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All stats for most seasons since 1999-2000.
PTS, FG, FT, and PF for most seasons since 1947-48.
See Our Coverage Page for details.
All stats for most seasons since 2002-03.
Most stats for seasons since 1987-88.
See Our Coverage Page for details.
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There was no 2020 NCAA Tournament due to the COVID pandemic.
More than 90% coverage back to 1967-68.
Essentially complete back to 1987-88.
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More than 90% coverage back to 1967-68.
Over 90% for all seasons back to 1987-88.
Over 92% in all seasons since 1987-88.
Over 90% in all seasons since 1967-68.
Over 80% in all seasons since 1951-52.
At least 75% coverage in all seasons since 1948-49.
Drops to 36% in 1947-48
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NBA/BAA and WNBA draft only. When a player was drafted multiple times, the most recent draft information is shown. For the complete history of every player ever drafted, see the Draft section of Basketball Reference

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All-American is Consensus for MCBB and AP for WCBB.

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Men's Coverage: Most player stats are available back to 1986-87. PTS, FG, FT, PF mostly complete to 1947-48.
Women's Coverage: Player stats are complete back to 2002-03. Player stats are mostly complete back to 1987-88.
For complete details regarding the level of coverage for each stat year by year, please see our player season coverage page.

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