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Data coverage: all-time (since 1936). Please see our data coverage page for details.
Players drafted between 2001 and 2020, played QB, out of Georgia, sorted by draft year and draft pick
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Misc Games
Rk Year Rnd Pick Player Pos DrAge Tm From To AP1 PB St wAV G GS College/Univ
120205167Jake FrommQB22BUF20212021000132GeorgiaCollege Stats
220145163Aaron MurrayQB23KAN000GeorgiaCollege Stats
3200911Matthew StaffordQB21DET200920220112113191191GeorgiaCollege Stats
420067223D.J. ShockleyQBATL000GeorgiaCollege Stats
52005385David GreeneQBSEA000GeorgiaCollege Stats
62001253Quincy CarterQB23DAL20012004002163834GeorgiaCollege Stats
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