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through 2019
Rk Player #Matching W L W-L% ERA GS CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB SO WHIP SB CS WPA DFS(DK) DFS(FD) Tm Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
1Kenley Jansen41Ind. Games11.500 2.010001649.1241211515700.79501.8LAD
2Pedro Baez23Ind. Games101.000 4.15000021.2171410413231.38010.2LAD
3Kenta Maeda21Ind. Games201.000 1.64000022.0154415270.91000.7LAD
4Brandon Morrow14Ind. Games00 3.95000013.2116632120.95000.1LAD
5Jonathan Broxton13Ind. Games02.000 4.40000314.1147716151.4041-1.0LAD
6Ronald Belisario13Ind. Games00 7.560000 8.18771321.32100.1LAD
7Alex Wood12Ind. Games11.500 5.68000012.2148846151.5800-0.2LAD
8Tony Watson11Ind. Games201.000 2.570000 7.05320130.86000.3LAD
9Julio Urias11Ind. Games21.667 3.75000012.09551361.00000.5LAD
10Ross Stripling11Ind. Games00 5.400000 8.111650241.5600-0.1LAD
11Ryan Madson11Ind. Games201.000 2.080000 8.29221381.3810-0.1LAD
12J.P. Howell11Ind. Games00 3.240000 8.111332361.6800-0.3LAD
13Tom Niedenfuer9Ind. Games02.000 2.70000213.111642591.2010-1.2LAD
14Clem Labine9Ind. Games12.333 2.60000217.117652481.21010.0BRO,LAD
15Hugh Casey9Ind. Games22.500 1.72000115.214730341.0900-0.1BRO
16Bob Welch8Ind. Games11.500 3.97000211.185523140.97000.6LAD
17Alejandro Pena8Ind. Games21.667 2.51000114.184417111.05220.3LAD
18Hung-Chih Kuo8Ind. Games101.000 2.250000 8.062210110.75000.4LAD
19Charlie Hough8Ind. Games00 4.82000018.220101023201.23200.0LAD
20Terry Forster8Ind. Games101.000 0.000000 7.27000491.43100.1LAD
21Dylan Floro8Ind. Games01.000 3.860000 7.06330481.43010.0LAD
22Josh Fields8Ind. Games00 5.400000 3.15222151.8000-0.3LAD
23Brian Wilson7Ind. Games101.000 0.000000 6.15000391.26000.3LAD
24Cory Wade7Ind. Games01.000 3.680000 7.16331040.82000.0LAD
25Mike Marshall7Ind. Games01.000 0.75000112.061111110.58100.2LAD
Rk Player #Matching W L W-L% ERA GS CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB SO WHIP SB CS WPA DFS(DK) DFS(FD) Tm Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
26Clayton Kershaw7Ind. Games00 4.50000110.065535121.1000-0.1LAD
27Steve Howe7Ind. Games101.000 2.45000111.09331180.91000.5LAD
28Grant Dayton7Ind. Games00 8.100000 3.16331262.4000-0.2LAD
29Tony Cingrani7Ind. Games00 1.800000 5.03111231.00000.2LAD
30Joe Blanton7Ind. Games12.333 7.880000 8.08773381.3820-0.2LAD
31Luis Avilan7Ind. Games00 0.000000 5.04000151.0000-0.1LAD
32George Sherrill6Ind. Games101.000 8.310000 4.13441421.6200-0.1LAD
33Caleb Ferguson6Ind. Games00 0.000000 3.00000130.33000.1LAD
34Lance Rautzhan5Ind. Games101.000 9.000000 4.07440402.7500-0.2LAD
35Ron Perranoski5Ind. Games00 5.870001 7.28550541.7000-0.1LAD
36Antonio Osuna5Ind. Games02.000 3.380000 5.16221271.5052-0.4LAD
37Joe Hatten5Ind. Games00 5.680000 6.18440622.2100-0.1BRO
38Don Bessent5Ind. Games101.000 1.35000013.111220461.13110.2BRO
39Hank Behrman5Ind. Games00 7.110000 6.19550532.21100.0BRO
40Chris Withrow4Ind. Games01.000 5.400000 5.03330631.80000.1LAD
41Dave Stewart4Ind. Games02.00011.570000 2.15331223.0000-0.8LAD
42Elias Sosa4Ind. Games01.00010.800000 5.08761111.8000-0.7LAD
43Larry Sherry4Ind. Games201.000 0.71000212.28110250.79000.9LAD
44Ed Roebuck4Ind. Games00 1.420000 6.12111050.32000.0BRO
45Rick Rhoden4Ind. Games01.000 1.76000015.18332480.78000.2LAD
46Chan Ho Park4Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.21000111.20000.0LAD
47Jesse Orosco4Ind. Games00 7.710000 2.14220303.0000-0.4LAD
48Brandon League4Ind. Games101.000 0.000000 2.01000101.00000.2LAD
