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Rk Team Count Streak Started Streak Ended Active
1Los Angeles Kings61982-01-151982-01-27List of Games
2Chicago Black Hawks51975-11-221975-12-03List of Games
3Boston Bruins41960-10-081960-10-15List of Games
4Boston Bruins41955-01-061955-01-12List of Games
5Boston Bruins41940-12-271941-01-07List of Games
6Boston Bruins41932-01-031932-01-10List of Games
7Buffalo Sabres41984-12-091984-12-16List of Games
8Buffalo Sabres41982-02-261982-03-06List of Games
9Buffalo Sabres41981-01-091981-01-16List of Games
10Buffalo Sabres41977-12-221978-01-01List of Games
11Chicago Black Hawks41982-10-271982-11-03List of Games
12Chicago Black Hawks41961-12-251961-12-30List of Games
13Colorado Avalanche41999-02-141999-02-23List of Games
14Detroit Red Wings41981-03-011981-03-10List of Games
15Detroit Red Wings41973-02-141973-02-22List of Games
16Detroit Red Wings41951-11-061951-11-11List of Games
17Detroit Red Wings41934-01-251934-02-01List of Games
18Edmonton Oilers41980-10-261980-11-03List of Games
19Minnesota Wild42003-12-232003-12-30List of Games
20Minnesota North Stars41973-10-181973-10-25List of Games
Rk Team Count Streak Started Streak Ended Active
21Minnesota North Stars41969-03-091969-03-15List of Games
22Montreal Canadiens41952-11-221952-11-29List of Games
23Montreal Canadiens41943-03-061943-03-14List of Games
24Montreal Canadiens41929-01-171929-01-24List of Games
25New York Rangers41997-10-031997-10-09List of Games
26New York Rangers41930-02-271930-03-04List of Games
27Philadelphia Flyers41991-12-081991-12-15List of Games
28Philadelphia Flyers41969-01-021969-01-08List of Games
29Pittsburgh Penguins41979-12-081979-12-15List of Games
30Toronto Maple Leafs41951-11-101951-11-17List of Games
31Winnipeg Jets41990-12-031990-12-11List of Games
32Atlanta Flames31978-02-181978-02-25List of Games
33Atlanta Flames31976-11-071976-11-12List of Games
34Atlanta Flames31973-11-071973-11-10List of Games
35Boston Bruins32003-12-062003-12-10List of Games
36Boston Bruins32000-01-132000-01-17List of Games
37Boston Bruins31993-10-111993-10-16List of Games
38Boston Bruins31980-03-151980-03-18List of Games
39Boston Bruins31976-03-271976-03-30List of Games
40Boston Bruins31975-11-191975-11-23List of Games
Rk Team Count Streak Started Streak Ended Active
41Boston Bruins31955-02-191955-02-23List of Games
42Boston Bruins31955-02-121955-02-16List of Games
43Boston Bruins31950-02-121950-02-19List of Games
44Boston Bruins31947-11-301947-12-06List of Games
45Boston Bruins31946-10-191946-10-23List of Games
46Boston Bruins31945-12-121945-12-16List of Games
47Boston Bruins31942-12-191942-12-22List of Games
48Buffalo Sabres31997-02-021997-02-06List of Games
49Buffalo Sabres31996-02-101996-02-16List of Games
50Buffalo Sabres31991-02-121991-02-15List of Games
51Buffalo Sabres31980-11-081980-11-12List of Games
52Buffalo Sabres31980-03-121980-03-19List of Games
53Buffalo Sabres31980-01-181980-01-21List of Games
54Buffalo Sabres31975-02-061975-02-12List of Games
55Buffalo Sabres31971-10-301971-11-04List of Games
56Carolina Hurricanes32003-10-132003-10-22List of Games
57Chicago Black Hawks31981-10-211981-10-25List of Games
58Chicago Black Hawks31979-12-051979-12-09List of Games
59Chicago Black Hawks31975-11-121975-11-15List of Games
60Chicago Black Hawks31974-02-281974-03-06List of Games
Rk Team Count Streak Started Streak Ended Active
61Chicago Black Hawks31968-01-101968-01-14List of Games
62Chicago Black Hawks31964-01-261964-02-01List of Games
63Chicago Black Hawks31959-11-291959-12-05List of Games
64Chicago Black Hawks31952-11-271952-11-30List of Games
65Chicago Black Hawks31950-11-291950-12-03List of Games
66Chicago Black Hawks31943-03-071943-03-13List of Games
67Chicago Black Hawks31943-01-161943-01-21List of Games
68Chicago Black Hawks31938-01-111938-01-15List of Games
69Chicago Black Hawks31929-03-141929-11-16List of Games
70Columbus Blue Jackets32001-10-042001-10-08List of Games
71California Golden Seals31973-01-121973-01-17List of Games
72California Golden Seals31972-02-161972-02-20List of Games
73Calgary Flames31999-02-011999-02-04List of Games
74Chicago Blackhawks32002-03-152002-03-18List of Games
75Chicago Blackhawks32001-11-232001-11-28List of Games
76Chicago Blackhawks31996-12-221996-12-26List of Games
77Chicago Blackhawks31995-11-291995-12-06List of Games
78Chicago Blackhawks31992-02-131992-02-20List of Games
79Colorado Rockies31979-04-051979-10-11List of Games
80Colorado Avalanche31997-01-041997-01-08List of Games
Rk Team Count Streak Started Streak Ended Active
81Dallas Stars32002-03-142002-03-18List of Games
82Dallas Stars31997-12-271997-12-31List of Games
83Detroit Red Wings31991-02-171991-02-22List of Games
84Detroit Red Wings31990-02-191990-02-24List of Games
85Detroit Red Wings31978-10-181978-10-21List of Games
86Detroit Red Wings31972-12-261972-12-31List of Games
87Detroit Red Wings31961-01-111961-01-15List of Games
88Detroit Red Wings31958-02-231958-03-02List of Games
89Detroit Red Wings31956-12-201956-12-23List of Games
90Detroit Red Wings31953-11-071953-11-11List of Games
91Detroit Red Wings31952-12-141952-12-20List of Games
92Detroit Red Wings31950-02-011950-02-05List of Games
93Detroit Red Wings31950-01-251950-01-28List of Games
94Detroit Red Wings31938-01-131938-01-16List of Games
95Detroit Red Wings31935-11-101935-11-19List of Games
96Detroit Red Wings31935-01-261935-01-31List of Games
97Detroit Falcons31932-02-161932-02-21List of Games
98Edmonton Oilers32003-03-302003-04-03List of Games
99Florida Panthers32002-11-202002-11-24List of Games
100Florida Panthers32002-04-062002-04-10List of Games
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