.69%26.95CHCJoe Tinker2.69%26.95DETEd Siever-2.69%26.95Reached on E7 (Fly Ball); Schulte Scores/unER/No RBI; Tinker to 3B
1971955-09-10tied 8-8RoEt10--320.3364.392.68%58.41CHWDixie Howell0.86%18.72NYYTom Morgan-2.68%58.41Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Minoso Scores/No RBI/unER
1982004-10-24WSGm 2down 2-0RoEt4--322 (0-1)0.0841.402.68%74.30STLReggie Sanders2.68%74.30BOSCurt Schilling-2.68%74.30Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Pujols Scores/unER/No RBI
1991975-10-15WSGm 4ahead 3-2RoEt41-311 (0-0)0.0691.952.67%125.25BOSJuan Beniquez2.67%125.25CINPedro Borbon-2.67%125.25Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Burleson Scores; Tiant to 2B; Beniquez to 1B
2001908-10-10WSGm 1ahead 3-1RoEt31-320.0851.322.65%68.93CHCJohnny Kling2.65%68.93DETEd Summers-2.65%68.93Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Steinfeldt Scores/unER/No RBI; Tinker to 3B
2011955-09-28WSGm 1down 6-3RoEt81--10.0841.132.64%59.08BROJackie Robinson2.64%59.08NYYWhitey Ford-2.64%59.08Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Furillo to 3B; Robinson to 2B
2021944-10-07WSGm 4ahead 3-0RoEt312-20.068.962.62%61.93STLRay Sanders2.62%61.93SLBSig Jakucki-2.62%61.93Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Musial Scores/unER/No RBI; Cooper to 3B; Sanders to 1B
2032011-10-27WSGm 6tied 3-3RoEt5---01 (0-0)0.0481.192.61%107.30TEXJosh Hamilton2.61%107.30STLFernando Salas-2.61%107.30Reached on E5 (Pop Fly)
2041916-10-11WSGm 4ahead 1-0RoEb1-2310.0681.422.60%88.92BROGeorge Cutshaw2.60%88.92BOSDutch Leonard-2.60%88.92Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Myers Scores/unER; Wheat to 3B; Cutshaw to 1B
2051919-10-03WSGm 3tied 0-0RoEb21--00.1111.552.60%62.29CHWHappy Felsch2.60%62.29CINRay Fisher-2.60%62.29Reached on E1 (throw to 2B) (Ground Ball); Jackson to 3B; Felsch to 2B
2061916-10-09WSGm 2tied 1-1RoEt13---00.0822.192.60%117.56BROMike Mowrey2.60%117.56BOSBabe Ruth-2.60%117.56Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Mowrey to 1B
2071996-10-10NLCSGm 2tied 3-3RoEt71--01 (0-0)0.1642.362.60%62.43STLMark Sweeney2.60%62.43ATLGreg Maddux-2.60%62.43Reached on E5 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt (Bunt to Short 3B Line); Gallego to 3B; Sweeney to 2B
2082001-10-15ALDS2Gm 5tied 2-2RoEb312326 (2-2)0.1033.062.59%127.50NYYScott Brosius2.59%127.50OAKMark Mulder-2.59%127.50Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Williams Scores/unER; Martinez to 3B; Spencer to 2B
2091992-10-20WSGm 3tied 1-1RoEt8---06 (3-2)0.0681.852.58%116.11ATLOtis Nixon2.58%116.11TORJuan Guzman-2.58%116.11Reached on E5 (Line Drive)
2102001-10-19NLCSGm 3ahead 2-1RoEt512311 (0-0)0.1362.502.55%78.42ARIMatt Williams2.55%78.42ATLSteve Reed-2.55%78.42Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Schilling Scores; Womack Scores; Gonzalez to 3B
2111980-10-12NLCSGm 5down 2-1RoEb5-2-22 (1-0)0.0511.892.53%157.50HOUJose Cruz-2.53%157.50PHIMarty Bystrom2.53%157.50Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Cabell out at Hm/1B-C
2121956-10-06WSGm 3down 4-2RoEt71-310.1012.942.52%122.50BROCharlie Neal2.52%122.50NYYWhitey Ford-2.52%122.50Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Hodges Scores/unER/No RBI; Furillo to 2B; Neal to 1B
