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Rookie status has changed over time, but for this output we are using the following standard.

Since 1971, rookies are players who have not reached
130 at bats,
50 innings pitched, or
45 days of service time prior to Sept. 1.

Before 1971, rookies are players who have not reached
90 at bats,
45 innings pitched, or
45 days of service time prior to Sept. 1.

For the service time measure, we are requiring the player did not reach 78 days of service at the end of a season. We have service time data only back to 2009.

The pre-1971 standard is applied to all seasons back to 1871 even though it was not the standard of the time.

Hall of Fame
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Rk Name Yrs From To Age
1Lou Gehrig111927193724-34Ind. Seasons
2Babe Ruth111920193225-37Ind. Seasons
3Alex Rodriguez91996201020-34Ind. Seasons
4Joe DiMaggio81936195021-35Ind. Seasons
5Jimmie Foxx81930193822-30Ind. Seasons
6Manny Ramirez71998200826-36Ind. Seasons
7Hank Aaron71957196623-32Ind. Seasons
8Ted Williams71939195120-32Ind. Seasons
9Albert Pujols62001200921-29Ind. Seasons
10Hank Greenberg61934194623-35Ind. Seasons
11Rafael Palmeiro51996200131-36Ind. Seasons
12Juan Gonzalez51996200126-31Ind. Seasons
13Jeff Bagwell51996200128-33Ind. Seasons
14Chuck Klein51929193324-28Ind. Seasons
15Hack Wilson51927193227-32Ind. Seasons
16Al Simmons51925193223-30Ind. Seasons
17Jim Bottomley51925192925-29Ind. Seasons
18Rogers Hornsby51921192925-33Ind. Seasons
19Miguel Cabrera42008201325-30Ind. Seasons
20Ryan Howard42006200926-29Ind. Seasons
21David Ortiz42004201628-40Ind. Seasons
22Vladimir Guerrero41999200724-32Ind. Seasons
23Jason Giambi41999200228-31Ind. Seasons
24Sammy Sosa41998200129-32Ind. Seasons
25Gary Sheffield41996200527-36Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
26Ken Griffey Jr.41996199926-29Ind. Seasons
27Dante Bichette41995199931-35Ind. Seasons
28Frank Thomas41993200025-32Ind. Seasons
29Barry Bonds41993200128-36Ind. Seasons
30Albert Belle41993199826-31Ind. Seasons
31Jim Rice41978198425-31Ind. Seasons
32Frank Robinson41959196623-30Ind. Seasons
33Joe Medwick41935193823-26Ind. Seasons
34Mel Ott41929193620-27Ind. Seasons
35Goose Goslin41924193623-35Ind. Seasons
36Harry Heilmann41921192926-34Ind. Seasons
37Ed Delahanty41893189925-31Ind. Seasons
38Sam Thompson41887189527-35Ind. Seasons
39Nolan Arenado32015201724-26Ind. Seasons
40Mark Teixeira32005200925-29Ind. Seasons
41Richie Sexson32001200526-30Ind. Seasons
42Lance Berkman32001200625-30Ind. Seasons
43Magglio Ordonez32000200726-33Ind. Seasons
44Carlos Delgado31999200327-31Ind. Seasons
45Mark McGwire31997199933-35Ind. Seasons
46Jeff Kent31997200029-32Ind. Seasons
47Andres Galarraga31996199835-37Ind. Seasons
48Cecil Fielder31990199226-28Ind. Seasons
49Cecil Cooper31980198330-33Ind. Seasons
50George Foster31976197827-29Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
51Johnny Bench31970197422-26Ind. Seasons
52Harmon Killebrew31961196925-33Ind. Seasons
53Willie Mays31955196224-31Ind. Seasons
54Duke Snider31953195526-28Ind. Seasons
55Del Ennis31950195525-30Ind. Seasons
