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Data runs from 1871 to 2020 for regular season data, 1933-Present for the All-Star Game, and 1903-Present for the Postseason.

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For Single Seasons, From 2016 to 2020, (requiring ERA+>=125, IP>=20.0 and At least 90% games in relief), sorted by greatest Seasons matching criteria
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Minimum Playing Time

Pitching Title Notes

This will cause only those seasons where the player qualified for the ERA title or the Winning Percentage title to be used. Currently, this number is 1 Inning Pitched per team game for the ERA title and then 1 decision for every 12 team games for win-loss percentage. Complete List of standards used.

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Rookie Explanation

Rookie status has changed over time, but for this output we are using the following standard.

Since 1971, rookies are players who have not reached
130 at bats,
50 innings pitched, or
45 days of service time prior to Sept. 1.

Before 1971, rookies are players who have not reached
90 at bats,
45 innings pitched, or
45 days of service time prior to Sept. 1.

For the service time measure, we are requiring the player did not reach 78 days of service at the end of a season. We have service time data only back to 2009.

The pre-1971 standard is applied to all seasons back to 1871 even though it was not the standard of the time.

Hall of Fame
All-Star (ever on roster)

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Rk Name Yrs From To Age
1Brad Hand52016202026-30Ind. Seasons
2Alex Colome52016202027-31Ind. Seasons
3Yusmeiro Petit42017202032-35Ind. Seasons
4Nick Wittgren42016202025-29Ind. Seasons
5Roberto Osuna42016201921-24Ind. Seasons
6Brandon Kintzler42016202031-35Ind. Seasons
7Kenley Jansen42016202028-32Ind. Seasons
8Edwin Diaz42016202022-26Ind. Seasons
9Steve Cishek42016201930-33Ind. Seasons
10Aroldis Chapman42016201928-31Ind. Seasons
11Ryan Buchter42016201929-32Ind. Seasons
12Zack Britton42016201928-31Ind. Seasons
13Pedro Baez42016201928-31Ind. Seasons
14Ryan Pressly32018202029-31Ind. Seasons
15Brandon Workman32017201928-30Ind. Seasons
16Felipe Vazquez32017201925-27Ind. Seasons
17Craig Stammen32017201933-35Ind. Seasons
18Taylor Rogers32017201926-28Ind. Seasons
19Keone Kela32017201924-26Ind. Seasons
20Raisel Iglesias32017202027-30Ind. Seasons
21Josh Hader32017201923-25Ind. Seasons
22Shane Greene32017202028-31Ind. Seasons
23Tony Watson32016201831-33Ind. Seasons
24Pedro Strop32016201831-33Ind. Seasons
25Will Smith32016201926-29Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
26Adam Ottavino32016201930-33Ind. Seasons
27Pat Neshek32016201835-37Ind. Seasons
28Hector Neris32016201927-30Ind. Seasons
29Michael Lorenzen32016201924-27Ind. Seasons
30Craig Kimbrel32016201828-30Ind. Seasons
31Dan Jennings32016201829-31Ind. Seasons
32Jeremy Jeffress32016202028-32Ind. Seasons
33Jared Hughes32016201830-32Ind. Seasons
34Heath Hembree32016201927-30Ind. Seasons
35Will Harris32016201931-34Ind. Seasons
36Mychal Givens32016202026-30Ind. Seasons
37Sam Dyson32016201928-31Ind. Seasons
38Sean Doolittle32016201829-31Ind. Seasons
39Richard Bleier32016201829-31Ind. Seasons
40Dellin Betances32016201828-30Ind. Seasons
41Evan Marshall22019202029-30Ind. Seasons
42Liam Hendriks22019202030-31Ind. Seasons
43Junior Guerra22019202034-35Ind. Seasons
