Troubleshooting Ad-Free Browsing

If you're a Stathead subscriber and having issues with your ad-free browsing on this site, here are a few steps to help you troubleshoot:

  • Verify that you're logged in. Check the top right corner of this page and make sure it says "Welcome <your username>". If not, click Login there and then see if you're no longer seeing ads on the page.
  • Verify that you're subscribed and your subscription hasn't lapsed. Visit your profile on and check to see that it says you're subscribed to Stathead and your subscription is still active. If you're not a subscriber or your subscription has expired, you can sign up here.
  • Logout then . Sometimes users will have a stale login cookie from before they signed up and in order to mark them as ad-free we need to clear that out and give them a new session.
  • Check your cookie, then send us an email. Click here to check your cookie, then copy this text and paste it in an email to us via the feedback form.
    Copy this:
    Let us know your username, your browser version, and any other details that you think might help us.