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Data coverage: since 2001. Please see our data coverage page for details.
From 2011 to 2018, any team vs. any team, started in the fourth quarter or overtime, ended in the fourth quarter or overtime, drive started inside own 10 yard line, excluding kneeldowns, scoring margin at start of drive is between -7 and 0, sorted by Game Date descending Logo

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Drive Totals

Drive Totals Table
Avg StartOwn 6.6
Avg ScoreDown by 3.3

Drive Outcomes

Drive Outcomes Table
Outcome Total Pct
Field Goal309.7%
End of Game134.2%
Missed FG72.3%
End of Half2.6%
All Turnovers6119.7%
All Scores7323.6%

Play Types

Play Types Table
Play Total Pct Per Drive

Offense Totals

Offense Totals Table
Average Drive Score Turnover Punt TD Int FG Fumble Downs EOG Sfty Miss FG EOH
Tm G #Dr Plays Yds Time Start PtDiff Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct
Texans14184.728.21:37Own 7Down by 2.8422.2%527.8%527.8%211.1%316.7%211.1%211.1%211.1%15.6%15.6%
Browns15165.638.61:55Own 6Down by 2.9318.8%531.3%743.8%16.3%425.0%212.5%16.3%16.3%
Lions14146.137.42:00Own 6Down by 3.3428.6%214.3%750.0%214.3%17.1%214.3%17.1%17.1%
Titans12135.345.02:15Own 5Down by 4.8430.8%215.4%538.5%430.8%215.4%17.7%17.7%
Rams13136.842.03:09Own 7Down by 3.6323.1%215.4%538.5%17.7%323.1%17.7%215.4%17.7%
Jets12133.821.51:30Own 6Down by 3.90.0%646.2%430.8%430.8%215.4%215.4%17.7%
Bills11134.120.21:43Own 5Down by 3.817.7%17.7%969.2%17.7%17.7%17.7%17.7%
Steelers9105.940.82:14Own 6Down by 3.7330.0%220.0%220.0%220.0%110.0%110.0%110.0%110.0%110.0%110.0%
Falcons10107.048.92:28Own 6Down by 2.5330.0%110.0%440.0%110.0%110.0%220.0%110.0%110.0%
Bears10105.848.52:29Own 6Down by 2.9330.0%330.0%220.0%220.0%220.0%110.0%110.0%110.0%110.0%
Raiders10105.734.82:35Own 8Down by 3.3220.0%220.0%550.0%110.0%220.0%110.0%110.0%
Saints9106.643.42:42Own 5Down by 2.9330.0%440.0%330.0%330.0%220.0%220.0%
Bengals10106.334.92:09Own 8Down by 2.7220.0%0.0%440.0%220.0%220.0%110.0%110.0%
Cardinals996.037.12:13Own 7Down by 3222.2%0.0%444.4%222.2%111.1%222.2%
Jaguars893.010.91:10Own 7Down by 3.80.0%444.4%333.3%333.3%111.1%111.1%111.1%
Colts897.143.83:15Own 8Down by 3.2333.3%111.1%444.4%222.2%111.1%111.1%111.1%
Chargers997.430.72:59Own 7Down by 2.6222.2%111.1%666.7%111.1%222.2%
49ers994.715.02:06Own 7Down by 2111.1%222.2%666.7%111.1%111.1%111.1%
Giants997.349.42:58Own 6Down by 2.2333.3%111.1%555.6%222.2%111.1%111.1%
Packers996.235.22:05Own 8Down by 3.3222.2%333.3%333.3%111.1%222.2%111.1%111.1%111.1%
Seahawks996.336.12:13Own 7Down by 3.8222.2%0.0%555.6%222.2%111.1%111.1%
Washington895.627.91:50Own 7Down by 3.2222.2%222.2%333.3%111.1%111.1%222.2%222.2%
Ravens896.943.82:57Own 8Down by 3.4333.3%0.0%666.7%333.3%
Chiefs887.538.93:05Own 8Down by 4.3225.0%112.5%337.5%112.5%225.0%225.0%
Vikings886.139.81:59Own 7Down by 4.5225.0%225.0%450.0%112.5%112.5%112.5%112.5%
Dolphins885.429.52:08Own 6Down by 2.3112.5%225.0%450.0%225.0%112.5%112.5%
Buccaneers775.125.12:08Own 8Down by 3.3114.3%342.9%342.9%114.3%342.9%
Broncos676.341.62:08Own 6Down by 3228.6%342.9%114.3%114.3%228.6%114.3%114.3%114.3%
Cowboys776.951.32:10Own 7Down by 3457.1%0.0%114.3%342.9%114.3%114.3%114.3%
Patriots567.046.22:19Own 5Down by 3.2350.0%0.0%233.3%116.7%233.3%116.7%
Eagles4410.864.03:19Own 9Down by 5.3125.0%125.0%125.0%125.0%250.0%
Panthers447.547.53:53Own 8Down by 3.8250.0%0.0%250.0%125.0%125.0%