44Tyler Duffey22019202028-29Ind. Seasons
45Stefan Crichton22019202027-28Ind. Seasons
46A.J. Cole22019202027-28Ind. Seasons
47Tyler Clippard22019202034-35Ind. Seasons
48Diego Castillo22019202025-26Ind. Seasons
49Kirby Yates22018201931-32Ind. Seasons
50Joakim Soria22018202034-36Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
51Hector Rondon22018201930-31Ind. Seasons
52Richard Rodriguez22018202028-30Ind. Seasons
53Scott Oberg22018201928-29Ind. Seasons
54Reyes Moronta22018201925-26Ind. Seasons
55A.J. Minter22018202024-26Ind. Seasons
56Trevor May22018201928-29Ind. Seasons
57Seth Lugo22018201928-29Ind. Seasons
58Paul Fry22018202025-27Ind. Seasons
59Dylan Floro22018202027-29Ind. Seasons
60Jose Alvarez22018201929-30Ind. Seasons
61Justin Wilson22017201929-31Ind. Seasons
62Adam Warren22017201829-30Ind. Seasons
63Arodys Vizcaino22017201826-27Ind. Seasons
64Sam Tuivailala22017201924-26Ind. Seasons
65Joe Smith22017201933-35Ind. Seasons
66Trevor Rosenthal22017202027-30Ind. Seasons
67David Robertson22017201832-33Ind. Seasons
68Blake Parker22017201832-33Ind. Seasons
69Emilio Pagan22017201926-28Ind. Seasons
70Brandon Morrow22017201832-33Ind. Seasons
71Jake McGee22017202030-33Ind. Seasons
72Kevin McCarthy22017201825-26Ind. Seasons
73Greg Holland22017202031-34Ind. Seasons
74David Hernandez22017201832-33Ind. Seasons
75Chad Green22017201826-27Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
76Nick Goody22017201925-27Ind. Seasons
77Ken Giles22017201926-28Ind. Seasons
78Josh Fields22017201831-32Ind. Seasons
79Carl Edwards Jr.22017201825-26Ind. Seasons
80Kyle Crick22017201824-25Ind. Seasons
81Andrew Chafin22017201827-28Ind. Seasons
82Archie Bradley22017201924-26Ind. Seasons
83Alex Wilson22016201829-31Ind. Seasons
84Blake Treinen22016201828-30Ind. Seasons
85Hunter Strickland22016201727-28Ind. Seasons
86Matt Strahm22016202024-28Ind. Seasons
87Bryan Shaw22016201728-29Ind. Seasons
88Sergio Romo22016201933-36Ind. Seasons
89Addison Reed22016201727-28Ind. Seasons
90David Phelps22016201929-32Ind. Seasons
91Dan Otero22016201731-32Ind. Seasons
92Seunghwan Oh22016201833-35Ind. Seasons
93Peter Moylan22016201737-38Ind. Seasons
94Andrew Miller22016201731-32Ind. Seasons
95Mark Melancon22016202031-35Ind. Seasons
96Zach McAllister22016201728-29Ind. Seasons
97George Kontos22016201731-32Ind. Seasons
98Shawn Kelley22016201832-34Ind. Seasons
99Tommy Kahnle22016201726-27Ind. Seasons
100Nate Jones22016201830-32Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
101Tommy Hunter22016201729-30Ind. Seasons
102Kelvin Herrera22016201826-28Ind. Seasons
103Jeurys Familia22016201826-28Ind. Seasons
104Jake Diekman22016202029-33Ind. Seasons
105Chris Devenski22016201725-26Ind. Seasons
106Grant Dayton22016202028-32Ind. Seasons
107Wade Davis22016201730-31Ind. Seasons
108Alex Claudio22016201724-25Ind. Seasons
109Matt Bush22016201730-31Ind. Seasons
110Brad Brach22016201730-31Ind. Seasons
111Jerry Blevins22016201732-33Ind. Seasons
112Kyle Barraclough22016201726-27Ind. Seasons
113Tony Barnette22016201832-34Ind. Seasons
114Cody Allen22016201727-28Ind. Seasons
115Kyle Zimmer12020202028-28Ind. Seasons
116Eric Yardley12020202029-29Ind. Seasons
117Devin Williams12020202025-25Ind. Seasons
118J.B. Wendelken12020202027-27Ind. Seasons
119Tyler Webb12020202029-29Ind. Seasons
120Phillips Valdez12020202028-28Ind. Seasons
121Caleb Thielbar12020202033-33Ind. Seasons
122Blake Taylor12020202024-24Ind. Seasons
123Josh Staumont12020202026-26Ind. Seasons