56Vern Stephens31948195027-29Ind. Seasons
57Stan Musial31948195427-33Ind. Seasons
58Ralph Kiner31947194924-26Ind. Seasons
59Johnny Mize31940194827-35Ind. Seasons
60Hal Trosky31934193721-24Ind. Seasons
61Earl Averill31931193629-34Ind. Seasons
62Bob Meusel31921192524-28Ind. Seasons
63Nap Lajoie31897190122-26Ind. Seasons
64Paul Goldschmidt22013201725-29Ind. Seasons
65Prince Fielder22009201125-27Ind. Seasons
66Josh Hamilton22008201227-31Ind. Seasons
67Justin Morneau22006200825-27Ind. Seasons
68Andruw Jones22005200628-29Ind. Seasons
69Miguel Tejada22002200428-30Ind. Seasons
70Jim Thome22001200330-32Ind. Seasons
71Garret Anderson22001200229-30Ind. Seasons
72Preston Wilson22000200325-28Ind. Seasons
73Todd Helton22000200126-27Ind. Seasons
74Shawn Green21999200126-28Ind. Seasons
75Nomar Garciaparra21998200224-28Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
76Vinny Castilla21998200430-36Ind. Seasons
77Larry Walker21997200130-34Ind. Seasons
78Mike Piazza21997199928-30Ind. Seasons
79Tino Martinez21997199829-30Ind. Seasons
80Mo Vaughn21995199627-28Ind. Seasons
81Jay Buhner21995199630-31Ind. Seasons
82Matt Williams21990199924-33Ind. Seasons
83Jose Canseco21988199123-26Ind. Seasons
84Joe Carter21986199326-33Ind. Seasons
85Greg Luzinski21975197724-26Ind. Seasons
86Billy Williams21970197232-34Ind. Seasons
87Tony Perez21969197027-28Ind. Seasons
88Willie McCovey21969197031-32Ind. Seasons
89Ernie Banks21958195927-28Ind. Seasons
90Mickey Mantle21956196124-29Ind. Seasons
91Eddie Mathews21953196021-28Ind. Seasons
92Gil Hodges21953195429-30Ind. Seasons
93Yogi Berra21950195425-29Ind. Seasons
94Vic Wertz21949195024-25Ind. Seasons
95Bill Nicholson21943194428-29Ind. Seasons
96Frank McCormick21939194028-29Ind. Seasons
97Rudy York21938194024-26Ind. Seasons
98Ripper Collins21934193530-31Ind. Seasons
99Wally Berger21934193528-29Ind. Seasons
100Joe Cronin21930193123-24Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
101Don Hurst21929193223-26Ind. Seasons
102Dale Alexander21929193026-27Ind. Seasons
103Bill Terry21927193028-31Ind. Seasons
104Glenn Wright21925193024-29Ind. Seasons
105Irish Meusel21922192329-30Ind. Seasons
106Bobby Veach21921192233-34Ind. Seasons
107High Pockets Kelly21921192425-28Ind. Seasons
108Buck Freeman21899190227-30Ind. Seasons
109Hughie Jennings21895189626-27Ind. Seasons
110Hugh Duffy21894189727-30Ind. Seasons
111Ed McKean21893189429-30Ind. Seasons
112Dan Brouthers21892189434-36Ind. Seasons
113Jake Beckley21890189422-26Ind. Seasons
114Cap Anson21886189134-39Ind. Seasons
115Anthony Rendon12019201929-29Ind. Seasons
116Freddie Freeman12019201929-29Ind. Seasons
117Pete Alonso12019201924-24Ind. Seasons
118José Abreu12019201932-32Ind. Seasons
119J.D. Martinez12018201830-30Ind. Seasons
120Khris Davis12018201830-30Ind. Seasons
121Giancarlo Stanton12017201727-27Ind. Seasons
122Marcell Ozuna12017201726-26Ind. Seasons
123Edwin Encarnacion12016201633-33Ind. Seasons
124Josh Donaldson12015201529-29Ind. Seasons
125Chris Davis12013201327-27Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
126Matt Kemp12011201126-26Ind. Seasons
127Jose Bautista12010201029-29Ind. Seasons
128David Wright12008200825-25Ind. Seasons