Defense Totals

Defense Totals Table
Average Drive Score Turnover Punt TD Int FG Fumble Downs EOG Sfty Miss FG EOH
Tm G #Dr Plays Yds Time Start PtDiff Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct
Dolphins17186.341.12:44Opp 7Up by 1.9422.2%211.1%738.9%15.6%211.1%316.7%211.1%15.6%15.6%15.6%
Cardinals13134.413.91:53Opp 6Up by 2.917.7%0.0%1292.3%17.7%
Jaguars12134.538.51:59Opp 7Up by 2.8323.1%215.4%646.2%323.1%215.4%17.7%17.7%
Texans12134.430.71:45Opp 6Up by 4.6430.8%215.4%538.5%323.1%215.4%17.7%17.7%17.7%
Raiders13136.841.22:30Opp 6Up by 4.8323.1%215.4%430.8%215.4%215.4%17.7%215.4%215.4%
Bills12125.332.12:26Opp 6Up by 3.6216.7%325.0%650.0%325.0%216.7%18.3%
Cowboys11125.932.42:51Opp 8Up by 3.2216.7%325.0%650.0%18.3%216.7%18.3%18.3%18.3%
Browns10117.544.52:53Opp 6Up by 3.7327.3%327.3%436.4%327.3%218.2%19.1%19.1%
49ers10115.733.21:53Opp 8Up by 4218.2%327.3%327.3%19.1%19.1%19.1%218.2%218.2%19.1%
Bears11117.444.52:34Opp 8Up by 3436.4%218.2%545.5%19.1%218.2%327.3%
Saints11118.460.82:53Opp 6Up by 3.3654.5%19.1%327.3%327.3%19.1%327.3%19.1%
Jets9115.035.91:46Opp 7Up by 2.9327.3%218.2%436.4%218.2%19.1%19.1%19.1%19.1%19.1%
Patriots10116.436.02:18Opp 6Up by 3.7218.2%0.0%654.5%19.1%19.1%218.2%19.1%
Steelers10107.035.72:45Opp 7Up by 3.4220.0%220.0%550.0%110.0%110.0%220.0%110.0%
Eagles8106.233.52:13Opp 7Up by 3.6220.0%110.0%550.0%220.0%110.0%220.0%
Vikings10106.335.01:59Opp 7Up by 2.4330.0%220.0%330.0%110.0%220.0%220.0%220.0%
Colts993.919.91:56Opp 7Up by 3.6111.1%333.3%444.4%111.1%222.2%111.1%111.1%
Chiefs894.411.71:45Opp 5Up by 2.20.0%111.1%666.7%111.1%111.1%111.1%
Lions797.245.93:10Opp 6Up by 4.3444.4%111.1%222.2%444.4%111.1%111.1%111.1%
Chargers996.253.32:05Opp 7Up by 4.1555.6%333.3%111.1%333.3%222.2%222.2%111.1%
Giants994.112.41:47Opp 5Up by 30.0%333.3%444.4%111.1%222.2%111.1%111.1%
Buccaneers896.032.82:02Opp 7Up by 3.6111.1%555.6%222.2%333.3%111.1%222.2%111.1%
Ravens996.443.42:19Opp 8Up by 2.7333.3%111.1%333.3%222.2%111.1%111.1%111.1%111.1%
Falcons887.039.92:37Opp 7Up by 2.6112.5%337.5%225.0%225.0%112.5%112.5%112.5%112.5%
Washington785.325.91:48Opp 6Up by 2.9112.5%112.5%675.0%112.5%112.5%
Panthers775.647.92:13Opp 5Up by 3.7342.9%228.6%114.3%228.6%228.6%114.3%114.3%
Broncos676.639.72:13Opp 5Up by 3.4114.3%114.3%342.9%114.3%114.3%228.6%
Bengals775.032.61:28Opp 7Up by 2.4228.6%114.3%342.9%114.3%114.3%114.3%114.3%
Seahawks667.761.23:22Opp 7Up by 3233.3%233.3%116.7%233.3%233.3%116.7%
Titans555.441.22:08Opp 7Up by 3.4120.0%360.0%120.0%120.0%240.0%120.0%
Rams445.830.02:17Opp 8Up by 1.5125.0%0.0%375.0%125.0%
Packers446.852.32:13Opp 7Up by 4.3125.0%125.0%125.0%125.0%125.0%125.0%

Drive Results

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