124Lucas Sims12020202026-26Ind. Seasons
125Andre Scrubb12020202025-25Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
126Tanner Scott12020202025-25Ind. Seasons
127Yohan Ramirez12020202025-25Ind. Seasons
128Noe Ramirez12020202030-30Ind. Seasons
129Tanner Rainey12020202027-27Ind. Seasons
130Wandy Peralta12020202028-28Ind. Seasons
131Enoli Paredes12020202024-24Ind. Seasons
132Daniel Norris12020202027-27Ind. Seasons
133Mike Mayers12020202028-28Ind. Seasons
134Tyler Matzek12020202029-29Ind. Seasons
135Aaron Loup12020202032-32Ind. Seasons
136Travis Lakins12020202026-26Ind. Seasons
137James Karinchak12020202024-24Ind. Seasons
138Pierce Johnson12020202029-29Ind. Seasons
139Codi Heuer12020202023-23Ind. Seasons
140Jonathan Hernandez12020202023-23Ind. Seasons
141Tom Hatch12020202025-25Ind. Seasons
142Brusdar Graterol12020202021-21Ind. Seasons
143Victor Gonzalez12020202024-24Ind. Seasons
144Bryan Garcia12020202025-25Ind. Seasons
145Matt Foster12020202025-25Ind. Seasons
146Kyle Finnegan12020202028-28Ind. Seasons
147Pete Fairbanks12020202026-26Ind. Seasons
148Rafael Dolis12020202032-32Ind. Seasons
149Jose Cisnero12020202031-31Ind. Seasons
150Luis Cessa12020202028-28Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
151Genesis Cabrera12020202023-23Ind. Seasons
152Anthony Bass12020202032-32Ind. Seasons
153Daniel Bard12020202035-35Ind. Seasons
154Yency Almonte12020202026-26Ind. Seasons
155Jorge Alcala12020202024-24Ind. Seasons
156Hunter Wood12019201925-25Ind. Seasons
157Rowan Wick12019201926-26Ind. Seasons
158Jacob Webb12019201925-25Ind. Seasons
159Marcus Walden12019201930-30Ind. Seasons
160Josh Taylor12019201926-26Ind. Seasons
161Ranger Suarez12019201923-23Ind. Seasons
162Robert Stephenson12019201926-26Ind. Seasons
163Cody Stashak12019201925-25Ind. Seasons
164Connor Sadzeck12019201927-27Ind. Seasons
165Casey Sadler12019201928-28Ind. Seasons
166Hansel Robles12019201928-28Ind. Seasons
167Sean Newcomb12019201926-26Ind. Seasons
168Jake Newberry12019201924-24Ind. Seasons
169Rafael Montero12019201928-28Ind. Seasons
170Carlos Martinez12019201927-27Ind. Seasons
171Chris Martin12019201933-33Ind. Seasons
172Yoan López12019201926-26Ind. Seasons
173Zack Littell12019201923-23Ind. Seasons
174Francisco Liriano12019201935-35Ind. Seasons
175Adam Kolarek12019201930-30Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
176Ian Kennedy12019201934-34Ind. Seasons
177Daniel Hudson12019201932-32Ind. Seasons
178Tim Hill12019201929-29Ind. Seasons
179Jordan Hicks12019201922-22Ind. Seasons
180Ryan Helsley12019201924-24Ind. Seasons
181David Hale12019201931-31Ind. Seasons
182Jandel Gustave12019201926-26Ind. Seasons
183Kevin Ginkel12019201925-25Ind. Seasons
184Amir Garrett12019201927-27Ind. Seasons
185Jarlin Garcia12019201926-26Ind. Seasons
186Giovanny Gallegos12019201927-27Ind. Seasons
187Buck Farmer12019201928-28Ind. Seasons
188Carlos Estevez12019201926-26Ind. Seasons
189Oliver Drake12019201932-32Ind. Seasons
190Jimmy Cordero12019201927-27Ind. Seasons
191Emmanuel Clase12019201921-21Ind. Seasons
192Aaron Bummer12019201925-25Ind. Seasons
193Austin Brice12019201927-27Ind. Seasons
194Matt Bowman12019201928-28Ind. Seasons
195Matt Barnes12019201929-29Ind. Seasons
196Michel Báez12019201923-23Ind. Seasons
197Nick Anderson12019201928-28Ind. Seasons
198Jason Adam12019201927-27Ind. Seasons
199Lou Trivino12018201826-26Ind. Seasons
200Robert Stock12018201828-28Ind. Seasons
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