129Carlos Pena12007200729-29Ind. Seasons
130Mike Lowell12007200733-33Ind. Seasons
131Matt Holliday12007200727-27Ind. Seasons
132Raul Ibanez12006200634-34Ind. Seasons
133Jermaine Dye12006200632-32Ind. Seasons
134Garrett Atkins12006200626-26Ind. Seasons
135Scott Rolen12004200429-29Ind. Seasons
136Adrian Beltre12004200425-25Ind. Seasons
137Phil Nevin12001200130-30Ind. Seasons
138Luis Gonzalez12001200133-33Ind. Seasons
139Bret Boone12001200132-32Ind. Seasons
140Bernie Williams12000200031-31Ind. Seasons
141Mike Sweeney12000200026-26Ind. Seasons
142Edgar Martinez12000200037-37Ind. Seasons
143Richard Hidalgo12000200025-25Ind. Seasons
144Brian Giles12000200029-29Ind. Seasons
145Robin Ventura11999199931-31Ind. Seasons
146Roberto Alomar11999199931-31Ind. Seasons
147Jeromy Burnitz11998199829-29Ind. Seasons
148Moises Alou11998199831-31Ind. Seasons
149Tim Salmon11997199728-28Ind. Seasons
150Ken Caminiti11996199633-33Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
151Ellis Burks11996199631-31Ind. Seasons
152David Justice11993199327-27Ind. Seasons
153Bobby Bonilla11990199027-27Ind. Seasons
154Kevin Mitchell11989198927-27Ind. Seasons
155Kirby Puckett11988198828-28Ind. Seasons
156Tim Wallach11987198729-29Ind. Seasons
157Dwight Evans11987198735-35Ind. Seasons
158Andre Dawson11987198732-32Ind. Seasons
159George Bell11987198727-27Ind. Seasons
160Dave Parker11985198534-34Ind. Seasons
161Eddie Murray11985198529-29Ind. Seasons
162Don Mattingly11985198524-24Ind. Seasons
163Tony Armas11984198430-30Ind. Seasons
164Dale Murphy11983198327-27Ind. Seasons
165Hal McRae11982198236-36Ind. Seasons
166Mike Schmidt11980198030-30Ind. Seasons
167Gorman Thomas11979197928-28Ind. Seasons
168Fred Lynn11979197927-27Ind. Seasons
169Don Baylor11979197930-30Ind. Seasons
170Rusty Staub11978197834-34Ind. Seasons
171Joe Torre11971197130-30Ind. Seasons
172Willie Stargell11971197131-31Ind. Seasons
173Frank Howard11970197033-33Ind. Seasons
174Ron Santo11969196929-29Ind. Seasons
175Boog Powell11969196927-27Ind. Seasons
Rk Name Yrs From To Age
176Carl Yastrzemski11967196727-27Ind. Seasons
177Deron Johnson11965196526-26Ind. Seasons
178Tommy Davis11962196223-23Ind. Seasons
179Roger Maris11961196126-26Ind. Seasons
180Jim Gentile11961196127-27Ind. Seasons
181Rocky Colavito11961196127-27Ind. Seasons
182Orlando Cepeda11961196123-23Ind. Seasons
183Norm Cash11961196127-27Ind. Seasons
184Jackie Jensen11958195831-31Ind. Seasons
185Al Kaline11956195621-21Ind. Seasons
186Ted Kluszewski11954195429-29Ind. Seasons
187Larry Doby11954195430-30Ind. Seasons
188Al Rosen11953195329-29Ind. Seasons
189Roy Campanella11953195331-31Ind. Seasons
190Hank Sauer11952195235-35Ind. Seasons
191Gus Zernial11951195128-28Ind. Seasons
192Monte Irvin11951195132-32Ind. Seasons
193Walt Dropo11950195027-27Ind. Seasons
194Bobby Doerr11950195032-32Ind. Seasons
195Jackie Robinson11949194930-30Ind. Seasons
196Hank Majeski11948194831-31Ind. Seasons
197Joe Gordon11948194833-33Ind. Seasons
198Walker Cooper11947194732-32Ind. Seasons
199Enos Slaughter11946194630-30Ind. Seasons
200Dixie Walker11945194534-34Ind. Seasons
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