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Players drafted between 2005 and 2021, by the Green Bay Packers, sorted by Rnd ascending
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Results Table
Misc Games
Rk Year Pick Player Pos Rnd DrAge From To AP1 PB St wAV G GS College/Univ
1201818Jaire AlexanderCB12120182021013224846LouisvilleCollege Stats
2201023Bryan BulagaT1212010202100956126122Iowa
3201627Kenny ClarkDT12020162021025408975UCLACollege Stats
4201421Ha Ha Clinton-DixDB12120142021016349890AlabamaCollege Stats
5201912Rashan GaryLB12120192021001124720MichiganCollege Stats
6200716Justin HarrellDT123200720100002142TennesseeCollege Stats
720065A.J. HawkLB12220062016001055159147Ohio St.College Stats
8201326Datone JonesDE1232013202000010689UCLACollege Stats
9202026Jordan LoveQB12120212021000261Utah St.College Stats
10200926Clay MatthewsLB12320092019161077156150USCCollege Stats
11201228Nick PerryDE12220122018003228148USCCollege Stats
1220099B.J. RajiDT12320092015015339178Boston Col.College Stats
13201530Damarious RandallS12320152020005217556Arizona St.College Stats
14200524Aaron RodgersQB1212005202141013159213206CaliforniaCollege Stats
15201921Darnell Savage Jr.S12220192021003154646MarylandCollege Stats
16201132Derek SherrodT122201120140003201Mississippi St.College Stats
17202129Eric StokesDB1222021202100141614GeorgiaCollege Stats
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