49Jay Howell4Ind. Games02.000 8.100001 3.14331332.1000-0.7LAD
50Ricky Horton4Ind. Games00 0.000000 4.14000231.38200.0LAD
Rk Player #Matching W L W-L% ERA GS CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB SO WHIP SB CS WPA DFS(DK) DFS(FD) Tm Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
51Rick Honeycutt4Ind. Games0018.000000 3.08661233.3310-0.1LAD
52Brian Holton4Ind. Games00 1.500001 6.02110220.67000.3LAD
53Chris Hatcher4Ind. Games00 0.000000 3.20000150.27000.1LAD
54Mark Guthrie4Ind. Games00 5.400000 1.22111222.4000-0.1LAD
55Mike Garman4Ind. Games00 0.000001 5.12000140.56000.6LAD
56Carl Erskine4Ind. Games00 5.790000 4.24330201.29000.0BRO
57Pedro Astacio4Ind. Games00 0.000000 5.01000060.20000.1LAD
58Scott Alexander4Ind. Games00 7.710000 2.11220221.2910-0.3LAD
59Ramon Troncoso3Ind. Games00 0.000000 3.00000331.00000.0LAD
60Takashi Saito3Ind. Games00 6.750000 2.23220041.13000.0LAD
61Doug Rau3Ind. Games00 0.000000 4.11000050.23000.1LAD
62Jeff Pfeffer3Ind. Games00 1.350001 6.25210441.35000.3BRO
63Bob Miller3Ind. Games00 0.000000 4.12000210.92000.1LAD
64Al Mamaux3Ind. Games00 4.500000 4.02220050.50000.1BRO
65Greg Maddux3Ind. Games00 0.000000 4.04200131.25000.0LAD
66Tim Leary3Ind. Games00 1.290000 7.08110241.43200.0LAD
67Adam Kolarek3Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.00000020.00000.1LAD
68Joe Kelly3Ind. Games01.00023.140000 2.15661544.2900-0.5LAD
69Mark Hendrickson3Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.21000110.75000.1LAD
70Scott Elbert3Ind. Games01.00010.800000 1.23221223.0000-0.3LAD
71Bobby Castillo3Ind. Games00 3.680000 7.14330751.50100.0LAD
72Giovanni Carrara3Ind. Games00 9.000000 2.04221112.50100.0LAD
73Jim Brewer3Ind. Games00 2.700000 3.13110030.90100.0LAD
74Chad Billingsley3Ind. Games00 3.380000 5.13220260.94000.1LAD
75Joe Beimel3Ind. Games00 0.000000 0.20000203.00000.1LAD
Rk Player #Matching W L W-L% ERA GS CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB SO WHIP SB CS WPA DFS(DK) DFS(FD) Tm Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
76Jack Banta3Ind. Games00 3.180000 5.25221141.06000.0BRO
77Johnny Allen3Ind. Games00 0.000000 3.21000301.09010.1BRO
78Pat Zachry2Ind. Games00 2.250000 4.04110221.50000.0LAD
79Ben Wade2Ind. Games0015.430000 2.14440122.1410-0.1BRO
80Mike Venafro2Ind. Games00 0.000000 0.20000010.00000.0LAD
81Brett Tomko2Ind. Games00 9.000000 1.04410206.0000-0.1LAD
82Kevin Tapani2Ind. Games0081.000000 0.103304112.0030-0.1LAD
83Duaner Sanchez2Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.01000131.00000.0LAD
84Preacher Roe2Ind. Games00 3.860000 2.13110121.71000.0BRO
85Paco Rodriguez2Ind. Games0027.000000 0.24221219.0000-0.1LAD
86Phil Regan2Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.20000120.60000.0LAD
87Howie Reed2Ind. Games00 8.100000 3.12331241.2010-0.1LAD
88Scott Radinsky2Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.10000120.75000.0LAD
89Russ Meyer2Ind. Games00 2.70000010.012432691.8011-0.2BRO
90James McDonald2Ind. Games00 0.000000 5.13000270.94000.1LAD
91Dustin May2Ind. Games00 2.700000 3.13110111.20000.0LAD
92Carlos Marmol2Ind. Games00 0.000000 3.21000150.55100.1LAD
93Hal Gregg2Ind. Games00 2.000000 9.06220471.11100.3BRO
94Dave Goltz2Ind. Games00 5.400000 3.14221121.50000.0LAD
95Eric Gagne2Ind. Games00 0.000000 3.01000130.67000.0LAD
96Larry French2Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.00000000.00000.1BRO
97Carlos Diaz2Ind. Games00 3.000000 3.05110122.00000.0LAD
98John Cummings2Ind. Games0020.250000 1.13330233.75000.0LAD
