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Players drafted between 2009 and 2020, played QB, between the 1st and 10th overall pick, sorted by draft year and draft pick
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Results Table
Misc Games
Rk Year Rnd Pick Player Pos DrAge Tm From To AP1 PB St CarAV G GS College/Univ
1202011Joe BurrowQB23CIN2020202100272121LSUCollege Stats
2202015Tua TagovailoaQB22MIA2020202100151816AlabamaCollege Stats
3202016Justin HerbertQB22LAC20202021002132626OregonCollege Stats
4201911Kyler MurrayQB22ARI20192021012294040OklahomaCollege Stats
5201916Daniel JonesQB22NYG20192021003183837DukeCollege Stats
6201811Baker MayfieldQB23CLE20182021004335756OklahomaCollege Stats
7201813Sam DarnoldQB21NYJ20182021003164747USCCollege Stats
8201817Josh AllenQB22BUF20182021014345554WyomingCollege Stats
92018110Josh RosenQB21ARI2018202100132416UCLACollege Stats
10201712Mitchell TrubiskyQB23CHI20172021014335650North CarolinaCollege Stats
112017110Patrick MahomesQB21KAN20172021134545757Texas TechCollege Stats
12201611Jared GoffQB21LAR20162021024507979CaliforniaCollege Stats
13201612Carson WentzQB23PHI20162021016458080North Dakota St.College Stats
14201511Jameis WinstonQB21TAM20152021015548377Florida St.College Stats
15201512Marcus MariotaQB21TEN20152021004456961OregonCollege Stats
16201413Blake BortlesQB22JAX20142019005447873Central FloridaCollege Stats
17201211Andrew LuckQB22IND20122018045728686StanfordCollege Stats
18201212Robert Griffin IIIQB22WAS20122020013365642BaylorCollege Stats
19201218Ryan TannehillQB24MIA2012202101975128126Texas A&MCollege Stats
20201111Cam NewtonQB22CAR20112021139113143141AuburnCollege Stats
21201118Jake LockerQB23TEN20112014001153023WashingtonCollege Stats
222011110Blaine GabbertQB21JAX20112021002166448MissouriCollege Stats
23201011Sam BradfordQB22STL20102018005448383OklahomaCollege Stats
24200911Matthew StaffordQB21DET200920210112104176176GeorgiaCollege Stats
25200915Mark SanchezQB22NYJ20092018004327973USCCollege Stats
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