2131916-09-30ahead 2-1RoEt51--00.1101.502.52%57.48PHIBill Killefer2.48%56.65BROJeff Pfeffer-2.52%57.48Reached on E5 (throw)/Sacrifice Bunt; Niehoff to 3B; Killefer to 2B
2141938-09-28tied 0-0RoEb212-20.1201.732.51%60.32CHCClay Bryant2.51%60.32PITBob Klinger-2.51%60.32Reached on E5 (throw) (Ground Ball); Collins Scores/No RBI/unER; Jurges to 3B; Bryant to 2B
2152013-10-24WSGm 2down 4-2RoEb8---02 (0-1)0.0781.712.49%90.69BOSJacoby Ellsbury2.49%90.69STLCarlos Martinez-2.49%90.69Reached on E4 (Ground Ball)
2161998-10-18WSGm 2tied 0-0RoEb1-2-11 (0-0)0.0781.172.49%61.92NYYPaul O'Neill2.49%61.92SDPAndy Ashby-2.49%61.92Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Knoblauch Scores/No RBI/unER
2171982-10-15WSGm 3tied 0-0RoEt5-2-13 (1-1)0.0661.692.48%106.17STLDane Iorg2.48%106.17MILPete Vuckovich-2.48%106.17Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Smith to 3B; Iorg to 1B
2181974-10-13WSGm 2down 3-0RoEt812-15 (1-2)0.0802.212.48%113.58OAKBert Campaneris2.48%113.58LADDon Sutton-2.48%113.58Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Maxvill to 3B; Washington to 2B; Campaneris to 1B
2191959-08-30tied 6-6RoEb912328 (3-2)0.3396.392.47%77.60LADNorm Larker1.88%59.04SFGSam Jones-2.47%77.60*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Fairly to 2B; Snider to 3B; Moon Scores/No RBI/unER
2202003-10-14NLCSGm 6down 3-1RoEt812-11 (0-0)0.1073.532.47%135.52FLAMiguel Cabrera2.47%135.52CHCMark Prior-2.47%135.52Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Castillo to 3B; Rodriguez to 2B
2211941-09-17tied 1-1RoEb812320.3035.342.47%72.37STLEstel Crabtree2.47%72.37BSNTom Earley0.00%.00Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Brown Scores/No RBI/unER; Hopp Scores/No RBI/unER; Mize to 2B
2221952-10-04WSGm 4tied 0-0RoEt11--10.0671.162.46%70.80BRODuke Snider2.46%70.80NYYAllie Reynolds-2.46%70.80Reached on E4 (throw to 2B) (Ground Ball); Reese to 3B; Snider to 1B
2231991-10-26WSGm 6ahead 2-0RoEb4-2-11 (0-0)0.045.842.45%75.66MINKent Hrbek2.45%75.66ATLSteve Avery-2.45%75.66Reached on E7 (Pop Fly to Short LF); Mack to 3B; Hrbek to 2B
2241998-10-04NLDS2Gm 4tied 1-1RoEb6-2-22 (0-1)0.1831.912.45%42.57SDPKen Caminiti2.45%42.57HOURandy Johnson-2.45%42.57Reached on E5 (throw) (Ground Ball); Vaughn Scores/No RBI/unER; Caminiti to 2B
2251952-10-07WSGm 7tied 0-0RoEb1---14 (1-2)0.024.622.43%103.33BROPee Wee Reese2.43%103.33NYYEddie Lopat-2.43%103.33Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball to SS-3B Hole); Reese to 1B
2261982-10-16WSGm 4ahead 3-0RoEt2-2-24 (3-0)0.067.712.43%43.16STLKeith Hernandez2.43%43.16MILMoose Haas-2.43%43.16Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Oberkfell Scores/unER/No RBI; Hernandez to 2B
2271906-10-13WSGm 5tied 3-3RoEb3---10.048.692.42%57.50CHCFrank Schulte2.42%57.50CHWEd Walsh-2.42%57.50Reached on E6 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Schulte to 2B
2281960-10-10WSGm 5down 4-2RoEb4---00.0481.122.40%92.69NYYElston Howard2.40%92.69PITHarvey Haddix-2.40%92.69Reached on E6 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Howard to 1B
2291940-10-02WSGm 1tied 0-0RoEt212-00.0771.992.40%104.16DETBruce Campbell2.40%104.16CINPaul Derringer-2.40%104.16Reached on E5 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Greenberg to 3B; York to 2B; Campbell to 1B
