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Play-by-play data available for the 1996-97 through 2019-20 seasons.
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Query Results Table
Rk Player Date Tm   Opp   Qtr Time Result Description
11Maceo Baston2009-02-22INDCHIW3rd5:46.0MakeMaceo Baston makes 2-pt layup from 1 ft (IND 69, CHI 55)
12Maceo Baston2009-02-20IND@MINW1st1:30.0MakeMaceo Baston makes 2-pt tip-in at rim (IND 30, MIN 25)
13Maceo Baston2009-02-20IND@MINW2nd8:54.0MakeMaceo Baston makes 2-pt jump shot from 6 ft (assist by Rasho Nesterović) (IND 42, MIN 30)
14Maceo Baston2009-02-20IND@MINW3rd3:48.0MissMaceo Baston misses 2-pt jump shot from 18 ft (IND 77, MIN 67)
15Maceo Baston2009-02-18IND@CHAL2nd0:35.6MakeMaceo Baston makes 2-pt tip-in at rim (IND 50, CHA 53)
16Maceo Baston2009-02-18IND@CHAL4th2:32.0MakeMaceo Baston makes 2-pt tip-in at rim (IND 87, CHA 97)
17Maceo Baston2009-02-17INDPHIW2nd11:34.0MissMaceo Baston misses 2-pt layup from 3 ft (block by Reggie Evans) (IND 28, PHI 18)
18Maceo Baston2009-02-11IND@MILL1st2:37.0MakeMaceo Baston makes 2-pt jump shot from 16 ft (assist by Stephen Graham) (IND 27, MIL 23)
19Maceo Baston2009-02-10INDCLEW2nd8:14.0MissMaceo Baston misses 2-pt jump shot from 3 ft (IND 29, CLE 28)
20Maceo Baston2009-02-10INDCLEW3rd2:42.0MissMaceo Baston misses 2-pt layup from 1 ft (IND 61, CLE 61)
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