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Rookie status has changed over time, but for this output we are using the following standard.

Since 1971, rookies are players who have not reached
130 at bats,
50 innings pitched, or
45 days of service time prior to Sept. 1.

Before 1971, rookies are players who have not reached
90 at bats,
45 innings pitched, or
45 days of service time prior to Sept. 1.

For the service time measure, we are requiring the player did not reach 78 days of service at the end of a season. We have service time data only back to 2009.

The pre-1971 standard is applied to all seasons back to 1871 even though it was not the standard of the time.

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Rk Name Yrs From To Age
1Barry Bonds81990199825-33Ind. Seasons
2Bobby Bonds61969197823-32Ind. Seasons
3Alex Rodriguez51998200722-31Ind. Seasons
4Alfonso Soriano42002200626-30Ind. Seasons
5Hank Aaron41961196627-32Ind. Seasons
6Willie Mays41955195924-28Ind. Seasons
7Mike Trout32012201820-26Ind. Seasons
8Ryan Braun32009201225-28Ind. Seasons
9Shawn Green31998200125-28Ind. Seasons
10Jeff Bagwell31996199928-31Ind. Seasons
11Sammy Sosa31993199724-28Ind. Seasons
12Ron Gant31990199325-28Ind. Seasons
13Jose Canseco31988199823-33Ind. Seasons
14Howard Johnson31987199126-30Ind. Seasons
15Christian Yelich22018201926-27Ind. Seasons
16Trevor Story22018201925-26Ind. Seasons
17Francisco Lindor22018201924-25Ind. Seasons
18Mookie Betts22016201823-25Ind. Seasons
19Ian Kinsler22009201127-29Ind. Seasons
20Curtis Granderson22009201128-30Ind. Seasons
21Carlos Beltran22004200727-30Ind. Seasons
22Vladimir Guerrero22001200226-27Ind. Seasons
23Bobby Abreu22001200427-30Ind. Seasons
24Andruw Jones21998200021-23Ind. Seasons
25Ken Griffey Jr.21998199928-29Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
26Raul Mondesi21997199926-28Ind. Seasons
27Ray Lankford21997199830-31Ind. Seasons
28Darryl Strawberry21987198825-26Ind. Seasons
29Eric Davis21987198925-27Ind. Seasons
30Joe Carter21987199127-31Ind. Seasons
31Dale Murphy21982198326-27Ind. Seasons
32Pedro Guerrero21982198326-27Ind. Seasons
33Don Baylor21978197929-30Ind. Seasons
34Mike Schmidt21974197524-25Ind. Seasons
35Ronald Acuna Jr.12019201921-21Ind. Seasons
36Jose Ramirez12018201825-25Ind. Seasons
37Javier Baez12018201825-25Ind. Seasons
38Wil Myers12017201726-26Ind. Seasons
39Manny Machado12015201522-22Ind. Seasons
40Paul Goldschmidt12015201527-27Ind. Seasons
41Andrew McCutchen12012201225-25Ind. Seasons
42Justin Upton12011201123-23Ind. Seasons
43Matt Kemp12011201126-26Ind. Seasons
44Jacoby Ellsbury12011201127-27Ind. Seasons
45Carlos Gonzalez12010201024-24Ind. Seasons
46Jayson Werth12009200930-30Ind. Seasons
47Chase Utley12009200930-30Ind. Seasons
48Troy Tulowitzki12009200924-24Ind. Seasons
49Mark Reynolds12009200925-25Ind. Seasons
50Nelson Cruz12009200928-28Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
51Grady Sizemore12008200825-25Ind. Seasons
52Hanley Ramirez12008200824-24Ind. Seasons
53Chris Young12007200723-23Ind. Seasons
54David Wright12007200724-24Ind. Seasons
55Jimmy Rollins12007200728-28Ind. Seasons
56Brandon Phillips12007200726-26Ind. Seasons
57Jason Bay12005200526-26Ind. Seasons
58Mike Cameron12004200431-31Ind. Seasons
59Derrek Lee12003200327-27Ind. Seasons
60Magglio Ordonez12001200127-27Ind. Seasons
61Ryan Klesko12001200130-30Ind. Seasons
62Jose Cruz12001200127-27Ind. Seasons
63Preston Wilson12000200025-25Ind. Seasons
64Fernando Tatis11999199924-24Ind. Seasons
65Ivan Rodriguez11999199927-27Ind. Seasons
66Chipper Jones11999199927-27Ind. Seasons
67Larry Walker11997199730-30Ind. Seasons
68Nomar Garciaparra11997199723-23Ind. Seasons
69Barry Larkin11996199632-32Ind. Seasons
70Steve Finley11996199631-31Ind. Seasons
71Ellis Burks11996199631-31Ind. Seasons
72Dante Bichette11996199632-32Ind. Seasons
73Brady Anderson11996199632-32Ind. Seasons
74Rafael Palmeiro11993199328-28Ind. Seasons
75Albert Belle11993199326-26Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
76Ryne Sandberg11990199030-30Ind. Seasons
77Bo Jackson11989198926-26Ind. Seasons
78Kirby Puckett11986198626-26Ind. Seasons
79Andre Dawson11983198328-28Ind. Seasons
80Dave Parker11978197827-27Ind. Seasons
81Reggie Jackson11973197327-27Ind. Seasons
82Carl Yastrzemski11970197030-30Ind. Seasons
83Tommy Harper11970197029-29Ind. Seasons
84Jim Wynn11969196927-27Ind. Seasons
85Frank Robinson11961196125-25Ind. Seasons
86Mickey Mantle11959195927-27Ind. Seasons
87Chuck Klein11932193227-27Ind. Seasons
88Ken Williams11922192232-32Ind. Seasons
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