2301905-10-12WSGm 3ahead 1-0RoEt11-310.0631.792.37%112.30NYGSam Mertes2.37%112.30PHAAndy Coakley-2.37%112.30Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Donlin Scores/unER/No RBI; McGann to 2B; Mertes to 1B
2311998-10-04NLDS2Gm 4down 2-1RoEt71--03 (1-1)0.1782.892.37%64.41HOUMoises Alou2.37%64.41SDPJoey Hamilton-2.37%64.41Reached on E6 (Ground Ball to SS-2B); Bagwell to 3B
2321982-10-17WSGm 5down 2-1RoEt41--13 (1-1)0.0481.532.37%126.52STLTom Herr2.37%126.52MILMike Caldwell-2.37%126.52Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Oberkfell to 2B; Herr to 1B
2331948-10-06WSGm 1down 1-0RoEt9---20.0761.402.37%73.25CLEKen Keltner2.37%73.25BSNJohnny Sain-2.37%73.25Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Keltner to 2B
2341938-10-05WSGm 1tied 0-0RoEt2-2310.0751.572.37%82.16NYYGeorge Selkirk2.37%82.16CHCBill Lee-2.37%82.16Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Gehrig Scores; Dickey to 3B; Selkirk to 1B
2351924-09-04down 6-5RoEb9--320.3956.092.37%60.74PHIJimmie Wilson0.00%.00NYGRosy Ryan-2.37%60.74Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Harper Scores/No RBI/unER
2361964-10-12WSGm 5tied 0-0RoEt51--10.0481.602.36%132.47STLCurt Flood2.36%132.47NYYMel Stottlemyre-2.36%132.47Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Gibson to 2B; Flood to 1B
2371944-10-08WSGm 5tied 0-0RoEt5---00.0481.192.36%98.42STLEmil Verban2.36%98.42SLBDenny Galehouse-2.36%98.42Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Verban to 1B
2381941-09-14tied 5-5RoEb1012320.3416.392.36%73.83STLTerry Moore2.36%73.83NYGBob Bowman0.00%.00*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E6 (throw) (Ground Ball); Triplett Scores/unER/No RBI; Slaughter to 3B; Cooper to 2B
2391993-10-11NLCSGm 5down 3-0RoEb91--08 (3-2)0.0941.862.35%77.05ATLRon Gant2.35%77.05PHICurt Schilling-2.35%77.05Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Blauser to 2B
2401906-10-13WSGm 5down 7-3RoEb4---00.047.682.35%56.67CHCJoe Tinker2.35%56.67CHWEd Walsh-2.35%56.67Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Tinker to 2B
2411965-10-13WSGm 6tied 0-0RoEb4---00.0431.072.33%96.35MINEarl Battey2.33%96.35LADClaude Osteen-2.33%96.35Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Battey to 1B
2421917-10-15WSGm 6tied 0-0RoEt4---00.0461.082.32%90.00CHWEddie Collins2.32%90.00NYGRube Benton-2.32%90.00Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Collins to 1B
2432015-10-27WSGm 1tied 4-4RoEb14---06 (0-2)0.0742.272.31%118.60KCRAlcides Escobar2.31%118.60NYMBartolo Colon-2.31%118.60Reached on E5 (throw) (Ground Ball)
2442002-10-07NLDS1Gm 5down 3-1RoEb9---07 (3-2)0.0921.852.31%77.08ATLRafael Furcal2.31%77.08SFGRobb Nen-2.31%77.08Reached on E4 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball)
2451916-10-11WSGm 4ahead 3-2RoEt2---00.060.782.30%48.84BOSEverett Scott2.30%48.84BRORube Marquard-2.30%48.84Reached on E7 (Fly Ball); Scott to 2B
2461983-10-05NLCSGm 2tied 1-1RoEb5---01 (0-0)0.1351.172.30%33.15LADFernando Valenzuela2.30%33.15PHIJohn Denny-2.30%33.15Reached on E8 (Fly Ball); Valenzuela to 3B
2471972-10-12ALCSGm 5tied 1-1RoEt4---00.0461.082.30%90.00OAKGeorge Hendrick2.30%90.00DETWoodie Fryman-2.30%90.00Reached on E6 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball)
2481986-10-15ALCSGm 7ahead 3-0RoEb4---03 (0-2)0.046.422.29%35.00BOSDave Henderson2.29%35.00CALJohn Candelaria-2.29%35.00Reached on E8 (Fly Ball); Henderson to 3B
