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Query Results Table
Rk Team Year Count
1Boston Bruins197811
2Boston Bruins197110
3St. Louis Blues198110
4Montreal Canadiens197510
5Montreal Canadiens19839
6Pittsburgh Penguins19759
7Boston Bruins19739
8New York Islanders19769
9Winnipeg Jets19849
10Washington Capitals19939
11Calgary Flames19909
12Buffalo Sabres19759
13Quebec Nordiques19828
14Quebec Nordiques19848
15Montreal Canadiens19818
16Montreal Canadiens19828
17Boston Bruins19728
18Calgary Flames19858
19New York Rangers19848
20Atlanta Flames19798
21Philadelphia Flyers19838
22New York Rangers19758
23New York Islanders19818
24New York Islanders19828
25Calgary Flames19828
26New York Rangers19948
27Edmonton Oilers19828
28Edmonton Oilers19838
29Vancouver Canucks19858
30Montreal Canadiens19778
31Edmonton Oilers19848
32New York Islanders19848
33Hartford Whalers19878
34Pittsburgh Penguins19908
35Boston Bruins19798
36Los Angeles Kings19918
37Pittsburgh Penguins19938
38Winnipeg Jets19858
39Edmonton Oilers19928
40Calgary Flames19888
41Calgary Flames19898
42Philadelphia Flyers19768
43Philadelphia Flyers19778
44Vancouver Canucks19818
45Boston Bruins19838
46New York Rangers19748
47Detroit Red Wings20068
48Quebec Nordiques19837
49Detroit Red Wings19847
50Calgary Flames19867
51Buffalo Sabres19817
52Buffalo Sabres19827
53Buffalo Sabres19807
54New York Islanders19867
55Chicago Blackhawks19907
56New York Rangers19897
57Washington Capitals19837
58Boston Bruins19847
59Minnesota North Stars19867
60Edmonton Oilers19887
61Philadelphia Flyers19907
62Detroit Red Wings19707
63New York Rangers19717
64Pittsburgh Penguins19737
65Pittsburgh Penguins19767
66New York Rangers19787
67Buffalo Sabres19797
68New York Rangers19807
69Toronto Maple Leafs19877
70Los Angeles Kings19897
71Montreal Canadiens19967
72Boston Bruins19687
73Philadelphia Flyers19817
74Washington Capitals20107
75Washington Capitals19847
76Washington Capitals19867
77New Jersey Devils19867
78New Jersey Devils19877
79Vancouver Canucks19927
80Vancouver Canucks19937
81New York Rangers19927
82Washington Capitals20197
83New York Rangers19937
84Montreal Canadiens19627
85Boston Bruins19757
86Boston Bruins19777
87Edmonton Oilers19867
88Boston Bruins19767
89Edmonton Oilers19907
90Chicago Black Hawks19697
91New York Rangers19887
92New York Islanders19777
93Pittsburgh Penguins19927
94Boston Bruins19817
95Boston Bruins19877
96New York Rangers19737
97Atlanta Flames19787
98San Jose Sharks20117
99Montreal Canadiens19727
100Montreal Canadiens19737
101Toronto Maple Leafs19867
102Los Angeles Kings19927
103Winnipeg Jets19837
104Buffalo Sabres19767
105Buffalo Sabres19777
106Quebec Nordiques19937
107New York Rangers19727
108Montreal Canadiens19917
109Minnesota North Stars19777
110New Jersey Devils20017
111Pittsburgh Penguins19917
112St. Louis Blues19857
113Toronto Maple Leafs20197
114Philadelphia Flyers20147
115Chicago Black Hawks19857
116Chicago Black Hawks19827
117Montreal Canadiens19897
118New York Islanders19787
119Washington Capitals19927
120Buffalo Sabres19847
121Detroit Red Wings19927
122Minnesota North Stars19737
123Los Angeles Kings19757
124Minnesota North Stars19837
125Toronto Maple Leafs19907
126Calgary Flames19927
127Boston Bruins19697
128Montreal Canadiens19767
129Montreal Canadiens19797
130Washington Capitals19826
131Calgary Flames19816
132Chicago Black Hawks19666
133Boston Bruins20126
134Chicago Black Hawks19676
135Pittsburgh Penguins19896
136Chicago Black Hawks19716
137Chicago Black Hawks19726
138Philadelphia Flyers20116
139Los Angeles Kings19766
140Colorado Avalanche20066
141New York Islanders19886
142Chicago Blackhawks19896
143Nashville Predators20076
144Montreal Canadiens19446
145Boston Bruins19856
146Pittsburgh Penguins19966
147Minnesota North Stars19846
148Chicago Blackhawks20006
149Edmonton Oilers19896
150Philadelphia Flyers19896
151New York Islanders19946
152Boston Bruins19706
153Montreal Canadiens19866
154Montreal Canadiens19886
155Los Angeles Kings19806
156Boston Bruins20096
157New York Rangers19796
158Chicago Black Hawks19766
159New York Rangers19866
160Carolina Hurricanes20066
161Carolina Hurricanes20076
162Los Angeles Kings19906
163Philadelphia Flyers19846
164Philadelphia Flyers19856
165Chicago Black Hawks19746
166Washington Capitals19916
167Toronto Maple Leafs20186
168Vancouver Canucks19716
169Philadelphia Flyers19826
170Boston Bruins19966
171New York Islanders19796
172New York Rangers19766
173New York Rangers19776
174New York Islanders19836
175Washington Capitals19876
176Washington Capitals20166
177St. Louis Blues20036
178Colorado Avalanche19976
179Montreal Canadiens19636
180Montreal Canadiens19666
181Montreal Canadiens19686
182Vancouver Canucks19826
183Toronto Maple Leafs19996
184Edmonton Oilers19816
185Boston Bruins19586
186Montreal Canadiens19746
187Edmonton Oilers19856
188Washington Capitals19816
189Edmonton Oilers19876
190Atlanta Flames19806
191Tampa Bay Lightning20046
192Tampa Bay Lightning20066
193Philadelphia Flyers20086
194St. Louis Blues19756
195Toronto Maple Leafs19806
196Toronto Maple Leafs19816
197New York Rangers20016
198Hartford Whalers19866
199Quebec Nordiques19866
200Tampa Bay Lightning20186
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