99Yhency Brazoban2Ind. Games00 3.000000 3.01110221.00100.0LAD
100Ralph Branca2Ind. Games101.000 6.230000 4.110331232.7700-0.3BRO
Rk Player #Matching W L W-L% ERA GS CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB SO WHIP SB CS WPA DFS(DK) DFS(FD) Tm Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
101Joe Beckwith2Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.11000231.2910-0.1LAD
102Rex Barney2Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.01000101.00000.0BRO
103Wilson Alvarez2Ind. Games01.00010.800000 3.14441041.2000-0.2LAD
104Todd Worrell1Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.00000111.00000.0LAD
105Stan Williams1Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.00000211.00000.1LAD
106Jeff Weaver1Ind. Games101.000 0.000000 1.11000010.75000.2LAD
107Karl Spooner1Ind. Games00 0.000000 3.01000150.67000.1BRO
108Eddie Solomon1Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.02000111.50000.0LAD
109Johnny Rutherford1Ind. Games00 9.000000 1.01110112.0000-0.1BRO
110Nap Rucker1Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.01000030.50010.0BRO
111Joel Peralta1Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.00000010.00000.0LAD
112Brad Penny1Ind. Games01.00018.000000 1.02220214.0010-0.3LAD
113Erv Palica1Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.01000111.00000.0BRO
114Joe Moeller1Ind. Games00 4.500000 2.01110101.00000.0LAD
115Clarence Mitchell1Ind. Games00 0.000000 4.23100311.29020.0BRO
116Paul Minner1Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.01000001.00000.0BRO
117Bob Milliken1Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.02000101.50000.0BRO
118Brandon McCarthy1Ind. Games01.00018.000000 1.02221002.0010-0.4LAD
119Rube Marquard1Ind. Games00 0.000000 3.02000121.00000.0BRO
120Billy Loes1Ind. Games00 9.000000 2.02221021.0000-0.1BRO
121Ken Lehman1Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.02000101.50000.0BRO
122Sandy Koufax1Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.00000010.00000.0LAD
123Johnny Klippstein1Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.01000020.50000.0LAD
124Jim Hughes1Ind. Games00 2.250000 4.03111131.00010.0BRO
125Ken Howell1Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.00000020.00000.0LAD
Rk Player #Matching W L W-L% ERA GS CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB SO WHIP SB CS WPA DFS(DK) DFS(FD) Tm Temp WindDir WindSpd Prec Sky
126Rich Hill1Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.01000112.00000.0LAD
127Orel Hershiser1Ind. Games00 0.000001 0.10000000.00000.3LAD
128Yimi Garcia1Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.00000131.00000.0LAD
129Don Drysdale1Ind. Games00 9.000000 2.02221111.50000.0BRO
130Darren Dreifort1Ind. Games00 0.000000 0.20000000.00000.0LAD
131Al Downing1Ind. Games00 0.000000 4.01000100.50000.0LAD
132Elmer Dessens1Ind. Games00 6.750000 1.11111010.75000.0LAD
133Wheezer Dell1Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.01000001.00000.0BRO
134Roger Craig1Ind. Games00 inf 0000 0.0344120000.0BRO
135Chuck Churn1Ind. Games0027.000000 0.25621007.5000-0.1LAD
136Larry Cheney1Ind. Games00 3.000000 3.04210151.6710-0.1BRO
137Chris Capuano1Ind. Games101.000 0.000000 3.00000331.00000.1LAD
138Tom Candiotti1Ind. Games00 0.000000 2.00000010.00000.0LAD
139Leon Cadore1Ind. Games00 0.000000 1.00000000.00000.0BRO
140Joe Black1Ind. Games00 9.000000 1.01111021.00000.0BRO
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