2491998-10-07NLCSGm 1tied 1-1RoEt8--314 (1-2)0.1453.262.27%85.14SDPJim Leyritz2.27%85.14ATLDennis Martinez-2.27%85.14Reached on E3 (Ground Ball to Weak 2B-1B); Rivera Scores; Leyritz to 2B/Adv on E3 (throw)
2501946-10-10WSGm 4ahead 3-0RoEt31--00.058.832.26%53.57STLTerry Moore2.26%53.57BOSTex Hughson-2.26%53.57Reached on E1 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt; Schoendienst to 3B; Moore to 2B
2511905-10-12WSGm 3ahead 2-0RoEt512310.0601.802.26%112.92NYGDan McGann2.26%112.92PHAAndy Coakley-2.26%112.92Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Bresnahan Scores; Browne to 3B; Donlin to 2B; McGann to 1B
2522012-10-19NLCSGm 5tied 0-0RoEt412-15 (2-2)0.1542.412.25%58.65SFGHunter Pence2.25%58.65STLLance Lynn-2.25%58.65Reached on E1 (throw to 2B) (Ground Ball); Scutaro Scores/unER/No RBI; Sandoval to 3B
2531988-10-19WSGm 4down 4-3RoEb712-22 (0-1)0.0623.692.25%224.48OAKDave Parker2.25%224.48LADJay Howell-2.25%224.48Reached on E6 (Line Drive to SS-2B); Henderson to 3B; Canseco to 2B; Parker to 1B
2541976-10-17WSGm 2tied 3-3RoEb9---23 (0-2)0.0711.302.24%68.86CINKen Griffey2.24%68.86NYYCatfish Hunter-2.24%68.86Reached on E6 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Griffey to 2B
2551980-09-21down 2-1RoEb91--00.6175.402.24%32.74LADDusty Baker2.24%32.74CINMario Soto-0.59%8.66Reached on E1/Sacrifice Bunt; Perconte Scores/Adv on E9/unER/No RBI; Baker to 3B
2561948-10-04ahead 6-3RoEt81--20.045.302.24%25.00CLEGene Bearden2.24%25.00BOSEllis Kinder-2.24%25.00Reached on E7 (Fly Ball); Hegan Scores/unER; Bearden to 2B
2571903-10-10WSGm 7down 4-1RoEb5---00.0451.062.24%88.33PITEd Phelps2.24%88.33BOSCy Young-2.24%88.33Reached on E6 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Phelps to 1B
2581934-10-04WSGm 2tied 2-2RoEb10---00.0722.332.22%119.30DETCharlie Gehringer2.22%119.30STLBill Walker-2.22%119.30Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Gehringer to 1B
2591942-09-17tied 3-3RoEt91-320.3474.842.22%51.58STLHarry Walker2.22%51.58BSNAl Javery0.00%.00Reached on E4 (throw) (Ground Ball); Dusak Scores/No RBI/unER; Brown to 2B
2602010-10-21NLCSGm 5down 1-0RoEt3-2312 (0-1)0.1511.912.21%46.71PHIShane Victorino2.21%46.71SFGTim Lincecum-2.21%46.71Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Ibanez Scores; Ruiz Scores/No RBI; Victorino to 2B
2611965-10-13WSGm 6tied 0-0RoEt3---00.041.992.21%89.15LADJohn Roseboro2.21%89.15MINMudcat Grant-2.21%89.15Reached on E5 (Pop Fly); Roseboro to 1B
2621949-09-26down 6-4RoEt81-300.1173.722.20%116.72BOSJohnny Pesky2.20%116.71NYYJoe Page-2.20%116.72Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Stringer Scores; DiMaggio to 2B
2631995-10-13ALCSGm 3down 2-1RoEb8---12 (1-0)0.1171.942.20%60.83CLEAlvaro Espinoza2.20%60.83SEARandy Johnson-2.20%60.83Reached on E9 (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Espinoza to 2B
2641954-09-29WSGm 1tied 2-2RoEt9---20.0701.342.19%70.08CLEBobby Avila2.19%70.08NYGMarv Grissom-2.19%70.08Reached on E7 (Fly Ball); Avila to 2B
2651950-09-20down 5-4RoEb8-2-10.2723.412.19%45.72DETHoot Evers2.19%45.72PHABob Hooper0.00%.00Reached on E3 (throw to 3B) (Ground Ball); Keller Scores; Evers to 2B
2661936-10-05WSGm 5ahead 3-2RoEt6-2310.0731.572.18%78.52NYGBurgess Whitehead2.18%78.52NYYRed Ruffing-2.18%78.52Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Ott Scores/No RBI; Ripple to 3B; Whitehead to 1B
