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Stathead offers power users simple tools to search the Baseball Reference database to quickly answer questions and feed their curiosity.

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Exploring the Baseball Reference database just got easier. Search for careers, seasons, games, streaks, spans, individual events, and more using an endless number of easy-to-use filters.

Stathead Baseball offers quick and easy search tools to go deeper into the stats and feed your curiosity.

Search player seasons since 1871, games since 1901, splits, streaks, spans, events, and more.

Season & Career Finders

Find single-season or multi-year totals to create leaderboards by team, position, age, and more.

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Game Finders

Find individual games (or number of games) by players or teams matching a variety of criteria.

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Streak Finders

Find the best (or worst) streaks of regular season or postseason games by players or teams.

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Span Finders

Find the best (or worst) statistical spans for any number of games by a player or team.

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Versus Finder

Compare players and teams or see head to head results between teams, players, or player vs. team.

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Split Finders

Find leaders matching various split criteria. Also used to compare split values to a player's overall total.

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Event Finders

Find individual plays matching a variety of criteria and get a summary line for all matching plays.

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