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What is Stathead Hockey?

Stathead includes an incredible collection of hockey research tools.
Search any season, game or goal in the history of the NHL, advanced stats, draft info and more.

Goal Finder

Photo of Martin Brodeur
Which player scored the most career regular-season goals against Martin Brodeur?

Use the Goal Finder to discover that Simon Gagne’s 19 career goals against Brodeur are the most all-time.

Player Game Finder

Photo of Auston Matthews
Auston Matthews scored 4 goals in his 2016 NHL debut at 19 years and 25 days old. Who are the only 2 players in NHL history to score 4+ goals at a younger age?

Use the Player Game Finder to discover that Jack Hamilton and Bob Carpenter both scored 4 goals in a game at 18 years old.

Player Season Finder

Photo of Connor McDavid
Who was the last player to have as many points as Connor McDavid through his age-25 season?

Use the Player Season Finder to learn that Jaromír Jágr was the last player to have as many points as Connor McDavid through his age-25 season

Player Game Finder

Teemu Selänne
In the modern era, who scored the most hat tricks in their rookie season?

Use the Player Game Finder to learn that Miroslav Frycer and Teemu Selänne had the most hat tricks as rookies, with 5 each.

Draft Finder

Marc-Andre Fleury
Who was the last goaltender drafted #1 overall?

Use the Draft Finder to see that Marc-Andre Fleury was the last goalkeeper to go #1 overall in the NHL Draft.

Advanced Stats Finder

Colorado Avalanche Logo
What team had the best Corsi For Percentage since 2010?

Use the Advanced Stats Finder to learn that the 2020-21 Colorado Avalanche had the best Corsi For Percentage since 2010.

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