2671999-10-17ALCSGm 4tied 2-2RoEt412-20.1181.932.17%59.00NYYChad Curtis2.17%59.00BOSBret Saberhagen-2.17%59.00Reached on E1 (Ground Ball); Martinez Scores/No RBI/unER; Strawberry to 3B
2681951-10-09WSGm 5down 1-0RoEt2---10.044.682.17%56.31NYYGil McDougald2.17%56.31NYGLarry Jansen-2.17%56.31Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); McDougald to 2B
2692016-10-28WSGm 3down 1-0RoEb9-2-23 (1-1)0.0575.042.16%315.96CHCJason Heyward2.16%315.96CLECody Allen-2.16%315.96Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Coghlan to 3B
2701990-09-28tied 4-4RoEb8-2-12 (0-1)0.2292.542.15%39.77BOSDwight Evans2.15%39.77TORDuane Ward-2.15%39.77Reached on E5 (throw) (Ground Ball); Greenwell Scores/unER/No RBI; Evans to 2B
2711981-10-21WSGm 2tied 0-0RoEt5-2-11 (0-0)0.0671.722.15%91.34LADPedro Guerrero2.15%91.34NYYTommy John-2.15%91.34Reached on E6 (throw) (Ground Ball); Garvey to 3B; Guerrero to 1B
2721941-10-02WSGm 2down 3-2RoEb8---20.0671.272.14%67.60NYYBill Dickey2.14%67.60BROWhit Wyatt-2.14%67.60Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Dickey to 2B/Adv on E6 (throw to 1B)
2731958-10-05WSGm 4tied 0-0RoEt6--300.0581.572.13%95.57MLNJohnny Logan2.13%95.57NYYWhitey Ford-2.13%95.57Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Schoendienst Scores/unER/No RBI; Logan to 1B
2741945-09-14down 5-4RoEb912310.3139.332.13%105.44WSHGil Torres2.13%105.44CLEPete Center0.00%.00Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Zardon Scores/No RBI; Binks to 3B; Evans to 2B
2752005-10-11ALCSGm 1down 3-2RoEb9---02 (1-0)0.1353.572.12%93.40CHWCarl Everett2.12%93.40LAAFrancisco Rodriguez-2.12%93.40Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Everett to 1B
2761913-10-07WSGm 1down 5-1RoEb5-2310.0681.612.12%84.06NYGLarry Doyle2.12%84.06PHAChief Bender-2.12%84.06Reached on E6 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Merkle Scores; McCormick to 3B; Doyle to 1B
2771934-10-03WSGm 1ahead 2-0RoEt3-2-10.067.982.11%51.38STLBill DeLancey2.11%51.38DETGeneral Crowder-2.11%51.38Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Collins Scores/unER/No RBI; DeLancey to 1B
2781935-10-02WSGm 1tied 0-0RoEt1-2-00.0671.172.11%61.32CHCBilly Herman2.11%61.32DETSchoolboy Rowe-2.11%61.32Reached on E1 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Galan Scores/No RBI
2791922-07-27down 5-4RoEb9-2-00.3574.302.10%42.18SLBHerman Bronkie2.10%42.18NYYCarl Mays-1.82%36.50Reached on E5/Sacrifice Bunt; Severeid Scores/No RBI/unER; Bronkie to 2B
2801912-10-09WSGm 2down 4-2RoEt8---00.0671.482.10%76.08NYGFred Snodgrass2.10%76.08BOSRay Collins-2.10%76.08Reached on E7 (Fly Ball)
2811936-10-02WSGm 2ahead 2-1RoEt312-00.0661.722.09%91.66NYYJoe DiMaggio2.09%91.66NYGHal Schumacher-2.09%91.66Reached on E5/Sacrifice Bunt; Crosetti to 3B; Rolfe to 2B; DiMaggio to 1B
2822003-10-07NLCSGm 1tied 6-6RoEt912-12 (0-1)0.1334.622.09%120.77FLALuis Castillo2.09%120.77CHCJoe Borowski-2.09%120.77Reached on E4/attempted forceout (Ground Ball); Hollandsworth to 3B; Pierre to 2B; Castillo to 1B
2831920-08-31down 5-4RoEb71-320.4464.002.09%31.21PITGeorge Cutshaw0.44%6.59NYGPhil Douglas-2.09%31.21Reached on E8 (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Lee Scores/No RBI/unER; Southworth Scores/No RBI/unER; Cutshaw to 2B
2841931-10-09WSGm 6tied 0-0RoEt5---00.0471.192.08%88.26PHAJimmie Foxx2.08%88.26STLPaul Derringer-2.08%88.26Reached on E5 (throw to 1B) (Ground Ball); Foxx to 1B
2851990-10-17WSGm 2down 2-1RoEt2---03 (2-0)0.065.972.08%51.50OAKRon Hassey2.08%51.50CINDanny Jackson-2.08%51.50Reached on E1 (throw) (Ground Ball to Weak 3B); Hassey to 2B
2861962-09-06tied 5-5RoEt91--01 (0-0)0.2393.462.07%49.95SFGJim Davenport1.93%46.50LADRon Perranoski-2.07%49.95Reached on E1/Sacrifice Bunt; Bowman to 3B; Davenport to 2B
2871999-10-13ALCSGm 1tied 0-0RoEt11--00.1321.372.07%35.78BOSJohn Valentin2.07%35.78NYYOrlando Hernandez-2.07%35.78Reached on E6 (throw) (Ground Ball); Offerman Scores/No RBI/unER; Valentin to 3B
2881934-09-30tied 5-5RoEt1012310.1845.892.06%110.13BROAl Lopez0.00%.00NYGCarl Hubbell-2.06%110.13Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Leslie Scores/No RBI; Cuccinello to 3B; Stripp to 2B
2892006-10-24WSGm 3ahead 2-0RoEb712-03 (2-0)0.055.732.06%45.85STLAlbert Pujols2.06%45.85DETJoel Zumaya-2.06%45.85Reached on E1 (throw to 3B) (Ground Ball); Eckstein Scores/unER; Wilson Scores/unER; Pujols to 2B
2902003-10-25WSGm 6ahead 1-0RoEt6---01 (0-0)0.038.992.06%88.98FLAJeff Conine2.06%88.98NYYAndy Pettitte-2.06%88.98Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Conine to 1B
2911903-10-07WSGm 5ahead 1-0RoEt612300.0821.792.06%70.04BOSHobe Ferris2.06%70.04PITBrickyard Kennedy-2.06%70.04Reached on E6 (throw to 2B) (Ground Ball); Freeman Scores/unER; Parent Scores/unER/No RBI; LaChance to 2B; Ferris to 1B
2921940-08-13tied 5-5RoEb912-10.2854.272.06%51.40CLEBen Chapman2.06%51.40DETAl Benton-2.03%50.68*WALK-OFF*:Reached on E4 (Ground Ball); Mack Scores/No RBI/unER; Eisenstat to 2B
2931947-10-05WSGm 6down 4-0RoEb3--310.0451.002.05%75.80NYYSnuffy Stirnweiss2.05%75.80BROVic Lombardi-2.05%75.80Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Lollar Scores; Stirnweiss to 1B
2941971-10-13WSGm 4tied 3-3RoEb712-10.0563.192.04%195.12PITVic Davalillo-2.04%195.12BALEddie Watt2.04%195.12Reached on E8 (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Robertson to 3B; Sanguillen out at 3B/CF-SS-2B; Davalillo to 1B
2951959-09-22down 3-2RoEt81-310.2364.532.04%65.47SFGLeon Wagner2.04%65.47CHCDave Hillman0.00%.00Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Spencer to 3B; McCovey Scores
2961980-10-10NLCSGm 3tied 0-0RoEt10---03 (1-1)0.0822.192.03%90.64PHITug McGraw2.03%90.64HOUJoe Niekro-2.03%90.64Reached on E3 (Ground Ball)
2971966-09-23down 2-1RoEb71--00.3453.182.03%31.28CHCDon Kessinger0.00%.00LADBob Miller-2.03%31.28Reached on E1/Sacrifice Bunt; Amalfitano Scores/No RBI/unER; Kessinger to 3B
2981975-10-04ALCSGm 1tied 0-0RoEb11--20.108.792.03%24.69BOSCarlton Fisk2.03%24.69OAKKen Holtzman-2.03%24.69Reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Yastrzemski Scores/unER/No RBI/Adv on E7 (throw); Fisk to 2B
2991906-10-14WSGm 6down 3-1RoEt2---00.041.902.03%75.00CHCJohnny Evers2.03%75.00CHWDoc White-2.03%75.00Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Evers to 1B
3001948-07-28down 3-2RoEt812-20.4894.082.02%28.13PHADon White2.02%28.13CLERuss Christopher-1.99%27.68Reached on E8 (Fly Ball); White to 2B; Coleman Scores/No RBI/unER; McCosky Scores/No RBI/unER
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